Claudia Espinoza Wilson

Dear STM Junior High Parent/s.The service hour card was given to students today. The purpose of service hours is to live out Christ s example by allowing students to perform service to gain experience and knowledge of servant leadership as rooted in Scripture

Fleming County High School SBDM Policy 2.1

Fleming County High School SBDM Policy 2.1.Middle College Program.The Fleming County High School Middle College Program is designed to meet the needs of students who excel academically and who possess the personal characteristics needed to successfully

Suchman Etymology Honors Q2 Syllabus

Suchman Etymology Honors Q2 Syllabus.Mon Oct 16 Intro Latin Lesson 1.Tues Oct 17 Latin Lesson 2.Wed Oct 18 Latin Lesson 1.Thurs Oct 19 Latin Lesson 3.Fri Oct 20 Latin Lesson 4.Mon Oct 23 Lain Lesson 5.Thurs Oct 26 Go over test, Latin story 2.Fri Oct 27 Latin Lesson 6.Mon Oct 30 Latin Lesson 7

2017-2018 Confirmation Registration

2017-2018 Confirmation Registration.Please fill out both sides of this form, print, sign and return it to the church office.2017-2018 Parent/Guardian Consent Form.We, grant permission for ______to participate in all Confirmation ministry activities with

JMA Armstrong High School/ Salisbury Middle School

JMA Armstrong High School/ Salisbury Middle School.Members Present.William Robinson.Jason Gallant.Juliet Jones-Vienneau.Angela Thornton.Tracy Campbell.Angela Cameron.Meredith Kidney.Mindy Melanson.Ronda McCready.Theresa Gogan

Glen Allen High School Orchestra

Glen Allen High School Orchestra.Rules and Procedures, 2017-2018.Students will be allowed to participate in orchestra only after both student and parent have reviewed, signed, and returned the signature page of this document. These rules are minimum

Message from Our Ptsa President

MESSAGE FROM OUR PTSA PRESIDENT.Greetings Parents, Staff and Teachers!.It s almost time for the Oscars. Here at Woods we have our own way of celebrating. Come to our Pre-Oscar Party and Movie Night. Our pre-party is in the cafeteria and it s here where

La Plata R-II School District

La Plata R-II School District.Student Athletic Handbook.Home of the Bulldogs.TABLE OF CONTENTS.Discrimination and/or Harassment 2.Mission Statement of the MSHSAA 3.Student Extra-Curricular Activities 3.Tri-County Conference 3.Athletic Philosophy 3.Compliance of Title IX 4.Hazing/Bullying 4

2015-2016 Student Handbook Revised 3/18/16

2015-2016 Student Handbook Revised 3/18/16.Buddy Thomas, Principal.Tom Patton, José Farinas, Lacy Emmerling, Kevin Robertson -Assistant Principals.6000 Lakeland Highlands Road.Lakeland, Florida 33812.Dear Students

Summary of Review, Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School of Excellence, January 2011

Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School of Excellence.Summary of Review.Summary of Review January 2011.Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School of Excellence.285 Dorset Street.I. Sources of Evidence for this Document 1.II. Summary of Review Findings 1.III. School Profile 5.Mission Statement 5

2015-16 Bush School Calendar s1

2016-17 BUSH SCHOOL CALENDAR.Please Note: School Calendar Event Dates are Subject to Change.Field Day dates are to be determined.Please note the following for your information.All Jewish Holidays begin at sundown on the evening before the Holiday

Franklin High School s1

Franklin Middle School.Health & Physical Education Department.It s All About Respect.Respect Yourself.Respect Others.Respect Property.Physical Education Department grading policy.The Grading Policy for Physical Education classes will consist of a point

Principal S Message s7

Principal s Message.It is hard to believe that we are approaching spring and that we are more than half way through the year! As we enter the final term, students will build on the foundational skills acquired in the first and second terms. Teachers work

Sandwich Secondary School

SANDWICH SECONDARY SCHOOL.STUDENT HANDBOOK.LaSalle, Ontario.Attendance Line (24 Hour): 519 734-1237 Ext. 1.This agenda belongs to

New Guidelines Read Carefully

New Guidelines Read Carefully

UPDATED GUIDELINES READ CAREFULLY!.SPIRIT OF MIDWAY AWARD 2013-2014.The Spirit of Midway Award is a partnership created by the MISD Education Foundation and the Midway High School PTA to promote and recognize the achievement, initiative and community

LA Communications to Schools

LA communications to schools.Primary Assessment Network.Assessment is one of those things that you think you know what it is until you start to really think hard about it.Rob Coe, Professor of Education, Durham University