October the Scouting Scope: Unofficial Resources for All Scouting Members Issue 8, Vol. 1

October The Scouting Scope: Unofficial Resources for All Scouting Members Issue 8, Vol. 1.The Scouting Scope.he aim of this UNOFFICIAL, resource-based newsletter is to give Scouters of every section a more focused look at some of Scouting s more fun

Thank You for Participating in the Presents 4 Pets Program

Tips for a Successful.PRESENTS 4 PETS.Thank you for participating in the Presents 4 Pets program.Please take advantage of all that your association offers to assist you in your campaign. On the P4P section of the NAPPS Web site you ll find lots of tools, forms and documents to assist you

Details of Participants and the Adopted Agenda Are Given at Annexesi and II

Original: English.Report of the meeting of the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission Paris, 3 7 March 2008.The OIE Aquatic Animal Health Standards Commission (hereafter referred to as the Aquatic Animals Commission) met at the OIE Headquarters from 3 to 7 March 2008

Horses and Other Equines

SAFETY PROGRAM.HORSES AND OTHER EQUINES.SIC 0272 Horses and Other Equines.SAFETY RULES, POLICIES, AND PROCEDURES.The safety rules contained on these pages have been prepared to protect you in your daily work. Employees are to follow these rules, review

Old Lyme Rowing Association

Old Lyme Rowing Association.Minutes for Board Meeting of Monday, November 4, 2013, 7pm.Attendees: Candace Fuchs, Greg Hack, John Laundon, Louis Zubek, Chris McCawley, Tanya Patten, Bill Plage, Kristy Dorsey, Isabelle Foster

Use 100:1 Gas/Oil Mixture. (Your Engine May Be Different)

VIXEN PREPARATION.Use 100:1 gas/oil mixture. (Your engine may be different).If the motor is unused for more than a month, add a fuel stabilizer to the gas.Be sure there is always more tension on the upper shrouds than the lowers.Make sure the area is clear of power lines.Undo the trailer tie downs

A Feast for the Senses at Westchester County Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.White Plains Antiques Show February 12-13.A Feast for the Senses at Westchester County Center.Allison Kohler, Director.JMK Shows & Events.White Plains Antiques Show.JMK Presents a Quality and Diversified Roster of Exhibitors

Newfield Swim Team 2006 Season

Newfield Swim Team P.O. Box 522 Newfield. NJ 08344.Hello to Parents and Swimmers.Summer is quickly approaching and arrangements are being made for the Summer 2017 Swim Season. It promises to be a great season with so many returning swimmers and as well as several new faces this year

From the President s2

From the President.Greetings, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ABMA Family. Wow it is hard to believe that we are approaching Thanksgiving in a few days and Christmas is right around the corner. As you prepare for the Holidays, please take a few minutes

Eastern Screech Owl

EASTERN SCREECH OWL.Otus asio (OH-tus AH-sih-oh).RANGE: Eastern North America from southern Canada to southern Texas and Mexico, west to the Rocky Mountains.HABITAT: Found in woodlands bordered by open fields, as well as wetlands, orchards, towns, suburban parks and gardens

Confirmation for San Diego, CA

Confirmation for San Diego, CA.National Aquatic Therapy Conference 2015.Thank You for registering for our National Aquatic Therapy Conference! We look forward to having you join us for this leading multidisciplinary event. Alumni attendees agree it is

1 - Zippered Pencil Pouch

1 - Zippered Pencil Pouch

1 - Zippered pencil pouch.24 Yellow #2 pencils.7 LARGE glue sticks (2 are for art).4 Large pink erasers.1 Package of construction paper.3 Boxes of Kleenex.2 Canisters of anti-bacterial wipes.4 24 Count boxes of crayons.1 JUMBO book cover.1 Pair of Fiskers Scissors.2 Spiral notebooks

The Spartanburg Horseman's Association

The Spartanburg Horseman's Association 2014.Show Dates: 9:00 A.M. - Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17, Jun. 21, Jul.19, Aug. 16, Sep 20, Oct. 18, Nov 15th.Entry Fee $10.00 Per Class Tots Lead Line Fee $8.00 Per Entry

Personal Details s9

CHRISTINE PERRIER.PERSONAL DETAILS.Nationality: French.Visa: USA B1/B2 (expires 2016).Driver s License: European.Languages: Spanish, English and French.Yacht Master Offshore Certificate Sail and Power (commercially endorsed).Yacht Master Ocean shore based Certificate

Some of Our Books Not on Display

Some of our books not on display Updated: 08/06/2010.Laurence Oxley Ltd. , 17 Broad St., Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9AW. 01962 732998.Please note that this is a draft list, and descriptions are not complete. Please ask to view any item

Circle Back Farm

Circle Back Farm.Two Phase Combined Test, Jumper and Dressage Show.Judges: -Dressage-Suzanne Zimmer r Golden, CO.Course Design-Sasha Guignard, Johnstown, CO.Opening date: NOW.Closing date: When filled or October 5, 2009.Show Manager/Secretary.Kerri Belsito.Two Phase Combined Test 8 AM Start