Western Hudson Valley Professional Horseman S Assocaition

WESTERN HUDSON VALLEY PROFESSIONAL HORSEMAN S ASSOCAITION. A meeting of the WHVPHA was held on August 14, 2017 at Denny s of Middletown with Jody Moraski, President opening and presiding. Danielle Moraski. Monica Rausschembach. Debbie Norris. Carla Barricella.

Here in Northeast Ohio All of Us Love to Take the Opportunity to Be Outside in the Summer

TO:WayneCounty Veterinarians, Dog Warden, Animal Shelters, Humane Society. FROM:Vaughn Anderson, Environmental Division Director - Wayne County Health Department. RE:WayneCounty Rabies Prevention Regulation.

Developing Swimming Skills Back Crawl

Developing swimming skills Back crawl.Holding onto the side of the pool, pupils can practice the leg kick in a static position.The leg kick for back crawl involves the movement of the legs up and down

Desde Fines Del 2009 Diversos Esfuerzos Se Están Llevando a Cabo Para Llegar a Los Objetivos

Project Update: May 2010. Since late 2009, several efforts are underway to reach the objectives of our work. The activities in this research include key support staff of the National Parks Administration of Argentina.We are currently carrying out numerous activities in the study area.

Branch County s1


Draft Horse Entry Form

Draft Horse Entry Form. Send entries to:Randy Meyer. W4146 Willard Road. Exhibitor Fee:$10.00 per person (1 season pass included). Season Pass:$10.00 each (for extra people to enter grounds). Daily Pass:Available at gate for $5.00. Stall Fee:$3.00 per animal. Phone Number:Premises ID.

WARM up Cross-Rail

WARM UP Cross-Rail. 1-3 CT Training Hunter 18. 4 CT Training Hunter U/S. 5 Short Stirrup Equitation Flat. 6-8 Short Stirrup Equitation x rails. 9 CHSA Short Stirrup Medal. 10-12 Short Stirrup Hunter x rails. 13 Short Stirrup Hunter U/S. WARMUP W/T & Pleasure. 14-16 Walk Trot Equitation 10 & Under.

Complete a Copy of This Page for All Locations You Operate As Part of This Dog Sellers

Complete a copy of this page for all locations you operate as part of this Dog Sellers and Dog Facility Operator License. Do not include addresses of home custody providers. All locations must be operated by the same legal entity

2013 Grace Men S Retreat Competitions

2013 Grace Men s Retreat Competitions. The Spartan Challenge. This is a head-to-head relay race with 10men on each team. Members will flip a large tractor tire end-over-end for a prescribed distance ( 50 ) to a waiting teammate. They will trade off until.


PERCHERON HORSE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION of AUSTRALIA inc. Minutes of the Committee Meeting. The President opened the meeting at the RNA Exhibition Grounds at 10:00am, 13th of August 2012 and welcomed those members of the Committee in attendance. The following Officers of the Association were present.

Applachian Trail Power Hike

NO-BE-BO-SCO SPECIAL TREK OPTION. CNJC UNDAUNTED COURAGE Special Trek, April 30 - May 1, 2004. There will be a special hiking trek option for Boy Scouts attending the CNJC Undaunted Courage Camporee to stay at Camp NoBeBoSco on Friday night and hike along.

Olney Memories # 137

Olney Memories # 137. Hello and Merry Christmas to one and all! May you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! This completes another year of Olney Memories and looking forward to another year filled with Memories of Olney that we can recall.