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A Newsletter for UCT Agents

Volume 8, Issue 5, September/October 2006

Where on Earth will UCT’s next Agent Sales Convention take place?

We have narrowed down the location of the 2007 agent sales convention to two prime locations: the luxurious Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, Calif., or the spectacular Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Texas, that opened its doors just 60 days ago. Whichever location is chosen, we’re sure you won’t want to miss the chance to join other top agent performers in earning a trip you won’t soon forget.

The convention, an all-expense paid trip for two for four days and three nights, will recognize the outstanding sales accomplishments of UCT’s member-agents between April 1, 2006, and Dec. 31, 2006.

You won’t want to delay writing to earn points toward the convention since it appears the race to be named the convention’s “top agent” has heated up. New UCT agent Dennis Johnson declared in March that he would hold the No. 1 position by Dec. 31, and five months later he has already staked his claim! With just four months to go, the race to the finish is bound to be an exciting one. After all, we know it’s the thrill of victory – as well as the $1,000 bonus for being No. 1 – that counts.

We offer our congratulations to the top 10 writing agents as of Aug. 30, 2006:

Dennis Johnson76

Gregory Heth73

Theodore Withey66

Christopher Bangart62

Anthony Gillespie62

Giles Clark57

Joyce Minesal57

Evelyn Carroll56

Richard Silhol55

Wilfred Eastwood51

Here’s how you may qualify

•Qualifying agents must achieve a minimum of 80 points.

One point will be awarded for each approved Medicare supplement policy written and placed from April 1, 2006, through Dec. 31, 2006.

Building general agents may qualify for the convention by having three writing agents earn the trip.

Policies must be in force for at least the length of the contest. No underage applications and no conversions will be counted toward the trip. In order to attend the convention, the producer in any category must be a contracted and licensed member-agent of UCT at the time the convention is being held. The decision of the Home Office is final in all cases.

Some added incentives

As an added incentive, agents achieving 105 points will receive an extra night’s stay while those earning 130 points or more will receive the extra night’s stay as well as a $300 cash bonus upon arrival at the convention.

In addition, approved Medicare supplement policies counting toward the sales convention qualifications that are written beginning May 1, 2006, through Dec. 31, 2006, will be eligible for a 1 percent commission bonus to be paid through the first 12 months that the policy is in force.

Sales convention rules

•This is an adult-only convention. Only the qualifying agent and his or her guest may attend.

•Airline accommodations will be arranged by UCT. Requests such as airline choice and special arrival or departure times or dates are prohibited.

•UCT reserves the right to modify or change any aspect of the convention at its sole discretion.

•All decisions are final.

•Space is limited; no buy-ins will be allowed.

For more details about the sales convention, contact the Agent Services Department at (800) 848-1124, ext. 128, or at .

Don't forget to include the HIPAA-27 form for possible issuance of the final expense certificate of guaranteed insurability. This form must be submitted with the Medicare supplement application.



to the following agents who qualified for the $100 bonus by submitting five approved Medicare supplement policies within their first 30 days:

Thomas ArledgeHoward Lubotsky

Julie ArthurRyan Subart

Daniel BlacksonDan Tweedy

Anthony EdlandRonny Voltz

James Jasinski


Fax it in

Effective immediately, you may now fax applications for Medicare supplement policies only. The fax number is (800) 948-1039. Feel free to copy the attached Faxtronic Application Cover Sheet and Transmittal Doc, which may also be downloaded by visiting the For Agents area of UCT’s Web Site at


News You Can Use

• We have had a number of inquiries from agents regarding our procedure of issuing a new policy when an effective date of policy is changed. Unfortunately, this is the only way our current computer system can handle effective date changes. We will be upgrading our system within the next 12 months, which should take care of this problem.

• Please be aware that as we introduce our Medicare supplement plans in new states, as well as lower our current rates in existing states, a new commission schedule will be in force. This schedule differs in two ways: 1) we no longer make the distinction between plans C-F-G and A-B-D for commission purposes; and 2) policies effective on clients age 81 and older will have a lower commission.

• Please note that all direct bill applications must have one month’s premium included with the application when submitted. If you are faxing the application (See the attached transmittal form), it will not be processed until the check is received.

• Please let your clients know that due to our ongoing efforts to benefit our policyholders, we are adding a second monthly draft day for those policyholders who have electronic funds transfer (EFT) for their premiums. Draft dates will now be the 7th and the 20th of each month. When submitting new applications via fax, the preferred draft date MUST BE SELCTED on the new Faxatronic Application Cover Sheet and Transmittal Doc.


Issuing policies is UCT’s business

As our business has picked up, questions have arisen from agents regarding our business priorities. Please be assured that our goal is to issue policies as quickly and efficiently as possible, exceeding the industry standard of approximately 10 business days and approximately 3-5 business days for open enrollment policies. We also strive to issue policies prior to the effective date.

Last, but certainly not least, our goal is to provide excellent service to all of our agents. We do our utmost to avoid mistakes, but when they happen (and they do), we aim to provide excellent follow-up service.

We trust our agents understand that we are here to work with you to provide the best products and service for your clients. Don’t hesitate to contact the Agent Services Department at (800) 848-1124, ext. 128, or at , with any questions or for assistance.

What you need to keep in mind about completing Medicare supplement applications

When completing a Medicare supplement application, please make sure all of the questions on the application have been completed and that all of the information is legible. To make processing of the application easier and more timely, we ask that you pay special attention to the following:

•The Medicare information on Page 1. We need to know the date of enrollment in Part B and the Medicare claim number.

•Medications. When submitting medications, please indicate the reason for the medication. Some medications are used for several purposes and may be acceptable in some instances and unacceptable for others.

•Medicare coverage replacement on Page 2. If the client is coming off of a Medicare Advantage plan, we must have a copy of the ID card and the termination date of the coverage. Also, if the client is coming off of group coverage, we need to know why. If it is not due to an event such as retirement, then it is not a guaranteed issue, and we will medically underwrite the policy.

•EFT information on Page 5. Please attach a voided check with this section if the client is going to be paying this way. We have too many errors when the information is hand written and no check is attached for verification.

•HPAA-27. Make sure this form is signed by both the client and the agent to be considered for the final expense guaranteed issue life policy.

By making sure all of the above are complete when submitting the application, we can avoid those dreaded amendments to policies that are issued when information is missing from the application. The amendment is a two page document titled Policy Delivery Requirements, which will be located inside and in the front of the policy. All amendments need to be signed by both the agent and the insured. Once an amendment is issued, we cannot accept the missing information in any other format as it becomes part of the policy contract.

If you have questions concerning Medicare supplement applications, please call the Customer Service Department at (800) 848-1124, ext. 551, or e-mail .


UCT’s Top Producers

Congratulations to UCT’s top five Medicare supplement-producing agents and top five agencies from Jan. 1, 2006, through Aug. 30, 2006:


Joyce Minesal

Gregory Heth

Wilfred Eastwood

Theodore Withey

Joseph Hodorowski


M. J. Marketing Consultants Inc.

David Staehling

Ruttinger & Larson Insurance Services

OOM Insurance Agency Inc.

FHK Corporation

UCT Agent Information Gathering Survey

September 2006

Agent Name: ______

Agent Number: ______

Are you interested in a new specialized product that would provide an additional tool for your clients’ financial planning and offer you a market that is not presently saturated by other agents? Are you interested in obtaining a competitive edge or a new reason to talk to prospective clients that fewer than 50 companies in the United States are presently offering to their distribution?

Regardless of the product you eventually sell your client, are you continually looking for a new door opener, the chance to discuss something they might not yet be aware of? Would you be interested in a new product that complements your existing portfolio regardless of your client profile? Does it appear to you that Medicare Advantage plans will soon rule the market and that you are going to need another income source?

Do you or does someone in your office write critical care policies?...... Yes o No o

If so, what face amount and/or number of policies are written each year? ______

What is the largest face amount written? ______

If you answered yes to the above questions, please read on and respond. UCT does not want to be branded as a “senior market only” company. With this in mind, we ask that you take a few moments to read the following questions, answer “yes” or “no” and submit this survey to UCT’s Agent Services Department so that we may gauge how our agents feel about us possibly expanding our marketing efforts.

1.Would you like an opportunity to market to a younger clientele? ...... Yes o No o

2.Are you looking for an insurance product to “supplement” your Medicare supplement business?

Yes o No o

3.Are products such as critical illness sold by your competitors that might enable them to have access to your longtime clients? Yes o No o

4.Do you find it difficult to maintain your previous levels of sales of life and disability products or other niches where you presently focus your activities? Yes o No o

5.Do you have an idea as to which would be worse for your clients, suffering a heart attack or stroke and dying, or living? Yes o No o

6.Have you ever heard of the relatively new insurance product that pays a lump sum benefit to your clients should they be diagnosed with an insured condition regardless of the treatments or expenses they incur?

Yes o No o

Those agents presently marketing a critical illness product consider it the single greatest opportunity they will have in their insurance careers as it focuses on a need not previously recognized and then insures it. If you are a marketer selling product specifics rather a “concept,” this product is not for you.

Please help us to help you by returning this survey by Oct. 2 to the Agent Services Department

via fax at (614) 228-0483 or mail to:


Agent Services Department

632 N. Park St.

Columbus, OH 43215


To: New Business

Fax: (800) 948-1039

Date: ______


Your Phone Number: (______)______

Agent Number / Plan / Proposed Insured / *EFT Day
7th or 20th / Cash with
Application / Total

Total number of applications faxed with this cover sheet: ______

Total Number of pages faxed with this cover sheet: ______

* Be sure to indicate the preferred EFT day (the 7th or 20th of the month).

If more than six applications please use an additional cover sheet.

Please make sure that your documents are in the correct sequence

behind this cover sheet.

The correct sequence is:1. Application (in page order: 1, 2, 3, ...)

2. Copy of check or money order for initial premium (if collected)

3. Bank Draft Authorization and voided check

4. Replacement Form

5. Other forms required by your state (if applicable)

632 N. Park St, P.O. Box 159019, Columbus, OH 43215-8619

(614) 228-3276 • Toll-free: (800) 848-0123