This Sheet Concerns the Childcare Vouchers Which You Will Receive in the Future

This Sheet Concerns the Childcare Vouchers Which You Will Receive in the Future

Dear …….

We are writing to you to advise you of a change that affects your Childcare Vouchers from your payday in<Month>. From that month,vouchers will be provided electronically byour new provider, Edenred.

Please take note of the following points in relation to this change

  • Shortly before your payday in <Month>, you will be sent a welcome communication explaining how you can access your online Edenred Childcare Voucher account and arrange payment to your carer(s).
  • Edenred Childcare Vouchers are provided as credits to a balance in an online account, and can be used to make individual payments to carers or set up regular standing orders, allowingcomplete flexibility.
  • We recommend you contact your carer(s) as soon as possible to establish whether they have previously received payments from Edenred (formerly Accor Services). If so, please ask them for their Edenred account number which will begin with the letter P. You will need this when you start making payments to them with Edenred vouchers.
  • If your carer has not been paid with Edenred vouchers before, they can affiliate quickly and simply online at by selecting the Accept Vouchers option in the Childcare Providers section of the site. Once your carer has affiliated, they will be issued with an Edenred account number, beginning with P, which they should pass on to you.
  • If you currently pay your carer by standing order and wish for this to continue seamlessly, you should set one up through your Edenred account as soon as possible after you have received your welcome communication in <Month>.
  • Edenred Childcare Voucher payments will take 3 – 4 working days to credit your carer’s bank account. We therefore recommend you ensure you make your first voucher payment at least 4 working days before it is due to be received by your carer. You can do this as an individual payment or through a standing order.

Your existing balance with <Incumbent Provider>

Any vouchers remaining in your Incumbent Provider> account on <Removal date> will be removed and transferred to your new Edenred account. Please note that it can take up to 10 working days for the vouchers to appear in your Edenred account after they have been removed, so we recommend you plan any payments due to your carer(s) to allow for this.