The RBF Antiques and Collectibles Show

The RBF Antiques and Collectibles Show

Los Angeles

Organized by Rin Studios LLC: 3130 Roxanne Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808

(562) 425-3731 (tel & fax)


Rin Tanaka (of “My Freedamn!”) Presents

9th Annual Kulture Recycling Event

February 9th (Fri) & February 10th(Sat), 2018.

At THE REEF (aka. L.A. Mart: Downtown Los Angeles, California)

We desire to exhibit our goods atKulture Recycling & Vintage Fashion Gathering, to be held at the REEF (Downtown Los Angeles, CA) Feb 9th and 10th, 2018. This application is an offer by us, and, for ourselves and all of our officers, agents, employees or other representatives, we shall perform, meet and observe the terms and conditions set forth in the Show Rules for this show and the terms and conditions on the reverse side hereof.Full payment is required to reserve table space – check or credit card till 10 Jan. 2018.

A Section (Main Street Spots) B Section C Section (Vintage & Antique Only)

10x10: $1595 (5 Pass + Insurance) $895 (3 Pass) + $7Insurance $595 (2 pass) + $7Insurance

10x20: $2595 (6 Pass + Insurance) $1,611(4 Pass) + $7 Insurance $1,071 (3 pass) + $7Insurance

10x30: $3595 (7 Pass + Insurance) $2,416 (5 Pass) + $7Insurance $1,606 (4 pass) + $7 Insurance

10x40: $4595 (8 Pass + Insurance) $3,222 (6 Pass) + $7Insurance $2,142 (5 pass) + $7Insurance

*Comes with 2 top spot-lights, one power outlet and Free Wi-hi.

Option: □Additional Head Spot Light: $40 □6’x24” Table: $25 □8x24” Table: $35

□Folding Chair: $10 □Rolling Wardrobe Rack: $60 □Standing Miller: $60

□Wooden Hanger: $2 See more items in the “Rental List”!

□Additional Exhibitors Pass: $80 per person

□I don’t need $7 exhibitor’s insurance, because my company already has it.

Exhibitor Name/Company
City, State, Zip
Requested Booth #
Amount Enclosed


Below is for office use. Payment by Cash, Check or Visa/Master/ Amex Card.

□Check (Please make checks payable to Rin Studios LLC)

□Credit Card - I authorize the following amount $______

Credit Card Number______

Exp Date : _____/______3 or 4 digital security code______Billing Zip code______

Signature ______

Kulture Recycling & Vintage Fashion World Gathering (herein called the “show”), will be held at THE REEF in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Exhibit spaces are available at the times specified. No visible packing may be done before 8:00pm on the closing day.
2. / Management herewith grants a revocable license to use the exhibition table(s) assigned subject to these terms and conditions. Management makes no representations or warranties, except as expressly set forth herein.
3. / Applicant hereby agrees to pay all show costs, including space rent, to management by the deadlines stated. Collection of California Sales Tax is the responsibility of the exhibitor. All exhibitors need to have a valid California resale number on file with the show office. Need help? Visit for more details.
4. / No outside alcoholic beverages or gambling is allowed in the building at any time. Buyers may not be solicited in the halls or aisles, in any other exhibitor’s spaces, or escorted to other spaces. Exhibitors may not have models, signs or other solicitation devices outside their spaces. All exhibitors and helpers must wear badges while on the show premises. No printed matter may be distributed without management’s approval.
5. / The exhibitor may not display or sell goods that are counterfeits, copies, reproductions, imports, etc. unless they are clearly marked. No firearms or ammunition of ANY kind are allowed.
6. / Exhibitors will observe all city, building, police and fire department regulations including but not limited to the flame proofing regulations of the City Fire Marshall. Note: This is a “No Smoking” building and all table covers must be flame proof. You can do hanging or nailing items to the walls.
7. / In the event that, because of war, fire, strike, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or the public enemy, disorder or other causes beyond the control of management, the show or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is canceled by management or the exhibit space becomes unavailable, management shall determine and refund to the applicant the proportionate share of the balance of applicable payments received which remains after deducting expenses incurred by management and reasonable compensation to management, but in no case shall the amount of the refund to the applicant exceed the amount of payments paid. In no event shall management be liable for loss of profits, business or other damages to applicant.
8. / Neither management nor any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives shall be held accountable or liable for and the same are hereby released from accountability or liability for any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person or any property of the applicant, or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, water, accident, or any other case and management will not obtain insurance against any such damage, loss, harm or injury. The license herein granted is revocable by management at any time in the event exhibitor shall violate this agreement.
9. / Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and protect management against, and hold and save the management harmless from any and all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, loss, costs, attorney fees or expenses of any kind of nature which might result from or arise out of any action or failure to act of the applicant or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, including, but not limited to claims of damage or loss to Pomona Fairplex property, or from or out of any damage, loss, harm or injury to the person or any property of the applicant or any of its officers, agents, employees, or other representatives.
10. / Refunds will not be made if tables(s) are cancelled within 30 days from the first show date.
11. / The building will be opened on Thursday 9am-6pm(for fashion exhibitors only), Friday 8am-4pm for setup. We are open Friday 10am-9pm to the public and Saturday 10am-5pm. NO show hours on Sunday. If you do not claim your table by Friday at 10am, you will forfeit your investment and your table will be sold.
12. / No one will be permitted on the show grounds without exhibitor badge, Staff badge, press pass, or paid admission.
13. / No exhibitor may sublet his or her booth without management approval. If violation occurs, reservation will be immediately canceled without recourse from exhibitor and monies paid will not be refunded to exhibitor. We will furnish security service 24 hours in the Friday Night. However, we cannot be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to your property. Security will be in force during set up on opening day (Friday) and cease by 5pm on closing day (Saturday).