Slovenian conference programme


Ready for the future

Defining European healthcare through innovation and quality

Kransjka Gora, Hotel Kompas

5-6 June 2008

Day 1 Plenary

12.00 Registration open

14.00 Start/Welcome by chairs of the conference Andrej Robida/David Somekh

14.10 Director general, Directorate of Health Care prim.Janez Remškar, MD

National Policy for the Development of Quality in Healthcare

14.30 Public Health DG SANCO Katarina Neubauer

EU activities on patient safety and quality of care

14.50 WHO Europe Ms Valentina Hafner

WHO Europe Guidance on developing quality and safety strategies in healthcare

15.10 ESQH President, Basia Kutryba

The role of Healthcare NGOs in supporting quality and innovation

15.30 Break

16.00 Bastian Urban ARBUMA group and Roland Schlesinger IQMS

Industry and Healthcare working together (tbc)

16.20Dr Frederik Froen (Norwegian Institute for Public Health)

Education in Quality for Healthcare Professionals (tbc)

16.50 Prof. Rene Amalberti (HAS, France)

Evaluation of Healthcare Systems

17.10 Margaret Murphy (WHO Alliance for Patient Safety)

Learning from the Patient Experience and Embedding Patient Involvement in improvement initiatives.

17.30 Finish

Drinks/Dinner hosted by Ministry:

19.00 Drinks

19.30 Dinner

Day 2 Plenary

09.30 Chair with feedback of previous day/logistics for today

09.45 M.Buiting (CBO, Netherlands)

Innovation and quality

10.15 Break into three parallel sessions

Each session has a chair/moderator and a co chair/rapporteur. Either chair or rapporteur is Slovenian to assist in possible translation for those less fluent in English.

10.30 Session 1 Organisational framework

10.30 Dr Metka Terzan (Department for Quality in Healthcare, MoH, Slovenia)

Quality framework - Slovene perspective

10.45Merlijn van Rijswijk (Innovation Platform)

Trends and troubles in healthcare innovation: experiences of the Netherlands' innovation platform'

11.00 Jane Alop (Estonian National Health Fund)

Health Care after Semashko - Estonian experience to share

11.15 Joanne Harkness (International Alliance of Patients' Organisations)

How patient organisations can contribute to better healthcare quality

Session 2 Education

10.30 Dr A. Robida (Ministry of Health)

Health professions education in Slovenia. A new challenge to overcome a quality gap.

10.45 Frederik Froen


11.00 Karen Pukk, (Karolinska Institute)

Education in Quality Improvement in Sweden-preparing future health care professionals

11.15Simon Knighton, EPP (UK)

Patients helping professionals improve their training

Session 3 External evaluation

10.30Samo Fakin (Slovenian Health Fund)

New Paradigm of Management in Healthcare

10.45 Paula Vallejo(FAD, Spain)

MARQuIS Project: use of external assessment of hospitals

11.00Prof. Rene Amalberti

Improving patient safety through External auditing

11.15Anne-Laure Donskoy (UFM, Bristol,UK)

User Focused MonitoringService users at the heart of service evaluation

11.30 Break Time for moderator/rapporteur to create agenda for rest of the session based on presentations.

12.00 Discussion in each session lead by chair/moderator.

13.15 Lunch;

Plenary session

14.15 Rapporteur group1

14.30 Discussion in plenary

14.45 Rapporteur group2

15.00 Discussion in plenary

15.15 Rapporteur group2

15.30 Discussion in plenary

15.45 Break Time for A.Robida/M.Buiting/D.Somekh to formulate conclusions

16.00 Conclusion by chairs

16.30 Finish