Coevolution of Organic Substances and Soils

electronic supplementary material. Coevolution of Organic Substances and Soils. Short-term evolution of hydration effects on soil organic matter properties and resulting implications for sorption of naphthalene-2-ol. Tatjana Schneckenburger Gabriele E. Schaumann Susanne K. Woche Sören Thiele-Bruhn.


GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT NEWS FOR MAJORS Volume 33, Number 2. Dear Geocolleagues: Welcome back! For those of you who are new on this mailing list, this is the Newsletter of the Department of Geology. Its objective is to provide news and information that will.

Eutrophication and DEAD ZONES Web Quest / 2014 APES FRQ

Eutrophication and DEAD ZONES Web Quest / 2014 APES FRQ. Click on the term eutrophication. Read all five definitions given. Define eutrophication. Go back. Define Hypoxic. Go back. Describe the size and location of Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone.

Lesson for Stanford's Science Bus (1 Hour with Grades 2-5)

Ocean Currents. Lesson for Stanford's Science Bus (1 hour with grades 2-5). Head Tutor: Alex Sugarbaker. This lesson consists of 3 demos with a large fish tank at the front of the class and 3 short hands-on activities for small groups. One or two of the.

Ra Vi Meeting of the Working Group On

STATUS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF GTS IN REGION VI. Submitted by the Co-coordinators for ISS in RA VI. Summary and Purpose of Document. Review of the status of the GTS in Europe. ACTION PROPOSED. а) To review the information presented in the document. b) Approve the actions proposed in the document.

First Ever Coral Planting Off Tivua Island

Press Release. First Ever Coral Planting Off Tivua Island. Captain Cook Cruises conducted their first ever coral replanting near Tivua Island on Friday April 26, 2013 in an aim to educate locals and guests who visit the island everyday on the importance.

Steve Hayward of Power Line Provides Graphic Illustrations of How Climate Data Are Manipulated

Steve Hayward of Power Line provides graphic illustrations of how climate data are manipulated to cause concern and even panic.But, honestly presented facts providea calm competent contextual understanding.

Density Driven Circulation Lab

Density Driven Circulation Lab. Two 500ml beakers. Colored Ice (as dark as possible). Calculator (optional). Changes to the sea-surface density (either through increased salinity or cooling the surface water) create currents that go from the surface of.

Spitsbergen 1918: Warming Jump by Sea War South of It

D - Climate impact of WW I. Spitsbergen 1918: warming jump by sea war south of it. The most significant climatic event of World War One occurred at Spitsbergen, a remote archipelago between North Cape of Norway and the North Pole. There, winter temperatures.

Pharos to Collect Scientific Data Between the Falklands and South Georgia

Pharos to collect scientific data between the Falklands and South Georgia. Designed by Sir Alister Hardy the continuous plankton recorder (CPR) was initially trialed in the Southern Ocean during the Discovery expeditions (1925-1937) to quantify the amount.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council Procedures

Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program. Guidelines for Preparing Final Reports. Information on Final Report ReviewCriteria. Information on additional project close-out requirements.

Institute of Geology and Mines of Spain

NOTES AND COMMUNICATIONS. INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY AND MINES OF SPAIN. Notes and Communications of the Institute of Geology and Minerals of Spain, No. 84. Year 1966 (103-110). ALBERT F. DE LAPPARENT (Paris). NEW LOCALITIES OF MESOZOIC REPTILES IN SPAIN *.

Sociohydrological Impacts of Water Conservation Under Anthropogenic Drought in Austin, Texas

Water Resources Resarch. Supporting Information for. Sociohydrological impacts of water conservation under anthropogenic drought in Austin, Texas. Betsy Breyer1, Samuel C. Zipper2,3, Jiangxiao Qiu4.

JCOMM Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surges

JCOMM Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surges. Mr Hans de Vries. Royal Netherlands Meteorological. Institute (KNMI). Ms María Paula Etala de Aso. Servicio Meteorológico de la Armada. Av. Comodoro Py 2055, piso 15. Telephone:+54-11 4317 2000 ext. 3152. Mr Masakazu Higaki.

Coordination Within the Wmo Tropical Cyclone Programme

COORDINATION WITHIN THE WMO TROPICAL CYCLONE PROGRAMME. Submitted by WMO Secretariat. ACTION PROPOSED. The Panel is invited to. (a)Review the activities carried out under the TCP since its Forty-third Session (New Delhi, India,2 - 6May 2016) and the proposals.

Evaluation and Forecasting of Atmospheric Concentrations of Allergenic Pollen in Europe

Evaluation and forecasting of atmospheric concentrations of allergenic pollen in Europe. Annual workshop. Place: Finnish Meteorological Institute, Erik Palmenin Aukio 1, 00560, Helsinki. Room: Sykloni (4A08c, 4th floor). Meeting agenda. 15.1.2007. Results of two years of the project.