Re: the Project for Investment

Re: the Project for Investment



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The reality surrounding us has entered into a deep conflict with our knowledge of nature. The abyss is growing between natural sciences and humanitarian sciences. The information about the world is in disorder and inconsistent. Meanwhile the real world is harmonized and orderly. However it seems to be incognitive...



He managed to understand what is impossible: the meaning of emptiness. Consequences? It is even difficult to imagine....


“Dialog with Emptiness”

In the 70’s there were many mysterious rumors about “Laboratories at Furmanov Pereulok”.Moscow was just seething with them. The rumors told about unbelievable recoveries, about astonishing experiments on regression – “traveling” to past lives, about sessions of clairvoyance, connection with universal informational field and similar fascinations, which had been happening there under “the cover” of authoritarian member-correspondent of the Academy of Science.

One of the most enigmatic figures in Furmanov had been Victor Meshalkin. Even after being accepted to the laboratory, I tried to thoroughly get into his experimental group. All my attempts were mercilessly suppressed. Only few people knew about what was going on in the little locked-from-the-inside room. When I was finally releaved of taboo: I happened to become a witness to a weired scene. Th tested girl was sitting with closed eyes. Meshalkin, standing with his back to the window, asked her:

“Where are you?”

“Small green town… factory… assembly lines… some cut-up canvas… someone is near by…”

“Woman? Man?”

“I don’t know. I can’t tell.”

“Enter this person… Who is it?”

“Man. Young… his name..”

She said some “fish associated” last name.

“Come back,” said Meshalkin.

When she had opened her eyes, two men, that have been sitting in the front corner of the room, came up, and after showing a photograph, had asked:

“Is this him?”

After a positive reply, they had quickly said goodbye, and left. Only later I found out that the whole thing was about the fact of vandalism in the corporation, producing a special material for defense industry.

My attempts to get any kind of perspicuous explanation to what I’ve seen came to esoteric invocations like “way to astral”. Only after two-three years, Belorussian scientist Albert Vejnik, told me:

“Universe is transpierced with fields. They contain the information about the past, the present, and the future. This information spreads immediately, and most of it faster than with the speed of light.”

At that moment I have considered him a dreamer. Today, most of it became clearer, if it had been viewed from the point of view of the Theory of the Physical Vacuum by a member of RAEN - Gennady Shipov. The theory with a lot of unexpected practical consequences.

Here is one of them.

A propulsion system of principally new type without any analog in the world had been created. It will allow to construct an amazing vehicle –hybrid of a wingless airplane, automobile, and a submarine at the same time – which will able to move freely at the same rate in any media. It will move unlike Newton mechanics, - ejected by emptiness /vacuum/.

Such a vehicle supported by continuous vacuum-inertial force may look and be like an automobile in the town, out of town it can fly over a forest, and then may dive into water to cross a river or a lake like a submarine. It will take few years to make it reach the market and adjust the consumer designs and control systems.

However I have suddenly remembered a Japanese haiku:

In a house, where there is no owner,

The empty floor is so wide…

Why did I remember it?

It is for you to understand it later.


If someone tells you that you are an empty spot, believe them, because this is true. Me and you, my table and computer, the whole visible material world is emptiness.

Everything is made of vacuum. It’s energy gives birth, penetrates, and feeds the whole world of “existence”. We are ninnies, but we don’t realize it. The clever scientists know this, but only smile skeptically. The seamy side of their skepticism is entire perplexity: new representations of the nature of physical vacuum doesn’t fit this picture of the world, created by classical science. Babylon tower of interdictions, assumptions, and contradictions suspiciously shook off. Meanwhile, the idea of the Great Emptiness – Dao – like all-begetting beginning was know in China 5 thousand years ago. Then it gave birth to a study called Daosism. Today, the idea is promising a cataclysm in natural science, technology, and in all known spheres of life.

And it’s all Shipov with his formulas…

His equations of the physical vacuum explain and unite all types of interactions present in nature. In the essence of the matter, that is the long-awaited Unified Field Theory , in search of which was Einstein and all the other famous physicists. These formulas found their place in unexpectedly new and unusual answers in a few spheres at the same time – transport, communications, medicine. The solutions are so improbable, that it is very difficult to believe them. And the RussianAcademy of Sciences – had reacted by keeping silence. Nobody even the Academic Commission against “false science” had not got to show any reaction and look into the attained results- neither theory nor the working models. As soon as they heard “torsion fields’…..

Omar Hayam said: “Everything in the world can be. And only one thing can not be - that “can not be”! "

Why he has exasperated our strict and mistrustful scientific world?

Even with the subject of his research, a problem “of mysterious torsion fields”, which for the physicists is like a nail in a boot, -very inconvenient, but - they fail to take it out. For about 20 years there was a laboratory with UN, investigating this problem under the supervision of the Italian professor Sabbata. The scientists in HerttingburgUniversity in Sweden have been also struggling over secrets of the torsion fields…

Meanwhile our ‘academic’ scientists are struggling against them….

RANS had got a group of scientists, recognizing, that such fields/ spinning fields/ do really exist: just as electromagnetic fields are caused by a charge, and gravitational – by weight, torsion fields are created by any rotating object. For the first time this idea has introduced by the French mathematicians R.Cartan in 1913. Then by Einstein. Within the framework of Cartan-Einstein theory the existence of these fields have been permitted. But they are so weak, that cannot be observed. Especially for the practical application.

Shipov states the opposite. And this is directly connected with his theory of physical vacuum. And that mysterious ether, which Newton had been writing about. For the last 30- 40 years some scientists have been trying to analyze properties of physical vacuum. But... from the point of view of electromagnetic or gravitational approaches. Naturally, the hard nut has been still there..

Since our early school years we had been taught: the world consists of solid bodies, liquids, gases and elementary particles, - says G.Shipov, - However these 4 levels form just material world. The contemporary Physics is involved into the study of this particular world. Meanwhile in the research of micro-world this approach leads to the dead end. Because the elementary particles have to appear from somewhere? Where is the beginning? It is obvious, that there should be other levels. The fifth level is primary torsion fields with rather unique properties. For example they do not have a property called velocity, - they occur in the Universe simultaneously at the same time, penetrating it all.

Further there are more levels - primary vacuum (previous to occurrence of the torsion fields) and Absolute Nothing, which is not known to us yet, moreover everything begins from this “Nothing” and comes to an end into “Nothing”. It can be described only Mathematically, by the equation 0 = 0 ....

After such introduction of vacuum - Shipov’s “Sedition begins.

... The classical physics strongly has hammered into our minds: the vacuum is an absolute emptiness. A zero. There is nothing there - neither particles, nor radiations, neither weight, nor speed... Such remarkable thing in its senselessness. Due to strong dogmas in the most different branches of disciplines our “broken” modern science cannot meet the ends. The reality surrounding us has entered into a deep conflict with our knowledge of nature. The abyss is growing between natural sciences and humanitarian sciences. The information about the world is in disorder and inconsistent. Meanwhile the real world is harmonized and orderly. However it seems to be incognitive...

Although, this is a subject for a separate discussion.

Any breakthrough in the science begins from the doubts in the rightfulness of the postulates.

Vacuum is not at all "a dead zone ", - says the scientist. - it is similar to a “boiling broth”. The particles are being born and dying instantly in it, there are fields... This a certain potential condition pre-matter, or, if you like it better - pre-condition of substance. This is not yet matter, - but it has got already a “plan”, how it /matter/ will be arranged. In all this variety the physical vacuum continuously influences the alive and non-alive matter. Its hidden energy, the quantum whirlwinds… penetrate everything.

We speak about torsion fields…