Project Leader Duties

Project Leader Duties



Arrange travel to project site (typically driving personal vehicle there), also develop plan for storing vehicle for 10 days there while at PLO.

Arrange travel to Project Leader Orientation in Boise.

Establish shipping location for gear at nearby ACE site. (Program Manager knows this)

Familiarize yourself with basic area near project sites (get head start on housing).

Acquire contact information for members, and know where to get forms, etc. about them.

Acquire technology cache, budget card, etc. at PLO

Review SCA policies & procedures, Field Operations Standards

Acquire contact information of agency personnel and other pre-site information from Program Manager.



Contact all members (first letter packet), introduce yourself, answer questions, etc.

what to bring to project & training (see below)

what gear is provided, required and recommended

give overview of schedule for first few weeks

food restrictions/allergies

site info

travel info

Confirm members’ travel, both to site originally and to member training and back. Confirm you have all medical info, and that this is in your leader binder. Hassle members who lack particular forms.


Receive shipments and arrange for storage of survey equipment

Receive shipments and arrange for storage of SCA equipment cache from NH

Receive shipments and arrange for storage of member uniforms

Inventory and confirm working condition all equipment, uniforms, etc. ASAP so that there will be time to replace if needed. Of course, inform Program Manager ASAP of any lack


Determine best site for housing (Consider: commute times, neighborhood, proximity to basic services, etc.)

Rent housing: members

Rent housing: leader (if applicable)

Create and post ERP for member housing.

Utilities: members (gas, electricity, water/sewer, garbage/recycling, internet)

Utilities: leader (if applicable) (gas, electricity, water/sewer, garbage/recycling, internet)

Send site addresses and housing set up to Program Manager and appropriate NH housing person. (Debi Monroe?)


Pick up/ have delivered rented vehicles for program

Put together vehicle binders/registrations

Assemble/ Install Emergency Vehicle Kites

Look into local events and opportunities for outreach

Familiarize yourself with the area

Review Corps Member Medical Forms

Project Prep:

Schedule meeting time, then actually meet with, local agency person for each site.

Locate/drive to each project site and every survey site- (make sure to set your trip odometers for the ERP!)

Conduct ACE Site Analysis for each site- confirm that the sites will be acceptable with Program Manager ASAP-(this is critical!)

Create Emergency Response Plan for each site

Create Job Hazard Analysis for each site

Create work plan & calendar for season (with agency coordinator)

On-Site Training (Prep for first weekend of surveys)

Go through on-site training modules, get ready to facilitate these, arrange schedule with agency

Prepare for on-site training:

□ Local hazards & weather orientation- go over specific ERP and JHA

□ Project overview/workplan (including agency goals & objectives for work)

□ On-site training- particularly, what site set-ups will be for each site.

□ Introduction to host agency ex: FWS/NPS overview & mission

General/ Misc.

Plan your own travel to and from member training

Familiarize self with area: locate essentials (grocery, laundry, bank, coffee shop, bookstore, etc).

Identify recreational opportunities in area that members might enjoy (parks, museums, movie theaters, etc.)

ON-SITE TRAINING (Pre/Post-Member Training)

On-site Orientation Modules


Go over on-site ERP as well as the one for traveling to training

Introduce first aid locations, rules/guidelines, safety issues of training sites, and emergency contact information

Ensure general safety, talk daily about potential issues/concerns. Debrief every activity.


Team building, get to know you activities, team welcome dinner

Arrange agency coordinator introduction

Establish house rules & expectations (a community agreement that is posted)

Community Living- forming, storming, norming, performing, adjuring.

Establish work rules & expectations

Sign agency volunteer waiver form, if applicable

Review AmeriCorps policies & intern timesheets


Give team an area tour

Complete biographies & team picture for web page

Schedule one on one goal meetings with each intern

Explore local opportunities & events (map the community)

Schedule regular team meetings to reflect on experience (rose and thorn)

Schedule regular agency briefings

Go over mid-season presentation details


Go over CMT schedule & details


Act as point person for communication in the event of an incident

Keep on top of your team’s whereabouts, health, challenges, etc.

Check in with team members individually

Take care of yourself & check in with your manager

Assist your team during meal prep & clean up (create meal duties sign-up sheet)

Remember you manage all SCA members during training