Press Release 04 -04-2012

Press Release 04 -04-2012

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Press Release 04 -04-2012

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Podiums at NATIONAL 4X #1 for BikeYard/Nukeproof AT CAMPION HILLS, LEAMINGTON SPA

After a hard winter for the sport of 4X finding out it is no longer a part of the UCI race calendar last season, many were wondering what the season would bring, would many people help bring back 4X to where it should be and by the looks of it it’s going in the right direction!

Round 1 of the UK Nationals was to be held at Campion hills Leamington Spa for the 2nd year in a row which is great because the team behind it have put a lot of effort in to get it there and we couldn't have asked for more.

The weather was great but not only that there was a massive attendance not just in terms of riders but the local support was immense, and as always the best atmosphere and crowd of the season!


Saturday was practice and the Bikeyard/Nukeproof team were looking great all day standing out from many other riders (it is their local track!) especially the young guns Elliot knight. Cai Mahon and Chris Becket all looking smooth and fast; the boys have come on so well in the off-season – in fact 2 years ago they didn’t even ride!

As always, Nate Parsons was looking super-quick and focused on the race ahead. Nate had a difficult race ahead. with a previous World Champion racing at Leamington and a lot of the younger guys had moved up into Elite wanting the win but Nate didn’t let this affect him and put a great show on for the local support, showing them how it’s done in style with great results all day.

Sunday 1st April was race day and the lads were ready for it after a good day of practice with all the jumps and lines dialled in, Chris Becket a new sign for the talent team was looking so good all weekend but unfortunately took a few big crashes leaving him unable to make the cut for the day.

Elliot Knight had just moved up to youth from Juvenile and took the win on the day in style looks like his training has paid off as he was looking rapid in every Moto, squeezing his way into the A-final where he got a great snap in the gate to take the lead and keep it all the way to the line with a considerable margin to the next rider.


Up next was Cai Mahon in his 2nd year as a youth, Cai took a few big tumbles last season which held him back and knocked his confidence a bit, but by looking at him on the track he was back to himself after a great winter training on the bike, looking smooth and confident hitting all the jumps and pro line with ease.

Cai did great in all his motos taking him to the A-final with Elliot Knight, Elliot took the snap on the gate with Cai snapping on his heels lucky enough Elliot took the win with Cai coming in 2nd .

Dom one of our promising Junior riders was unable to make the first race due to a pre-booked holiday.

Josh Bremridge has just moved into Junior for the 2012 season after finishing 2nd in Youth last season and was looking strong from the start a crash in one of the motos made it hard for josh to then make the A-final which unfortunately he didn’t but did make the cut for the B-final where he had a good race to take 6th on the day due to gear issues.


Nathan Parsons the team’s only Elite rider looked rapid but had some serious competition on his hands with the likes of former World champ Tomas Slavik and the famous Scott Beaumont coming to Leamington to compete, Nate won most of his races all day luckily missing the likes of Tomas and Scott in the heats until they met in the final which had been highly anticipated all day.

The gate dropped and Nate didn’t get the best of snaps but worked hard to get himself back into third spot just ahead of Scott boom boom Beaumont where he stayed to take 3rd on the day.