M&E Data Analyst/GIS, USAID Monitoring & Evaluation Support Project (MESP), Amman Jordan

M&E Data Analyst/GIS, USAID Monitoring & Evaluation Support Project (MESP), Amman Jordan

M&E Data Analyst/GIS, USAID Monitoring & Evaluation Support Project (MESP), Amman Jordan

Company Profile:

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Project Summary:

The Monitoring & Evaluation Support Program (MESP) provides evaluation assistance, M&E training and support, and strategic communications assistance to the USAID Mission in Jordan as well as local implementing partners. The program enables the Mission to fulfill its performance monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and information sharing as mandated by Agency guidance. Under MESP, MSI is designing a new web-based MIS/GIS, customized to USAID/Jordan’s reporting needs that will provide accurate, real time and useful performance monitoring information for USAID/Jordan and implementing partners.

**Please note: This is a local position. Only candidates with Jordanian citizenship will be considered.**

Position Summary:

The M&E Data Analyst/GIS will be responsible for monitoring datasets, creating effective visualizations of monitoring data, and managing spatial datasets. The position will be full-time during the term of this contract and will be located in Amman, Jordan.


  • Analyze diverse monitoring datasets in support of USAID Jordan’s Office of Program Management.
  • Create relevant, effective visualizations of monitoring data including dynamic, interactive charts, graphs and maps.
  • Assist USAID in developing effective tools and processes to collect, manage and combine spatial/GIS datasets.
  • Collect, manage and combine spatial/GIS datasets.
  • Participate in and develop professional networks to encourage the sharing and utilization of open data to support USAID’s development objectives.



  • Minimum five years of experience designing/developing data management systems.
  • Minimum five years of experience developing relational databases.
  • At least two years of desktop GIS experience.
  • Demonstrated experience using data visualization platforms such as TableauSoftware, TIBCO Spotfire, ManyEyes, etc.


  • Experience with open source GIS such as QuantumGIS, Geoserver.
  • Experience working with JavaScript libraries such as D3, dc.js, crossfilter.js to produce data visualizations.
  • Experience working with M&E data.
  • Experience developing or supporting mobile data systems.

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

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