Graduation Worksheet and Checklist

Graduation Worksheet and Checklist

Graduation Worksheet and Checklist

Last Name: ______First Name: ______

Graduation Date (Circle one): Dec. 2013 May 2014 Cumulative GPA: ______


These questions are designed to help collect data and aid with scholarship identification:

College Goals and Preparations
I have taken the SAT, ACT, or both: / ACT- Score: ______SAT - Score: ______
Colleges/technical schools I plan to apply to: / ______
Major or subject I wish to study in college: / ______
Please list any colleges/technical schools you have been accepted to (please list entire name): / ______
Which school (of those you were accepted to) are you planning to attend in 2013?
Or write undecided: / ______
I have/will earn college credit through (check all that apply): / AIMS Career Academy AIMS Classes (CE)
UNC Classes (CE) None
I have participated in (check all that apply): / Avid ETS Gear Up!
Individual and Family History:
Current plan for after high school: (Choose one) / Four-year college Go to work Join the military
Two-year college Undecided
Mother’s level of education: / Less than high school diploma High school diploma
2-year degree 4-year degree
Graduate or postgraduate degree
Father’s level of education: / Less than high school diploma High school diploma
2-year degree 4-year degree
Graduate or postgraduate degree
Family Income for need-based scholarships: / Less than $50,00 More than $50,000 (Estimate)
Ethnicity: / American Indian/Alaska Native Asian
Black/African American White/Caucasian
Check all that apply: / I want help exploring careers/majors
I want more information about going to college
I want more information on scholarships/financial aid
I will be the first generation college student (neither parent has earned a four-year degree)
I am applying to UNC and would like more information on the Promise Scholarship
I am applying to AIMS and would like more information about the College Promise Scholarship
Define your goals and learn more about yourself:
What clubs, activities, or sports do you participate in actively? Number of years involved in those sports? / ______
What volunteer work or community service have you completed? / ______
Obstacles you have overcome (Health, income, family, work, language barriers, etc.): / ______
What are some personal goals and ambitions: / ______
Professional goals and ambitions: / ______
* Please return the above survey to the counseling department*
Other ways to gather information about yourself:
Look into the district’s mentoring and internship opportunities or look for part-time jobs.
Volunteer or shadow at locations that relate to your interests.
Visit career websites to find interest inventories and surveys ( )
College Preparation “To-do” List:
Create a College in Colorado account.
Complete college essays.
Create a resume.
Ask for letters of recommendation from counselors, teachers, employers, etc. Give these
individuals a resume and an educational profile to help with writing a letter.
Complete a FAFSA( - Get your FAFSA PIN at
Attend College & Career Planning Night.
Develop organizational/study skills and time management skills -
Discover which entrance exams are required by the colleges that you are interested in.
Take practice tests.
Take the PLAN.
Take the PSAT.
Prepare/Register for the SAT at
Take the SAT if required by the college you plan to attend.
Prep for the ACT at
Take the ACT if you are a junior or senior.
Retake any SATs or ACTs to improve results: Students planning to retake the ACT can register
If you plan on playing D1 or D2 athletics in college –Register at the NCAA Eligibility Center at
is $65, but can be waived if student qualifies).
Have a copy of your transcript sent to NCAA in the spring.
Align classes and schedules to meet the requirements set by the colleges you plan to attend.
Visit websites to determine which college works best for you (

Schedule a campus visit with colleges you are interested in.
Look into and schedule a visit to College Fairs.
Schedule a meeting with your counselor in the fall of senior year
Try to submit applications by October 31st (depending on college specific deadlines).
Print or keep a saved document with a list of important application information to make to aid
with the online application process.
Research interview tips or see your counselor for help with interviews (if scheduled)
Search for scholarships ( colleges, etc.)

Printed on 1/29/2019