Recipe for a Great PAX Game

The PAX Game is made up of “kernels” that make it work well. These kernels are like steps in a recipe; if you miss them, you might not like the result as well. Use the kernels well and you have better results.

Kernels Step / Description
Compose teams balanced for shy, “regular” and “high-risk” kids.
Optional: Use special team names, mottos, seating, wrist bands, or idenifiers
Build and reinforce team jobs such as the game play Reminder, Captain, Tootler
Use PAX Quiet (harmonica & visual sign) to get attention before starting game
Make sure children have eyes on you BEFORE announcing Game start
Optional: Use motivational enhancer such as challenge best time, challenge other class, prize review, prize vote, mystery reward, etc.
Optional: Spleem or PAX review of what need to work on
Set timer in full view of children, say the time being played (e.g.., “?? Minutes)
Announce the Game start, “The game is on.”
Catch each Spleem accurately—no slack for Spleems
Non-emotionally notice the Spleem (feedback to kids) (e.g., “That was a Spleem for the Blue team”; “John, was that a Spleem or PAX?”
Mark the Spleem on board or score sheet by teams non-emotionally; the spleems marked should be visible to the students as game is played.
Stop the Game with announcement when Timer rings (e.g., “Game over”)
Use PAX Quiet (hand sign & harmonica) for eyes on you.
Have captain of each team review with you (and team) Spleem count and wins.
The teacher debriefs with the students the types of spleems marked.
Optional at game end or end of day: Tootler gives tootles for team members showing improvement or helpful acts
Give prize. Game prize give first week or two immediately or nearly immediately; prize stretched out over time (e.g., move from prize each to prize per day); and sometime surprise immediate rewards. Double prize time if ALL teams win.
Use PAX Quiet, harmonica and timer to signal time for prize. Prize is short
Advance time for each game ONLY if 85% of the Games are being won by all teams
Play shorter games more often if class slides back or come back from holiday
Be a cheerleader when kids win; make a big deal about total number of PAX minutes
Play 3 ANNOUNCED PAX GBG games per day.
Play 1 UNANNOUCED or “Secret” Game once per day (1/2 number of minutes)
Have fun.

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