CCS Middle School Locker Usage Responsibilities

General Information

  • CCS administration assigns students their locker number and corresponding locker combination.

(This means NO switching lockers with friends!)

  • The locks (which are built in) on each locker have multiple combinations so each summer, locker

combinations will change.

  • CCS administration will have pass keys allowing access to every locker.
  • Student(s) are not to share their locker combination with anyone.
  • Both the parent/guardian and student are financially responsible for the contents of theirassigned locker(s).
  • Due to safety/emergency preparedness rules, hallways/walkways must be clear of student’s backpacks, sport bags, lunch pails, musical instruments, etc. AT ALL TIMES!
  • Keep ALL items in student lockers. (When in doubt… lock it up!)
  • Students trying to “open” or get into lockers that do not belong to them will be subject to school discipline.
  • Items found in hallways, on top of lockers, beside classroom doors, on stairwells, etc. will be removed and a fine of $1.00 per incident will be charged.

Interior Locker Policy:

  • Students may use shelving in their lockers. However, the shelving may not be permanently affixed to the inside of the locker and must be removed at the end of each school year.
  • Students may decorate the inside of their locker as long as the following is strictly adhered to:
  • ANY DECORATING OF ANY KIND to the interior walls of the lockers must be done with

magnets, removable tape, and/or teacher’s putty. No writing on it even in dry-erase.

  • At the end of the school year, ALL decorations must be removed and the locker must look as

clean as when first assigned to the student.

  • Respect for the property loaned to you, the student, and courtesy/respect for the student who

will use the locker after you is vital.

  • If the interior of a student’s locker has been permanently defaced by markings, stickers/tape and/or glue residue, scratches where bare metal is exposed, dents, or door damage, the student/parent will be charged the cleaning/repair costs of the locker.

Exterior Locker Policy:

  • Students are not permitted to store ANY items on top of, in front of, or around the lockers.
  • ANY items found anywhere other than the designated areas (as stated under General Information) will be confiscated and subject to a fine.
  • Repeat offenders to the above will face disciplinary action including losing locker privileges.

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CCS Middle School Locker Usage Agreement

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I and have read and agree to abide by

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the guidelines stated above. Date:

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