Best Bets for 2015-2016

This strategy led one lucky collector to a $68,000+ profit on a quarter-ounce Platinum Eagle

It’s been many years since I have been able to actually recommend specific coins to clients. The past two decades I advocated buying gold, silver and platinum bullion coins but many of my recommendations were more “warnings” of what NOT to buy than actual recommendations of where you could put your money to make money.

There are some clear trends in the market that allow investors to get into coins that not only will move with the price of precious metals but could show some extraordinary profits. My latest recommendations have returned as much as 47% to over 100% - even as gold and silver have tumbled in price.

Whether you like gold, platinum or silver, there are coins available that fit myrecommendations.


It seems like a straight forward recommendation but it is VERY important to buy the right dates and pay reasonable prices. If you simply buy the current years coins or worse yet, pay high retail prices you severely limit your chance of making a profit.

First, a quick history of the U.S. Eagles.

The U.S. government began the Eagle coin program in 1986(Platinum in 1997). Since then the U.S. Eagles have become not only one of the most popular and widely traded bullion coins but have also attracted huge numbers of collectors.

The fact is, the government actually defines ALL Eagles as “numismatic” coins directly in the legislation that created the coins - an added bonus for those who are concerned about the possibility of confiscation. If you are concerned, I would suggest you print or ask us for a copy of the legislation and keep it with your coins. If there is confiscation of any metal you then have proof from the government that you hold numismatic coins which most experts expect would be exempt.

Further proof of the collectability of U.S. Eagles is the large number of collectors who participate in the Registry Set collecting. PCGS and NGC have a point system so collectors can compete in owning the finest sets. It’s an immensely popular feature and has created markets for key date and ultra-rare coins. As collectors compete to have the finest set or be in the top 10 or 20 sets in the country they are forced to bid against each other not only for the highest quality coins but also for each and every variety of coin (more on this in a minute).

Personally, I don’t like to let anyone know what I own but there are many people who love knowing they have the best collection possible. There are thousands of categories from Morgan Dollars and Commemoratives to the Modern Gold, Silver and Platinum Eagles.

Just one example of how this has benefitedthe coin market is the Platinum Eagles. Though these coins are for the most part traded as “bullion coins” many are very scarce with just a few thousand coins made. In 2014 a “variety “of the 2007 Proof PlatinumEagleswas graded and put up for sale. This variety was simply a coin that was made by the Mint with a slight variation from the rest of the coins. The word “FREEDOM” on the reverse of the initial group of coins had a Frosted look as opposed to a mirror surface. Few Dealers or collectors really paid attention to the slight difference untilit became obvious that collectors were indeed assembling sets of Platinum Eagles.

In fact, I sold hundreds of 2007 Proof Platinum Eagles over the years without ever checking for the “Frosted Freedom “variety. It’s very likely that I, as well as other precious metals dealers, sold some of these coins without even realizing it. That means that the coins that exist and are in private collection, were likely purchased as a bullion coin. There are many lucky collectors or metals investors who own these coins and simply are unaware of the great demand for them. Had someone purchased these coins as bullion they probably paid less than $1000 for any of them.

So far only two of these coins have surfaced and have sold for over $69,000. There are dozens of coins still accounted for.

I hope I have your attention now!

That means that some lucky person bought a half ounce platinum coin and walked away with nearly $70,000.

The same is true of many different dates of Gold and Silver Eagles though the $69,000 $25 Platinum Eagle is certainly one of the highest priced collectable Eagles.

So, how do you use this information to possibly profit?

As you can imagine, dealers have been quick to jump on the band wagon and many are actively pushing the “rare” date Eagles to investors. However, dealers make the most profit by selling the coins that already have been “discovered” by collectors. You may have bought some from salesman over the phone. They are quick to sell you the better date, rare coins at the already inflated “collectors” price.

I’ve seen common one ounceGold Eagles sell for $4000 - $6000, one ounce Silver Eagles sell for as much as $84,000 and even one modern gold coin (though not an Eagle) that sold for $100,000 after being purchased just days earlier for under $1300!

If you have purchased Gold or Platinum Eagles over the past 29 years you may won some of these coins and may not even know it!

You arenot likely to make money by being the person who pays the high prices for these modern rarities. Let’s face it – paying the highest prices makes it hard for you to make a profit.

If you are like me you want to be the one who pays $1000 forthe coin that sells for $69,000 not the other way around.

In today’s market there are many opportunities to buy Gold, Silver and Platinum Eagle coins at the lower precious metals based price that have real potential to bring higher collectible profits to you.

I’ll admit there are not a lot of coins you can make 100,000 times your initial investment. But there are quite a few coins that could easily appreciate 50% or more even if the precious metals remain depressed. The best news is that if metals do go up in price these coins go up in tandem. So you win either way. The only qualification is that you don’t mind buying metals at today’s depressed prices.


The $25 Gold Eagle and $10 Gold Eagle are some of the most widely collected and promoted modern coins. Silver Eagles and Platinum Eagles also present many great opportunities to buy “bullion” coins that could command much higher collector premiums over the next few years.


Gold fell below $1200, silver fell well below $16 and platinum under $1180this year. Unlike previous dips there was very little buying from the public. Dealer’s phones stopped ringing and sales dried up. Many dealers got stuck sitting on large inventories of these “collectible” bullion coins and premiums disappeared. So had you paid the high prices for so-called rare date Eagles, you were left holding the bag.

I recently purchase 50 - 1991 $25 Gold Eagles. This is widely accepted as the key date of the series. For most of the 2014 and 2013 dealers actively sought out these coins and bidding was fierce. It was easy to get as much as $3200 a coin and I even sold one coin for over $7000 when several collectors were anxiously trying to obtain this coin.

After gold fell in price I could barely find any dealer who wanted my 50 coins. One of the country’s largest dealers, who typically had offers posted daily for these coins wouldn’t even make an offer!

The point is, when the retailer’s sales dried up there were few buyers for any of these coins for much more than the value of the gold. At least half a dozen different dates were negatively affected.

This presents a great opportunity to buy coins that just months ago were sought by dealers for $900-$1100 at greatly reduced prices. Many of these coins are now available for roughly $700 - $750 (depending on the price of gold). That means that once the current inventories are finally sold, these coins will most likely return to their $1000 (approximate) price level.

Buying these coins after the collector premium disappeared greatly reduced your risk while practically guaranteeing nearly a 50% gain when dealers sell their current inventory.

These older date coins are available for about the same price that dealers are promoting the new 2015 coins, but have much higher potential to make you extra profits. Even if the collector’s market never comes back you don’t lose because we are buying these coins based on the current market price for “bullion” priced Gold Eagles.

There are several dates that are prime candidates. I have actively been trying to purchase these older dates for my clients. Here is a short list of recommended coins:

1986 $25 American Gold Eagle

1998 $25 American Gold Eagle

1999 $25 American Gold Eagle

2000 $25 American Gold Eagle

2002 - 2008 $25 American Gold Eagle

1997 - 2008 $50 American Platinum Eagle

1997 - 2008 $25 American Platinum Eagle

The same is true of older date Silver Eagles – Especially those dated prior to 2008.

I don’t know howlong these coins will be available at the lower prices so I am buying as many as I can right now and I strongly suggest you do the same.

This strategy works. I have hundreds of client who took my advice over the past 5 years and have profited nicely even when precious metals prices tumbled.

One lady purchased 30 -1995 $25 Gold Eagles (15 ounces) from me just 3 years ago and traded her coins in early 2014 when I recommended she take her profits. She was able to turn her 30 half ounce gold coins into 30 FULL ounces of gold. It doesn’t matter what the price of gold is- if you can trade 15 ounces and receive 30 ounces – you made a great deal!

In January, I had nearly 400 ofone of these early date coins to offer to my clients. One dealer actually bought 300 coins to resell to his clients.

Currently, I have a group of 2004 $25 Gold Eagles. Your price is as little as$737 a coin.

Buy 1 -39 coins for $757 each

Buy a roll of 40 for just $737 each coin.

Buy multiple rolls of more than 40 coins and take another $10 discount.

Look, I spend a lot of time and effort researching these markets and keeping MYclients informed. Most other dealers who promise to tell you when to sell just never follow through unless they can trade you into some other type of coins they can profit on.

American Federal follows through. When it is time to sell we will let you know. We will buy your coins or facilitate the sale for you when the time comes. In early 2014 I sent multiple emails and letters to clients to urge them to take profits on the coins I recommended in previous years. I don’t know of a single other dealer who did the same. Now their clients are stuck waiting for the market to come back in price.

When you buy from American Federal you will get timely information so you can take profits.

One last thing.

You can likely find a coin here and there from other dealers but you will be on your own when the time comes to sell. Most clients have NO way to know when the collector premiums return. It’s not based simply on the price of gold.

So, unfortunately I can’t do other dealers jobs for them. I can only alert MY clients to take profits. I give away a lot of free information to everyone. This recommendation is just one example. I have given literally hundreds of profitable suggestions over the past 10 years. Some were recommendation to take profits, some were recommendations to sell certain coins before they fell in price. Most were accurate.

But to be fair to my clients, I will only take care of them when the time comes to profit. My clients are precious to me and they will ALWAYS get the first chance to buy my best coins and more importantly to take profits when its time.


Nick Grovich