Diabetic Diet- Using Locally Available Foods


Sweet foods such as sugars and soft drinks should be avoided as much as possible.


·  Mgaiwa porridge without sugar (thin 1 ½ cup, thick 1 cup)

·  Plain tea

·  Brown bread (3 slices) sparingly margarine if possible

·  A piece of sweet potato or cassava

·  Boiled Irish potatoes (6 small or 2 big)

·  Zitumbuwa not mandasi

·  Zimimina

·  Green maize (1 cob)

·  Pumpkin (11/4 small)

·  Fruits 1 at a time e.g. 1 banana in the morning and 1 orange (medium) in the evening

Tangerine 2 small

Lemon 2 medium

Banana 2 small or 1 big

Peaches 5-7 small

Pawpaw ¾ cup

Mango 1 small

Guava 2 small

Pineapple ¾ cup

Canned fruits ½ cup

Fruit juice ½ cup

·  Boiled eggs 2 per week

·  Oats porridge

·  Soya porridge – from locally made not donated because donated soya or likuni has a certain percentage of sugar in it.

·  A glass of milk about 250mls daily (recommended from dairy board has less fats in it)

·  Rice porridge once a week

·  Porridge with ground nut flour once a week.


Not all the above mentioned foods at one serving but try to make a balanced meal.


·  Mgaiwa nsima with any type of relish without oil added to it.

Beans (1/2 cup)

Chambo ½ medium, fresh utaka 2 small dried utaka 3

Chicken 1 piece

Meat ½ hand size slice

·  Local chickens- avoid skin because it contains fats.

·  No soft drinks, no sobo

·  No rice, gramil/white nsima because it contains a lot of starch.


Recommended methods of cooking include boiling, roasting and grilling.


·  Carry mgaiwa.

·  Choose a diabetic diet

·  Carry sweets

·  Eat before or soon after medication

Things to Avoid

·  Sugar: for Tea, Porridge.

·  Jam: For Bread.

·  Soft drinks: Coke, Fanta, Sobo, Mahewu, Thobwa. Diet coke can be taken

·  Sweets: Doughnuts, Freezes, Candy, Milk scone, Biscuit, Cakes, Sugar cane

·  Oiled Starches: Chips, Samoosa, and Puffs.

·  Avocado:

·  Groundnuts:

·  Alcohol: Beer such as Carlsberg, Chibuku, Napolo, and, Masese, Wine, Gin.

·  Tobacco.

Non –Nutritive Sweeteners, (Artificial)

·  Aspartame,

·  Acesulfame K

·  Diet Coke.

These Sweeteners are considered safe and are used by people with Diabetes to satisfy their taste for sweets without affecting blood sugar level,


Meals/ snacks / Menu
Break fast / ·  2 slices of bread no margarine, no jam
·  Or 1 cup of thick porridge no nsinjiro, no sugar
·  Tea no sugar
Snack 10:00 / ·  1 small mango or fruit in season
Lunch / ·  3 small chipande of nsima
·  Or 3 cups of rice
·  1 cup beans (no oil)
·  1 cup boiled vegetables with 2 tsp of oil
Snack 15:00 / ·  2 small bananas or fruit in season
Supper / ·  3 small chipande of nsima
·  ¾ cup usipa no oil or 1/8 chicken (no oil)
·  2 cups of cabbage salad (no oil)