Chad Newman Martin

Equity Membership Candidate.Height: 6 0 Phone: 423-737-7894(c) 404-486-7037(h).Weight: 175lb Email.Eyes: Green/Hazel.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE.Production Role Theatre Company Year.Great Expectations Herbert Pocket Georgia Ensemble Theatre, Roswell, GA 2008

Didáctica Especifica & Residencia Docente En Inglés

Solana Mizrahi.Didáctica Especifica & Residencia Docente en Inglés.Intermediate Level.Time: from 9.30 a.m. to 10.50 a.m.Class: General English.Language Focus: Reading.Topic: Tango, the Argentine dance

Factors That Influence the Achievement of a High Quality Dance Performance

Year 11 G.C.S.E Dance Revision Guide.Factors that influence the achievement of a high quality dance performance.Identification of expressive skills.Evaluation of strengths.Mental rehearsal.Use of video and peer evaluation.Form Refine Evaluate Perform again.Presentation to an audience

Hertfordshire SIAS Unit of Work

Hertfordshire SIAS Unit of work.Hertfordshire SIAS Unit of work.CM/bam/Dance/UnitofWork/DanceCompositionVisualImageKS3

Mississippi Theatre Association

Mississippi Theatre Association.Members Present: M. J. Etua, Tom Booth, Stephen Cunetto, Deborah Craig, Parker McMullan, Kenneth McDade, Sam Sparks.The meeting was called to order by President Etua

Lee Strasberg: Method Acting

In the senior grades, drama students must hone their ability to create belief in a topic or character and then to make certain that others also believe them as well. This is not something that can be done once all the lines have been memorized and the

WFC/Wimbledon Book Fest Special Event

WFC/Wimbledon Book Fest special event.Producer Fay Ward and actor Chris Simpson (Karim) join us for Q&A.Dir. Sarah Gavron, 2007, UK, (15), 101 minutes.Tannishtha Chatterjee, Satish Kaushik, Christopher Simpson

Raymond Island Landcare Group

RAYMOND ISLAND LANDCARE GROUP.GENERAL MEETING THURSDAY 13th MARCH, R.I. COMMUNITY HALL.Meeting opened at 7.18 pm.Present: Pat Smith, Hamish Bremner, Jill Johannsen, Rowan Smith, Claire Williams, Peter Johannsen, April Wilkins (EGLN Group Facilitator)

Presented by Northwest Arkansas Conservatory of Classical Ballet

Presented by Northwest Arkansas Conservatory of Classical Ballet

The Nutcracker.Presented by Northwest Arkansas Conservatory of Classical Ballet.Clara Harley Crabb.Fritz Talmadge Ward.HerrStahlbaum Jeff Doss.FrauStahlbaum Monica Crabb.HerrDrosselmeyer BillHesse.Governess Olivia Hankins.Housemaids Kate Madewell, Ryan Renfrow.Grossmuter Christina Lowcock

American Musical Theater Celebrates a Major Anniversary in 2007. Fifty Years Ago This

American musical theater celebrates a major anniversary in 2007. Fifty years ago this month - on September 26, 1957 - West Side Story opened on Broadway. Based on William Shakespeare's famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story introduced a dramatically

Course: Dance Fundamentals E-Mail

Course: Dance Fundamentals E-mail.Teacher: Kristen Lucero Voice Mail: 623-445-7289.Room: 217 Prep Hour: 5th.Mission Statement: The mission of Sandra Day O Connor High School s Fine Arts Department is to offer students extensive opportunities for learning

Handbook for Actors Auditioning at SETC

Handbook for Actors Auditioning at SETC.State Screening Conventions.Endorsed by the Professional Division and Audition Committee of the Southeastern Theatre Conference.What Does SETC Look For?

2012 Praise Dance Conference & Festival Vendor Registrtation


The Maine Dance Academy

The Maine Dance Academy.Hello my dear TMDA dancers.Can you believe it is already August? The summer is just flying by but I am hoping that you are all enjoying our beautiful weather and some needed rest. Thanks to the many of you who took part in our

All S Well That Ends Well

Grand Valley Shakespeare Festival.All s Well That Ends Well.Teaching Materials For Schools.Compiled by Professor Jo Miller, Ph.D.Shakespeare Festival Dramaturg.Robert Chapman, Shakespeare Festival Graduate Assistant.NOTES ABOUT THE PLAY

Dance Performance Plex (To Be Plexed)

Dance performance Plex (to be plexed).Amsterdam, Overtoom 301, 01.04.2005.Vincent Cacialano among other things is a member of Magpie; a group successfully known by their live improvisation dances