12Th Meeting of Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP

Doc. CA/1/2013 draft rev.2.12th Meeting of Competent Authorities for REACH and CLP.Room: 1D, Centre A. Borschette.Brussels, Belgium.1. Adoption of agenda.2. follow-up of the 11th meeting of caracal.3. Report from CA session.4. Update REACH review.5. Update Nanomaterials review

Working Title: Transportation Engineer 2 Design Engineer

Working Title: Transportation Engineer 2 Design Engineer.Recruitment Number: 17DOT-OR-30567.Location: Tumwater, WA.Salary:$55,476 - $74,604 annually.The Opportunity.WSDOT is currently looking for an enthusiastic engineer who has a passion for creative

Optically Monitoring and Controlling Nanoscale Topography During Semiconductor Etching

Supplementary Information.Optically monitoring and controlling nanoscale topography during semiconductor etching.Chris Edwards, Amir Arbabi, Gabriel Popescu and Lynford L Goddard.IMAGING CAMERA

Self-Assembly of Organic Molecules on Atomically Flat Surfaces Opens New Perspectives Towards

Tailoring 2D organic crystals at the nanoscale.CEA-Saclay, Labo Nanostructures et Semi-Conducteurs Organiques CNRS-CEA-UPMC, SPCSI/DRECAM, Bât. 462, F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Outstanding Engineering Educator Award s1

OUTSTANDING ENGINEERING EDUCATOR AWARD.Purpose: To recognize a member of the IEEE Albuquerque Section who has shared technical and professional abilities through teaching in industry, government, or in an institution of higher learning and in so doing

POSITION: Electrical Engineer DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

Job Description.POSITION: Electrical Engineer DEPARTMENT: Maintenance.REPORTS TO: Maintenance Manager STATUS: Exempt.Position Summary: Electrical Engineer designs electrical systems by developing and testing components.Primary job duties and responsibilities

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering s26

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.Batten College of Engineering and Technology.Old Dominion University.STUDENT OUTCOME ASSESSMENT REPORT 1.Course Number and Title : ECE 302.Semester and Year : Fall 2016.Instructor: Dr. Krusienski.Program: Electrical Engineering

Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions.Workshop on Nuclear Emergency Response Robotics.December 2-3, 2015 Naraha, Futaba, Fukushima, Japan.Organizers: Shinji Kawatsuma, Taichi Yamada.We invite you to participate to the Workshop on Nuclear Emergency Response Robotics

Marionette Design Activity

Engineering a Play Design Challenge.STEM Content Standards.Next Generation Science Standards.(3-5) Engineering design.o 3-5 ETS1-1 Define a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes specified criteria for success and constraints on materials, time, or cost

Faculty of Foundry Engineering


Science, Technology and National Security

Science, Technology and National Security.Professor Kristie Macrakis.Meets: Tuesday, 4:30-7:15 pm, Old Civil Engineering Building 104.Office: Old Civil Engineering Building, 120.Office Hours: Tuesday, 2:30-4:15, after class and very gladly by appointment

Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES.The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program in Electrical Engineering is a research oriented degree program. Its purpose is to advance the knowledge in the fields of Electrical Engineering and enable students of exceptional ability to

Stage 1: Integrate Significant Concept, Area of Interaction and Unit Question s3

MYP unit planner.CSI Crime Scene.Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit question.Area of interaction focus.Significant concept(s).MYP unit question.Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning activities through inquiry.Approaches to learning

Activity 1.5 Discover Engineering s2

Activity 1.6 Discover Engineering.What is engineering? Many people have difficulty answering this question. In fact, engineering is a diverse field; there are many disciplines within engineering that can involve the application of a very different body

Original Author: Michelle Grimm, Taylor County 4-H Youth Development

Instructor Guide Challenge Title: GOAL (Modified from 2011 Wisconsin 4-H Robotics Rally Implementation Packet).Original author: Michelle Grimm, Taylor County 4-H Youth Development