As Part of This Class, Students Will Learn To

As Part of This Class, Students Will Learn To


Teacher: J. Sawyers

Phone and email: 901-853-3310

Course Description:

FUNDAMENTALS OF AGRICULTURE is designed to introduce the students to basic theories and principles involved inanimal science, agribusiness, agricultural mechanics, and natural resource management.Leadership development will be provided through FFA. Students will receive personal guidance and counseling with preparatory instructional program selection. Each student will be encouraged to have a Supervised Agriculture Experience Program.

As part of this class, students will learn to:

  • Demonstrate employability and social skills in the career cluster.
  • Describe the importance of agriculture and what its purpose is in the economy.
  • Analyze the different aspects of FFA and how it relates to agriculture.
  • Demonstrate how to use parliamentary procedure and describe its importance.
  • Discuss the differences between a simple stomach and a ruminant animal.
  • Determine the difference between perennial, annual and biannual plants.
  • Analyze the parts of flower.
  • Relate how supply and demand relate to agriculture
  • Analyze mathematical formulas in agriculture.
  • Maintain records on SAEP and be able to summarize and analyze results in making financial decisions.
  • Utilize activities of FFA as an integral component of course content and leadership development.
  • Apply science, math, and communications skills within the technical content.


Students will be assessed with unit test, worksheets quizzes, reports, participation and through hands on activities. The grades will be determined through a mixture of test, class work, quizzes, Class project and a presentation.

Test400 Pts

Quizzes400 Pts

Class work400 Pts

Participation 600 Pts

Class Project200 Pts

* These assignments and points can be changed throughout the semester based upon the year

Materials Needed:

  • Three ring binder (1-2 inch)
  • 3 binder dividers
  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Writing Utensils
  • Text book which will be issued to you at the beginning of the semester

($20.00 Must be paid in order to take class!!!!) Can be paid in class with cash and check or online at click the online school payments link

Classroom Rules:

  1. Going outside is a privilege not a right Do not ask to go outside.
  2. Absolutely no use of tobacco products any incident will result in office referral
  3. Respect the room this includes drawing on desk, binders and school property this will result in office referral. This also includes the use of foul language and respect toward teacher.
  4. Remain in your seat throughout the period this includes the end of the period. Do not stand by the door
  5. Respect the person that is talking give them your full attention this includes the teacher and students discussing or asking a question
  6. When a visitor enters the room make sure you are quiet
  7. Horse play is not tolerated at anytime
  8. Always come dressed prepared to work
  9. Come to class prepared with your materials such as a pen or pencil and have your binder with loose leaf paper in the classroom
  10. Be on time!!! Three tardies will result in Saturday school.
  11. Behave in a respectful manner!!!
  12. Do not handle animals unless you have permission while were on the animal unit

Discipline Policy

1st Offense will result in warning and conference with teacher

2nd Offense will result in behavior write off and parent phone call

3rd Offense will result in Office referral

Make-up work:

Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. Upon returning to school the students must ask for any missed assignments within a reasonable amount of time. Make-up work will be given for excused absences and is due as outlined in school policy.


There will be assigned seats and can be changed based upon the teachers discretion.


All students are expected to participate in hands-on activities, which might include getting dirty, or going outside and dealing with the elements of nature. Students should be given advanced notice of such events so as to dress accordingly. Students refusing to participate will receive a “0” for participation, suffer loss of privileges and risk disciplinary action.

Beginning of Class:

When the tardy bell rings, you should be in your seat with your notebook and book for class to start. You should begin work on your bell work.

Class dismissal:

When the bell rings the teacher will dismiss the class. Teacher reserves the right to hold students after class for disruptions, attitude problems, or poor classroom performance.


Students are to purchase a binder, which they will keep their notes in for the semester. I will allow the students to keep them in the classroom so they will have their materials at all times.


Each student will have a competency on file, which outlines what the state expects each student to learn out of the class. Your student should have a competency attached to this packet, which should be returned with the signature sheet.

Thank you, for enrolling in agriculture. This year will be a great year and I believe that together we will be able to accomplish all of our goals.

Signature Sheet

I______agree to abide by all of the rules listed on the syllabus and I do understand what is expected of me in this class.


I have read over all of the rules, syllabus and competency and I agree that my student should abide by these rules and I understand what is expected of he/she.


(Parent or Guardian)