An-2T1G98-55Ex 9855Polish Air Forceph.02Jun12showing Tailless Fuselage at Czestochowa-Rudniki


An-2T1G98-55Ex 9855Polish Air Forceph.02Jun12showing Tailless Fuselage at Czestochowa-Rudniki

An-2R1G87-26CCCP-44649Aeroflot-Far EastPh.aug06wfu at Khalaktyrka (N53.024378 E158.719441)

An-2T1G98-55ex 9855Polish Air Forceph.02jun12showing tailless fuselage at Czestochowa-Rudniki

An-2P1G117-49UR-02438Richard SpinksBoy04jun11looked airworthy; canx 17jul12

An-2T1G118-20--all-green, no titlesKrh30jun12

An-2R1G122-31CCCP-02620Aeroflot-Far Eastph.aug06wfu at Khalaktyrka (N53.024378 E158.719441)

An-2P1G140-41YL-LEV (2)Flying Adv.Tours22feb12opb Flying Adventure Tours, based at Bern

An-2R1G148-34UR-07273Mykolayiv-AeroNLV26sep12report of UR-07275 26may02 is in error for this one

An-2R1G148-36CCCP-07275Aeroflot-Uzbekistancanx27dec88see comment by 07273

An-2R1G153-52CCCP-05739Aeroflot-Tyumen19sep12seen derelict Tarko-Sale

An-2PK1G159-39RA-07761Angarski Aeroklub22aug12offered for sale with t/t 7,895 hours

An-2R1G173-07UR-SBBMno titlesph.05jul12correction to c/n, ex UR-CHVI

An-2R1G173-09UR-40782light grey, no titlesKHE2010in reasonable condition; not to UR-SBBM

An-21G176-58RA-62589Polyarnyye Avial.Ykm 14sep12

An-2R1G184-50UR-54843O.V. GlukhovskyBov30jun11for sale 01apr12 with t/t 8,056 hours; canx 17jul12

An-2T1G186-07HA-MEAAir Doktor Kft.Pcs02sep12in immaculate condition, repaired after a fire

An-2R1G189-54UR-84587Proskuriv-aviaw/o06may10only canx by 17jul12 !

An-21G194-51LA-0957TSOUKch29sep12"UAK" logo on tail; ex UR-BEU

An-2R1G195-15UR-68110S.A. DubininKHE18oct08canx 17jul12

An-2R1G210-17CCCP-17993(2)Aeroflot-Far Eastph.aug06wfu at Khalaktyrka (N53.024604 E158.720051)

An-2R1G219-32UR-32633S.V. Mazur19sep10at Balty, Moldova; canx 17jul12

An-2R1G226-49RA-33390UTair CargoTjp11aug12silver c/s; extra titles celebrating 65 years of the An-2

An-2R1G232-35RA-33601ELKAPw/o28sep12crashed landing at Polunochnoe, Sverdlovsk Oblast

An-2R1G235-10UR-02239O.V. GlukhovskyBov30jun11t/t 2,274 hours by 01apr12; canx 17jul12

An-2T1G235-51LY-TEDStatflight GMbHBir08oct10based at Birrfeld; l/n BSL 26aug12

An-2---not knownall-white c/sph.24aug12preserved in AvtoVAZ technical museum at Togliatti


An-121 40 02 05 ?"50" redSoviet Air ForceIKTaug07with the Military Academy on the airfield

An-12BP40 16 05UR-CDBVeteranFJR30jun09canx 17jul12

An-12BP40 20 10 ?(ex ST-ASA)Sudanese Air Forcew/o07oct12cr. shortly 25 miles SW of KRT; ID not yet confirmed !

An-12B40 27 07UR-CBZVeteranDzh04aug07canx 17jul12

An-12BP3 34 14 02 ?3X-GGHBrise AirNKCapr12ex 4L-PAS is a very good candidate

An-12BK8 34 56 03"31"Russian Air Forcedec07for sale by Russian privatisation agency

An-24T8 9 1 07 08"02" blueUkraine Air Force18oct12dismantled at Faculty of Avn and Space Systems, Kiev

An-24B8 73 046 05UR-46558Air UrgaKGO 23sep12reg removed but just readable; already canx 20nov06

An-24B8 73 049 02UR-46577Air UrgaKGO 23sep12reg removed but just readable; already canx 20nov06

An-24Ush6 99 005 01UR-47711Ukraine Flight State Acad.KGO23sep12Aeroflot c/s, no titles; was already canx 10dec99

An-26KPA40 08RF-46873Russian NavyKch24sep12still wearing "54" blue

An-26B-10051 04RA-26620KatekaviaKJA07aug12all-white c/s, small titles

An-2662 07UR-DWBAero-Charter AirlinesIEV19aug12was canx 17jul12

An-2681 06RF-36024Russian Air ForceIva22aug12also carried code "40" blue

An-2682 07"12"Russian Air Forcenoreportsdetails from

An-26103 04 ?9XR-SAall-white c/s, no titlesBLA10sep08(N10.108841 W64.686779), dirty condition, poss. wfu

An-26106 103X-GHKAir SirinNLV03oct12with '' titles; ex 4L-AFL

M28AJE 003-31N331MFSierra Nevada Corprgd28sep12ex SP-DGV

An-32RE05 01K2706Indian Air ForceIEV10oct12l/n IEV 24oct12

An-32RE07 09K2733Indian Air ForceIEV29sep12l/n IEV 08oct12

An-32A26 02OB-1962-PATSALIM02apr12

An-32B28 03no regall-white c/sOZH25sep12stored, registration and logos removed; ex S9-PSE

An-72S365 720 96 912"2" Soviet Air Forceline # 15-02; never delivered

OB-1487Aero Tumires29dec92c/n confirmed, never delivered

RA-72983Aero TumiZuk03sep93c/n not confirmed; see on-line database for full story

"002" blackUkrainian MoIIEV20mar97and later "02" black and then "02" blue

An-148-10042-01RA-61714AngaraVoz10oct12test flying, fully painted

Be-12PS3 60 29 03RF-12008Russian Navyw/o12oct12when the left engine failed on go-around Kacha

Il-14T14700 16 40CCCP-91612(2)Andrei IvanovMya01oct12flown to Stupino in these fake marks; ex RA-1114K

Il-147 34 33 06CCCP-91495Aeroflot-Kyrgyzstan-FRUw/o28jun69c/n now known

Il-14PS---SU-AIPEgyptian Govern.photobeing inspected by President Nasser

Il-18V18400 77 02B-212Civ Avn Adm Chinaph.2004/10preserved in Lanzhou city (N36.085661 E103.624191)

Il-18D18700 99 043X-GGUSky Guinee AirlinesLXR 01sep12

Il-38SD8800 101 10IN306 Indian NavyGOI07feb12c/n now known

Il-38SD8800 102 07IN307Indian NavyGOI06apr11c/n now known

Il-38SD0810 110 07IN301Indian NavyGOI07feb12c/n now known

Il-28---M-821Indonesian Air Forceph.17apr59at Kemajoran Air Base

Il-62M44 45 9 4 8RA-86536Russian Govt/AFL c/sVKO03jul08broken up at KAPO factory at Kazan-Borisoglebskoye

Il-62M16 47 9 2 8RA-86575InteraviaDMEsep12broken up, tail cut off by 30sep12

Il-62M27 49 3 1 6RA-86466RossiyaVKO 11aug12reported retired 01sep12

Il-76M0934 17532RA-86041Russian Air Force /AFL c/sPKVsep12broken up

Il-76M0934 18564RA-86045Russian Air Force /AFL c/sPKVsep12broken up

Il-76M0934 18565RA-86046Russian Air Force /AFL c/sPKVsep12broken up

Il-76M0934 19589RA-86827Russian Air Force /AFL c/sPKVsep12broken up

Il-76M0934 21642RA-86831Russian Air Force /AFL c/sPKVsep12broken up

Il-76TD00334 463253X-GGXall-white c/s, no titlesOSS06nov11ex UP-I7606

Il-76TD00634 71150ER-IAVNLV06sep12cockpit photo not showing titles or c/s; ex UR-76704

A-5000834 84538RF-50612Russian Air Forceaug12location unknown; also carried code "42" red

Il-76MD00834 87603RA-78768Russian Air ForceSVX19sep12l/n SVX 17oct12

A-50U00934 96899RF-50601Russian Air ForceSVX07oct17carried also code "50" red; l/n SVX 15oct12

Il-76TD10234 14458RA-76370no titlesMVD 17sep12still in basic Gazpromavia c/s

Il-76MD-9001-02RA-78650OAKUle23aug12still in primer; f/f 22sep12

Il-8651483205049RA-86078Ural AirlinesSVX14oct12being broken up

Il-114.0.38 00307--primerTac24jun12line # 03-07; will not be completed

Ka-2676 055 13UR-19669Aviatekrgd09apr10based at SIP; canx 17jul12

Ka-27PL5235001414210"15" redRussian NavyKck16oct12operational

Ka-27---("26")Russian Air Force24aug12preserved in AvtoVAZ technical museum at Togliatti

L-410UVP81 07 06HR-AQJRollins AirLCEjan00reportedly wfu mar09; canx 13dec11

L-410UVP81 07 23HR-AQKRollins Airdec02stored at an airfield in Honduras; canx 13dec11

L-410UVP-E387 18 22RF-94589DOSAAFYkm14sep12c/n now known

L-410UVP-E2028 16OK-VDDAircraft Industriesrgd27aug12

L-410UVP-E2028 17OK-SBCAircraft Industriesrgd24sep12

L-410---LY-ABNall-white c/s, no titlesTLL21jul12l/n TLL 23sep12

Li-2---38043Chinese Air Yichangtumewu (N30.705178 E111.29472)

Mi-103 02not knownSoviet Air ForceKho03jul93c/n checked, factory not confirmed

Mi-1TU---40361Rostvertol logoRor2012preserved (N47.254956 E39.730187)

Mi-1M---"05" whiteSoviet Air ForceOvm31jul11made airworthy and flew at Mochishche oct12

Mi-251 0542 1270542Polish Air Force27JUL07pres. in a garden at Enniger (N51.836785 E7.9484689)

Mi-251 3140 093--FAKS18oct12GIA at Kiev Faculty of aviation and space systems KPI

Mi-254 5634 058"05" whiteBelarus Air Forceph.07apr11pres. off airport Vitebsk (with at least 2 more choppers)

Mi-2M54 7709 062RA-MVZ im. Milyaf/fsep12 ?f/n Rostvertol 11sep12; l/n Rostvertol 25sep12

Mi-254 7936 122RF-00972Weltall-aviaOvn11jul09c/n now known

Mi-2MSB52 9120 035UR-MSXMotor-SichGos27sep12l/n Gostomel 29sep12; ex UR-23299

Mi-254 9643 036CCCP-20970Khabarovsk AviaNna22oct12stored with titles and CCCP-reg on

Mi-25410221 047RF-49406Weltall-aviaOMS 29aug09c/n now known

Mi-25410222 057"24" whiteSoviet Air Forcemfd10jan87f/n KLF 17aug99; l/n KLF aug01

Mi-25410841 039RA-14129HelixSVX11oct12

Mi-4---27Cuban Air Forceph.17apr66

Mi-4---34Cuban Air Forceph.17apr66

Mi-6768 32 09V"29" redSoviet Air ForceKho12oct12scrapped at Khodynka

Mi-6PSA73 72 05V"40" redRussian Air Forceph.08sep11was opb 320 otae pss at Troitsk; sat wfu at Troitsk

Mi-6---"37"Russian Air Forceph.24aug12preserved in AvtoVAZ technical museum at Togliatti

Mi-8T34 55"70" yellowUkraine Air ForceOZH25sep12dismantled near the Motor-Sich ramp

Mi-8T40 11"23" yellowUkraine Air ForceOZH25sep12dismantled near the Motor-Sich ramp

Mi-8T41 28(CCCP-25718)Aeroflot-West SiberiaOZH25sep12dismantled near the Motor-Sich ramp

Mi-8T78 93RF-02327Weltall-aviaTar06jan07c/n now known ex RF-49411 and became RA-22598

Mi-8T9 76 50 39RF-49412Weltall-aviaOvn11sep07c/n now known

Mi-8T9 84 15795RA-22877AngaraIKT01oct12in full c/s with 'Angara Aviakompaniya' titles

Mi-8T9 84 20005RA-24745AeroBratskULK 24sep12

Mi-8T9 87 34203RA-24267KrasAviadbr17oct12came down hard and rolled over

Mi-8MT9 407365" redRussian Air ForceDmnsep12no titles but with Russian stars

Mi-8MT9 4073" RF-93171Russian Air ForceEng25sep12also carried code "306" white

Mi-8MT9 4379"68" yellowRussian Air Force03aug12with 'VVS Rossii' titles in Tomsk region

Mi-8MT9 4533"10" redRussian Air ForceSWT 03aug12also carried code "52" yellow

Mi-8MT9 5191"54" redRussian Air ForceVla15sep12in grey c/s, with 'VVS Rossii' titles and Russian stars

Mi-8MTV-19 5721ER-MHLNyaman Airdam09oct12lost height shortly after take-off, made a forced landing

Mi-17-1V9 6023AMHT-212Mexican Navy28sep12arrived at Eindhoven on a truck from Russia

Mi-8AMTS AMTS00643115406RF-95345 Russian Air Forcenoreportsalso carried code "46" yellow

Mi-8AMTSAMTS00643115501"43" yellow Russian Air Forcemfd2011opb 575 AvB at Chernigovka

Mi-17V-5356M17. ?ZP5121Indian Air Forceph.sep12opb 156 HU at Bagdogra; c/n partly checked

Mi-17V-5356M... ?ZP5122 Indian Air Forceph.sep12opb 156 HU at Bagdogra

Mi-17V-5356M... ?ZP5163 Indian Air Forceph.sep12opb 156 HU at Bagdogra

Mi-172360M09HA-5156Indonesian Armyd/daug11f/n HLP 05oct12; c/n checked

Mi-172360M..HA-5157Indonesian Armyd/daug11f/n HLP 05oct12

Mi-172360M..HA-5159Indonesian Armyd/daug11f/n HLP 05oct12

Mi-17-1V440M01AMHT-211Mexican Navy28sep12arrived at Eindhoven on a truck from Russia

Mi-17-1V840M01ER-MHTValanrgdunknownf/n Graf Ignatievo 06oct12

Mi-17-1V840M02ER-MHIValanrgdunknownf/n Graf Ignatievo 06oct12

Mi-17V-5524M07N175RUSimplex Corprgd13aug10canx 25sep12 as to Russia

Mi-8MTV-1---RF-32830MChS RossiiSVX17oct12

Mi-8MT---RF-91848Russian Air ForceOVN 17sep12also carried code "59" yellow; NOT RF-91843 !

Mi-8MT---RF-91849Russian Air ForceTOF01uig12also carried code "60" yellow;

Mi-171E---408Iraqi Air Forced/dnov10 ?f/n 14nov11

Mi-171E---415 & 416Iraqi Air Forced/d20apr11f/n 10aug11

Mi-24V3532423913241not knownSoviet Army Aviationph.24aug12preserved in AvtoVAZ technical museum at Togliatti

Mi-24V3532424015930RF-07915 FSBmfd26nov80f/n Kochubeyevskoye apr11;c/n now known

Mi-24V3532424015931"73"FSBmfd26nov80opb oae at Ucharal; t/t 1,863 hours by 2007

Mi-24V3532422116548not known FSBmfd20apr81opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovskoye; w/o bef. 2007

Mi-24V3532422116571"72"FSBmfd24apr81opb oae at Ucharal; t/t 2,391 hours by 2007

Mi-24V3532421218069"20" Russian MVD/VVtrf14aug01opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovskoye

Mi-24V3532422319520RF-07911 FSBmfd05may83opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovs.; dism. bef. 2012

Mi-24V3532422319583RF-07908 FSBmfd16may83opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovs.; dam.. bef. 2012

Mi-24V3532422319722RF-07912 FSBmfd16jun83opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovskoye

Mi-24V3532422319731not known FSBmfd16jun83opb 2 oao at Mikhailovsk-Shpakovskoye

Mi-35P0543756W-SHYSenegal Air ForceDKR22oct09c/n now known

Mi-25---653Peruvian Air Forcenoreportstender for repainting published in autumn 2012

Mi-2634001212032"55" yellowUkraine Air ForceKaisep12stored, c/n now known

Mi-28N34012843265"06" yellowaug12line # 06-05; on the assembly line by sep11

Tu-95MS33 . 22 ?RF-94131 Russian Air ForceEng02aug12also carried code "18" red; c/n partly checked

Tu-95MS---RF-94118Russian Air ForceEng02aug12no code carried; engineless and piece of tail missing

Tu-95MS---RF-94120Russian Air ForceEng02aug12carried also code "22" red; named 'Kozyolsk'

Tu-95MS---RF-94128Russian Air ForceEng02aug12carried also code "10" red; named 'Saratov'

Tu-95MS---RF-94132Russian Air ForceEng02aug12no code carried

Tu-124Sh3 35 02 01"15" redSoviet Air ForceTbvaug97wfu at Tambov-Military

Tu-134A-3M6613065721SibNIaTOF31jul12executive aircraft; no titles; l/n OVB 18oct12

Tu-134UBL64815"47" redRussian Air ForceTbv12aug97c/n checked

Tu-154M85A712B-4138Chinese Air ForceNAY24sep12with canoe-shaped fairing again under the fuselage

Tu-154M93A974RA-85790YakutiaVKO26oct12broken up, photo this date with cockpit cut off

Tu-154M89A804RA-85848Kosmos AirlinesVKO04oct12l/n VKO 13oct12

Tu-160Sline # 05-03RF-94107Russian Air ForceEng02aug12also carried code "16" red; named 'Alexei Plokhov

Tu-160Sline # 08-02RF-94106Russian Air ForceEng02aug12also carried code "07" red

Tu-160S---RF-94103Russian Air ForceEng02aug12also carried code "14" red

Tu-204-120145074 3 6 64030769 China Flt Test Establish.oct12

Yak-18T6 20 05 11 ?CCCP-44390(2)white/red c/s24aug12preserved in AvtoVAZ technical museum at Togliatti

Yak-18T8 20 14 16RA-3467KTnn19jul08canx 31oct11; c/n now known, to D-EKFZ, reserv. only

Yak-18T22202047616UR-TBKWGos29sep12reg correction

Yak-409 84 05 02UR-87685Ukraine National c/s25sep12preserved at Kiev Polytechnnik Institute 25sep12

Yak-409 12 08 17UR-AKPEast ClipperMHP03apr12finally delivered and f/n OZH 25sep12

Yak-409 33 14 30UR-PVSMostobudIEV29sep12was canx 17jul12

Yak-409 42 06 34CCCP-87855AeroflotMsb21sep12preserved Minsk-Borovaya, correction to prefix

Yak-409 51 19 39RA-87500TransaviaEGO 29sep12

Yak-409 54 15 45UN-87492Air Kazakstan06sep12Architectural Ethnogr.c Mus. (N49.933975 E82.61664)

Yak-409 54 01 46UN-87498Air Kazakstan07oct12preserved in Oshkemen (N49.969239 E82.589031)

Yak-409 63 04 49EW-88202BelaviaMHP 15sep12preserved in front the terminal

Yak-409 64 18 51UR-LRZAero Charter, no titlesIEVoct12being broken up

Yak-40K9 71 03 53RA-88209UTairTJM03sep12stored

Yak-40K9 84 04 59UR-88290Aero-CharterIEV29sep12was canx 17jul12

Yak-42452042 44 02 161UR-42327 DonbassaeroDOK01jun10canx 17jul12

Yak-42D452042 41 16 690ST-MRL Tarco AirELF01oct12in all-white c/s with full 'Tarco Air' titles

Y8Q---731China Flt Test Establish.photoat Xian-Yanliang; prototype of this new ASW version

Y8C---not knownVenezuelan Air Forcenov12delivery planned for nov12

Leo, deze eruit halen, zijn voor de militaire boys.

Su-27P---RF-90743Russian Air ForcePES2011also carried code "34" red

Su-25---RF-90963Russian Air Forceph.sep12also carried code "06" yellow

Su-27SM---RF-91909Russian Air Forceph.02oct12also carried code "30" blue

Su-25---RF-93025Russian Air ForceKubaug12also carried code "57" red

Su-25---RF-93049Russian Air Forceph.jul12also carried code "07" white

Su-27SM2---RF-95248Russian Air ForceKxyaug12also carried code "81" red

Su-27SM2---RF-95253Russian Air ForceKxyaug12also carried code "71" red