America Confronts the Post-Cold War Era -1992-2000

America Confronts the Post-Cold War Era -1992-2000

America in History – 6.0

Mr. Hammer

America Confronts the Post-Cold War Era -1992-2000

Chapter 39 – Clinton the First Baby Boomer President

Objectives for class discussion…

- Describe the Background of Bill Clinton

-Identify the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

-Describe the impact of the economy on the Presidential election of 1992

-Cite key legislation and political challenges of Clinton’s First term

Clinton: The First Baby Boomer President

1) What did Clinton have to overcome to win the Democratic nomination in 1992?

2) What was the (DLC)?

3) Who was the Republican Candidate in 1992? What idea did he run on?

4.) What was the impact of Ross Perot on the Election of 1992?

5.) What were some democratic party gains besides the White House in 1992?

6.) Identify: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A False Start for Reform

7 I & E: “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell

8.) What was outcome of Clinton’s Health Care Reform? Impact on Hillary?

9.) What were the provisions of the deficit reduction bill of 1993?

10.) What were the results of the Anti- Crime Bill?

11.) I & E: The Oklahoma City Bombing

12) Why were some citizens distrustful of the Federal Government?

The Politics of Distrust

13.) I & E: Contract with America

14.) What was a result of the 1994 Congressional Elections?

15.) What were the provisions of the Welfare Reform Bill?

16.) Cite one example of rising anti-immigrant sentiment in the American Southwest.

17.) Why was the government shut down for 27 days between 1995-1996?

18.) What was the true source of the economic upturn of the 1980’s?

19.) What were some negative outcomes of increased budget deficits?

Clinton Comes Back

20.) Who were the candidates in the 1996 Presidential Election? Who won?

21.) Identify: Soccer Moms

22.) What occurred for the first time in three decades in 1998? Why?

Racial Progress, Perils, Globalization & A Feminist Revolution

Objectives - Explain Clinton’s position on Affirmative Action

- Describe the connection of the LA Riots to the Simpson Case

-Define NAFTA, WTO

-Explain the impact of the 1990’s Feminist Revolution

23) What was Clinton’s position on Affirmative Action?

24.) Identify Proposition 209

25.) What was the impact of the LA Riots of 1992?

26.) How did the riots relate to the OJ Simpson Case?

27.) What were some gains by African Americans in the 1990’s? Where were there still disparities with whites?

28.) How significant was African American support for Clinton?

29.) What helped propel the economic boom of the 1990’s ?

30.) I & E: NAFTA

31.) I & E: WTO

32.) What occupations were threatened by the internet revolution of the 1990’s?

33.) I & E: Outsourced

34.) Explain the “pink collar ghetto” for women employees.

35.) What were the provisions of the Family & Medical Leave Act of 1993?

36.) How was the American family changing and evolving during the 1990’s?

Searching for a Cold War Foreign Policy, Impeachment & Election 2000

Objectives: - Explain the challenges of a Post- Cold War Clinton Foreign Policy

- Explain the Whitewater Investigation & Lewinsky Affair

- Evaluate the Clinton Legacy

- Describe the events of the Election of 2000

37.) Why were US troops sent to Somalia? Why were they withdrawn in 1994?

38.) How did the US address genocide in Rwanda? Bosnia?

39.) Where did NATO expand during the 1990’s?

40.) Identify: Slobodan Milosevic

41) How did the US respond to “ethnic cleansing” in the Balkans?

42.) What did Clinton do to promote Middle East peace? Why was it not achieved?

43.) Identify: Al Qaeda

44.) What attacks were launched against the US by Al Qaeda?

45.) Identify & Explain: Whitewater

46.) Identify the Lewinsky Affair

47.) What happened in the US Senate in 1998 for the first time in 130 years? What were the charges against Clinton? Results?

48.) Who were the candidates in the Election of 2000?

49.) Why did a five week political standoff ensue? What was the role of the Supreme Court?

E Pluribus Plures, Postmodern mind, Niche Nation

Objectives: -Cite the divisions in American classrooms & society

- Describe the Post Modern Mind

- Explain the reality of a Niche Nation

50.) What battles emerged in America’s classrooms? (Hint: Curriculum)

51) What changes in American society did the Census of 2000 reveal?

52) What did the postmodern mind reject?

53.) Who was the first African American woman to win a Noble Prize?

54.) What was the overall meaning of the niche nation of the 1990’s early 2000’s?