2014 CRA-Community Development Grant Application

2014 CRA-Community Development Grant Application

Webster Bank, N.A.

2014 CRA-Community Development Grant Application

Submit your application and attachments to by March 31, 2014.

Please note that receipt of a Webster Bank CRA Grant one year does not constitute support for subsequent years. Applications are accepted January – March 31, 2014 with awards made late July.

Date Tax ID #

Legal Name of organization as indicated on 501c Phone

Complete mailing address link to website

Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director email

1.) Is your annual report available on your website? Yes No

2.) Principal purpose of your organization (select the purpose that aligns with your mission statement)

i. Affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals/families (LMI)

ii. Promoting Economic Development of small businesses/farms having annual

revenue =< $1 million

iii. Revitalization and Stabilization of LMI census tracts/geographies

iv. Community Services targeted primarily to LMI individuals/families (select below)

a. Organization has a defined mission of serving LMI or because of government grants

services are limited to only LMI

b. Service is offered WITHIN and services a LMI geography

c. Service is conducted in a LMI area and targeted to the residents of the area

Service Location Address

d. Community service is a clearly defined program that benefits primarily LMI


3.) Amount Requested: ($2,500-$20,000)*

*Grant requests >=$10,000 will generally require a Webster Banker to be involved with the organization in a capacity of committee or board member.

4.) Does your organization accept grant awards through ACH deposit? Yes No

5.) Purpose of Request Operating Income

LMI Program Support Program Name:

If you selected LMI program Support, please summarize how you validate recipients of services are of Low-Moderate Income.

200 Characters (including spaces)

6.) Did your organization receive support in the past fiscal year from the United Way? Yes No

7.) If yes, what percentage of United Way Funding made up your total budget? %

8.) Is there a Webster Banker currently involved with your organization in the capacity of a volunteer or serving on the Board or a Committee? Yes No

Webster Banker:

Board Member

Advisory Capacity/Committee

Loan Committee

Financial Literacy/Educational Activity volunteer

9.) What cities/towns or neighborhood will be served with a Webster CRA grant?

150 characters (including spaces)

10.) Did your organization receive funding for financial literacy from Webster last year?

(ie. 1st time homebuyer, banking and savings, foreclosure prevention, youth financial education)

Yes No

If yes, please provide

Course Topic Location # Attendees % Attendees LMI

11.) Summarize the approaches and evaluation measures used by your organization to measure success of your programs and initiatives?

1400 characters (including spaces)

12.) Summarize the current financial status of your organization. What are your major financial concerns for the current year and beyond?

1000 characters (including spaces)


Complete the application with the attachments listed below and email to

Please attach the following required material. Applications will be considered incomplete if the following items are not included with your submission.

IRS Letter or evidence of 501© status

Mission Statement

Most recent annual report if not available on your website

Management and Board of Directors

Financial statement, audited if available

Aligned side by side on the same page, your operating expense budgets for the current and most

recent fiscal year

Aligned side by side on the same page, a list of financial institutions, foundations and corporate

supporters and all other sources of income, with amounts for your current and most recent fiscal