What to Bring to Camp

What to Bring to Camp

What To Bring to Camp

(Packing List)

Young Life camp is full of activity, adventure … and dirt!

Here are some suggestions on what to bring:

*jeans *shorts *t-shirts

*swim suits *sweatshirts *sunscreen

*rain gear *jacket *beach towels

*tennis shoes

*CHRISTMAS clothes (sweater, red/green shirt, etc.)

*western clothes (ex. boots, overalls, flannel shirt, hat, etc.) (you do not have to bring western clothes, but if you could find one thing that would be great!)

·  Long pants and closed toed shoes are required for many camp activities.

·  Bring some clothes & SHOES that you do not mind getting wet & dirty!

·  Clearly label all luggage, valuables, and cameras with name and address. Valuables may be secured in the property office.

·  Frontier will provide linens, blankets, pillows, and towels.

·  You may bring Audio devices & Cell phones on the bus, but we will take them up when we get to camp. They will be safely stored in the camp office.

*If you want your child to call you while at camp, please give them a calling card b/c all cell phones will be taken up when we arrive at camp.