Welcome to Our New Family Members, Kobus Kloppers, Jordan Steenkamp and Johan Jacobs-Kraft

Welcome to Our New Family Members, Kobus Kloppers, Jordan Steenkamp and Johan Jacobs-Kraft

Newsletter February 2016


Welcome to our new Family members, Kobus Kloppers, Jordan Steenkamp and Johan Jacobs-Kraft and the brothers Manie and Riaan van Niekerk. There are many happy days of socialising and sailing awaiting you at SBYC.


Congratulations to Marius and Zelda on their recent marriage. May you have many, many happy Weskus years.


There is a possibility that the cruise for the Easter weekend will be postponed, as the Western Cape Dinghy Championships will be held in Saldanha during that weekend. Andrew is looking for volunteers for Bridge boats – even one day will be helpful. It is a lot of fun and you will be right in the action.

North Bay Cruise Sat 27th Feb

Members are reminded of the cruise to North Bay on the 27th. Yachts from RCYC and Mykonos Marina will be joining us for a social day ashore. Please bring your own wood/charcoal, grids, food and refreshments. The Navy has kindly given permission again for the use of their braai area, but all yachts must vacate the bay by 4.30pm.

RCYC have suggested a fun race back to the club – this will be decided on the day. Our visitors will then join us at the club to test whether our bar’s new storage facilities are adequate for the ‘raid’ and enjoy a braai.

The Suggested meeting time at North Bay anchorage: 11.30-12.00.

Should you require any further info regarding the cruise please feel free to contact me on email


Gavin Lindhorst

Cruising Officer SBYC


There are still many yacht owners not adhering to the rules. Please be aware that it is compulsory, by law, for anyone up to the age of 12 to wear lifejackets on the water. This starts on the jetty. Lest you forget, there are notices in strategic positions at the Club.

There are children operating tenders with neither the necessary safety equipment, nor the necessary qualifications.

Brian Thornton- yachts under 9m and Mike Rothenberg- yachts over 9m, are available for the compulsory CoF surveys. The full check lists for all categories are on the website. Should you have a valid CoF and it is not recorded, please send a copy to Brian. Make timeous appointments, to ensure that they are able to clear your yacht. The cost of CoF’s for under 9m has been raised to R100.

Please note that you will be confined to moorings, should you not comply.


The next Summer Series race will be on 28 February. Our racing officer is considering another overnight race in March.


Ivy has requested a reminder to members, not only because of the bye laws, but also because of the drought in which the country finds itself, not to use the hose to wash your cars.

The bye-laws say:


7.1Fresh water must be used sparingly in the showers and kitchen.

7.2Hoses on the jetty and hard may only be used to clean boats if equipped with a nozzle to control the flow of water. Water should be used sparingly and preferably the scrubbing of decks should be done using seawater. Fresh water may be used for rinsing off the decks only. Alternatively washing should be done using fresh water in a bucket.

7.3 Under no circumstances may hoses be used to wash cars. Any washing of cars should be done using a bucket.

The Constitution and Bye-laws are in place on the website for your perusal.

Please be aware that your dinghy/ tender needs to have a painter of at least 2m if you want to be at the jetty. This allows enough swing for the dinghies to fit alongside, and others to find a space to come in.

The Friday night draws appear to have quietened down. Your name is in the draw if you are a member, however, if you are not at the Club, you cannot win, unless you are involved elsewhere in a Club activity.

For those of you who were surprised at the new fleet of catamarans at the Club, these are not new members. Tui Marine has requested that their yachts anchor outside our fleet until there is space at Yachtport, in preparation for their deliveries.

Should you have any news for members, please submit it to me for inclusion in the Newsletter, to .

A word or two from the Commodore:


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