Welcome to Erin Hills! You Are Staying at a Beautiful Property on Pinehurst No. 5. Every

Welcome to Erin Hills! You Are Staying at a Beautiful Property on Pinehurst No. 5. Every








September 2014


Welcome to Erin Hills! You are staying at a beautiful property on Pinehurst No. 5. Every unit has a wonderful view of one of the holes.

12th Hole 13th Hole

We’re about 1 1/2 miles from the center of the village on Pinehurst. We hope you have a marvelous time while here. There are 26 units owned by people from 15 states ranging from New York to Montana and Texas.

Our Owner’s Association is managed by CAS Inc. Our manager is Keith Rhinard. Keith’s phone number is 910- 295-8215.

This unit is owned by ______of ______.

This unit’s rental is managed by ______Phone ______

You have rented our home… think of it as your own. This handbook is meant as a quick reference guide to the Rules & Regulations of our Association. We hope the information in it helps make your stay more enjoyable.

House Rules:

  • Cable TV: Our cable provider is Time Warner Cable. The number of channel varies based on the service selected by owners. Owners are encouraged to provide TV operating instructions in a convenient location.
  • Conduct of Occupant: Occupants shall not create a nuisance that may be disturbing to other occupants or owners. Owners or tenants wishing to report a disturbance should call the Pinehurst Village Police Department at 910-295-3141 or in case of emergency 911.
  • Decks: Please do not air or dry towels, clothing or other articles by hanging them over railings.
  • HVAC: Please set thermostats as follows when vacating the units:

Summer (air-conditioning)80O

Winter (heat)50O

  • Hot Water Heater : The location of the water heater is as follows:

3 Bedroom Unit- Located in the front guest room closet and can be accessed by removing the shelf and opening the door.

2 Bedroom Unit- Located outside the rear bedroom

In the event of an emergency with the hot water system a shut off valve is located in the piping just above the water heater. Call the rental agent to report any problem

  • Laundry: Laundry facilities are located in a standalone building between the 107 and 108 buildings. Keys should be provided by the rental manager. Two coin operated washing machines and dryers are available. The machines take quarters only ($1.00 for washer and $.50 for dryer). You are expected to use your own laundry soap and supplies. Please do not use those left on the shelf. Please clean lint traps in the dryers before and after use. If there are problems with the machines call the CAS manager shown above.
  • Malfunction of Equipment: Should there be any problem with HVAC, appliances or plumbing, please call the rental manager shown above.
  • Outdoor cooking: No outdoor cooking using any heat source other than electricity shall be permitted on the balconies or exterior porches of the condominium units or within 15’ of any building.
  • Parking: There are no assigned parking spaces. Feel free to park in any lot. Please do not back into parking space. Exhaust kills the turf.
  • Pets: Some owners do not permit pets. If there is a question, please contact the rental manager shown above. If pets are permitted, no more than two dogs or two cats, or one dog and one cat, are allowed in a condominium. Your pet must be on a leash anytime it is outside your unit. And, please, always pick up after your pet.
  • Pollen Season: April – May is “pine pollen” season in the Sandhills. Pine pollen is a dense, yucky yellow-green dust that permeates everything. Please keep all doors and windows closed during this time.
  • Smoking: Some owners do not permit smoking in their units. Please check with the rental manager shown above and please respect their wishes. If smoking is permitted on the decks or outside the unit, please do not throw butts in the shrubbery or lawns. This represents a fire hazard.
  • Towels: Please do not use towels to clean golf clubs or shoes.
  • Trash Pickup: Trash cans are under the front steps. Garbage from the trash sheds once a week on Tuesday. All trash must be tied up in plastic bags and left inside the trash cans provided. Never put loose trash in a trash can and never leave trash bags outside of the trash cans – if you do, your garbage will never be picked up. Cardboard, foam or bubble packing or discarded household items will not be picked up.
  • Wi-Fi: WI-FI Service is provided at the option of the owner. If WI-FI is available the owners have provided the following connecting information:

Network Name ______

Password ______

Phone numbers:

Pinehurst PoliceEmergency911


Pinehurst Fire DepartmentEmergency911


Rescue SquadEmergency911

Pinehurst Trash Pickup910-295-5021


CAS Inc.Daytime910- 295-8215

Rental Manager

Time Warner Cable910-692-6684


We have many excellent restaurants in the Pinehurst area. Below we have listed several in close proximity to Erin Hills.

RestaurantTypePhone No.Price

Beefeater’s (SP)Steak910-692-5550$$$

Carolina Hotel(PH)American/Southern910-235-8434$$$$

Casa Mexicana(SP)Mexucan910-693-3317$$

Curt’s Cucina(SP)Italian910-725-1868$$

Domino’s Pizza(PH)Pizza (Home Delivery)910-692-6662$$

Dugan’s Pub(PH)Irish Pub 910-295-3400$$$

1895 (Holly Inn)(PH)American/Southern910-235-8139$$$$

Elliots on Linden(PH)American Gourmet910-215-0775$$$$$

Ironwood Grille(PH)American910-255-0000$$$$

Magnolia Inn(PH)American910-295-6900$$$

Maxie’s Grill(PH)Sports Bar910-420-2181$$

Pinecrest Inn(PH)American910-295-5121$$$

Southern Prime(SP)Steakhouse910-693-0123$$$$$


Theos Taverna(PH)Greek/Mediterranean910-295-0780$$$

Track RestaurantBreakfast910-295-2597$$

Villager Deli(PH)Breakfast/Lunch910-295-1005$$

Vito’s(PH)Italian / Pizza – Pickup910-295-0304$$