Web Link 5.1 Accessing a Credit Union's Financial Records

Web Link 5.1 Accessing a Credit Union's Financial Records

Last Updated 6/6/2002

Web Link 5.1 Accessing a credit union's financial records


Web Link 5.1a List of banks providing Internet access

Web Link 5.2 Sample checking accounts at Bank of America

Web Link 5.3 Best checking account deals

Web Link 5.4 [Not in use]

Web Link 5.5 Penalty for early withdrawal

Scroll down to Regular Certificates of Deposit

Scroll down to Certificate of Deposit, and read the paragraph under Cost

Scroll down to the section Penalty for Early Withdrawal.

Web Link (WSJ) 5.6 Current rates or best deals on bank CDs

Wall Street Journal

Under either High Yield Savings CDs or High Yield Jumbo CDs, click on either Scoreboard, Nationwide, or Composite By State/Region

Click on Overnight Averages under Savings

Scroll down for the different maturities.

Click on List of Top CD Rates.

Scroll down to Savings Accounts

Select the state you wish to check out.

Click on Rate Monitors

Web Link (WSJ) 5.7 Links to CD rates at specific institutions

Wall Street Journal

Under either High Yield Savings CDs or High Yield Jumbo CDs, click on By State/Region

Click on CD Rates (on the left hand side under Bank Rates).

Click on Savings, and then on your state.

Click on your state, and then scroll down to Depository Accounts and click on Certificates of Deposit.

Web Link (WSJ)5.7a Yields on money market accounts

Wall Street Journal

Under either High Yield Savings Money Market Accts.or High Yield Jumbo Money Market Accts., click on Nationwide, By State/Region, or Composite

Web Link 5.8 FDIC


Web Link 5.9 Calculator to verify deposit insurance coverage of a particular bank


Web Link 5.10 Calculator to find a particular bank in the FDIC records


Web Link 5.11 Information on the NCUSIF


Web Link 5.12 Information on the NCUA


Web Link 5.13 Redemption value of Series E bonds

Then select from the pull-down menu the topic Series E Bonds (05/41 - 06/1980). Indicate the dates you want are for January 1975 to January 1976, and the face value of the bond you want is $100.

Web Link 5.14 Redemption value of Series EE bonds

Web Link 5.15 Income limits on education exemptions of interest on EE/E bonds.


Web Link 5.16 Current interest rate paid on Series EE and Series I bonds


Web Link 5.17 The Public Debt to the Penny


Web Link 5.18 Amount of various Government securities outstanding


Click on "Monthly Statement of the Public Debt (MSPD) Summary"

Web Link (WSJ) 5.19 Quotations for Treasury bills, notes, and bonds

Wall Street Journal

Web Link 5.20 Upcoming Treasury auctions


Web Link 5.21 Treasury Auction Calendar


Web Link 5.22 Opening a Treasury Direct account


Web Link 5.23 Selected Interest Rates


Web Link 5.24 Currencies in which American Express issues traveler's checks

Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Web Link 5.25 Information on commercial paper

Web Link 5.26 Current rates on commercial paper



Web Link 5.27 Current rates on negotiable CDs


(Scroll down to CDs (secondary market))

Web Link 5.28 Information on banker’s acceptances


Scroll down to Discounting and Banker’s Acceptances

Web Link 5.29 Current rates on banker’s acceptances

Click on either 3-Month Bankers' Acceptance Rate or 6-Month Bankers' Acceptance Rate

Web Link 5.30 Information on repurchase agreements

Scroll down to Repurchase Agreements

Web Link (WSJ) 5.31 Yields on money market instruments

Wall Street Journal

Web Link 5.32 Description of a money market mutual fund (money fund)

Click on What is a Money Fund?

Web Link 5.33 Calculator for selecting a money market mutual fund

Web Link 5.34 Sample prospectus of a money market mutual fund, or sample contents of a prospectus

Scroll down to Vanguard Money Market Funds

Web Link 5.35 Location of ATM machines

Finds ATMs that accept VISA

Finds ATMs that accept MASTERCARD

Web Link 5.36 Discussion of what is and is not covered by deposit insurance


Web Link 5.37 Discussion of fraud in Internet based banking

Web Link 5.38 Legal statutes on bad checks

Web Link 5.39 Discussion of bad checks

Web Link 5.40 Government regulations of ACH transactions


Web Link 5.41 Discussion of bill presentment

For Web Links 5.42 through 5.46 - use the WSJ Links links in the menu.

Web Link 5.47 Deposit insurance in other countries



Web Link 5.48 Deposit insurance reform

Web Link 5.49 Information that has changed since the book was written, new information that pertains to the topic, new web sites pertaining to this chapter: No new material at this time