Warman Elementary School Community Council

Warman Elementary School Community Council

Warman Elementary School Community Council

Sept 11, 2017

Present: Denaye Merz, Christa Knorr, Sam, Orlando Pauls, Naomi Schellenberg, Sam Dyck, Rochelle Riemer, Peggy Mattila-Baines, Elisa Prestley, Jennifer Jellicoe, Andrea Anderson, Brenda Black

SCC Meeting started at 7:03PM

Motion to accept previous minutes made by Christa Knorr; Jennifer Jellicoe seconded motion. Motion carried.

1. New Business

a) Introductions

b) Pancake Breakfast- September 22- 7:30-8:40

Griddle booked and needs to be picked up on Thursday. Some batter is being donated. The Co-op will be donating fruit (grapes, oranges). Need to arrange butter, juice, syrup, and spatulas. Preparation will be Thursday evening at 8. Start cooking Friday morning at 6. Plan for 2/3 of last year’s attendance .

c) Family Fun Night- October 5.

Not doing silent auction this year. We will try to get 3 large prizes and do a raffle table.

-We will plan to contribute funds raised to playground equipment

d) Hot Lunches-

Try Pita Pit this year as another, healthier option.

We will try doing the whole school on the same day.

We will plan for the first one October 25

e) Extra Items: Concerns brought up regarding technology safety for kids. VTRA- will possible be bringing some programing to WES to educate parents and keep students safe. Considering making this a device free school.

2. Financial Report-

Need identified for Grade 4 (and 5) playground equipment.

2. WES Administration Report- Peggy Mattila-Baines

a) Good start to the year. PSTA (Prairie Spirit Teachers Association) assembly end of August.

b) First week of classes went well. Bussing getting sorted out.

c) New staff- grade 4 teachers, Arts Ed teacher, 2 interns, 2 new caretaking staff

d) Virtue assembly on Friday- Friendliness

e) Learning facilitator this year- Kristin Matheson. Helps teachers with “My Prairie Spirit Classroom”- professional approach to learning. For eg. Using Fresh Grade, new assessment tools, feedback tools

f) Nursing students- 8 new students this year with new instructor.

g) Grade 4 teachers getting extra time this week to work on teaching writing to kids

h) New messaging system- after September 25 – to alert parents about school events reminders

i) Name tags coming for school volunteers, including SCC

j) Considering new logo for school- Brenda will look into a designer

k) Designing a family tree where kids bring pictures of their family

3. PSSD School Board Report –Sam Dyck

a) Prairie Spirit golf tournament- funds go to a pool for learning grants

b) New directory- Lori Jeschke

c) Two new schools- official opening next week.

d) 27 interviews for people interested in being PSSD employees

Meeting adjourned at 8:35

Next meeting- October 2, 2017