Venue : Lecture Theatre 2, School of Medicine, Building 30, Campbelltown Campus

Venue : Lecture Theatre 2, School of Medicine, Building 30, Campbelltown Campus



Venue : Lecture Theatre 2, School of Medicine, Building 30, Campbelltown Campus

Attended by : 59 members present (detailed list at the end), over 5% of members, quorum reached

5.00 pm : Welcome by the UWSMS President - Sean Williams

Annoucement of Election Results by UWSMS Secretary – Priyanka Sagar

The results of the election are;

  • First year Rep (boy) – Neel Gobin
  • First year Rep (girl) – Nathalie Vo
  • Membership officer – Luvena Kochetkova
  • Junior ASMA rep – Samuel Rajadurai
  • Junior MSC rep – Jason Wu
  • International student rep – Nilusha Perera
  • PR coordinator – Jessica Sandy

The positions of Medsoc Historian and Clinical School Reps are currently unfilled, and callouts for the causal filling of these positions till September, will go out soon.

  • With the position of Historian, there have been suggestions to run it as a team as the job holds a lot of responsibility & requires communication with many different people, hence may be more suitable for more than one person

Annual Presidential Report – Sean Williams

  • The medical society has been approached by the new UWS student organisation
  • Initially they asked us how they could help us, but after viewing our constitution and website they felt that we could offer assistance to them to set up their society
  • The new student organisation in UWS has structures in place to prevent one party from taking over – as was done previously
  • The UWSMS may choose to affiliate with the student organisation and increase overall campus life
  • At the start of the UWSMS, there was a $5 membership fee
  • The membership fee was removed at the start of this year because we felt that we could not adequately represent the views of UWS medical students without all the students as members. Hence membership is now universal and free
  • UWSMS would like to support its members more financially
  • These plans are very much in its infancy, but UWSMS would like to put in two schemes;
  • Personal development - to offer scholarships to members for conventions/conferences and assistance in buying textbooks
  • Welfare scheme – to offer assistance for members in financial hardship
  • Membership benefits scheme was initiated at the start of this year but has not yet been put into effect as we hope to involve more businesses
  • It aims to offer special discounts at local retailers and restaurants to members of UWSMS
  • The new membership officer and her sub-committee will begin work on the scheme very soon
  • Community and Charity is hoping to set up a sexual/drug education program for schools
  • We hope to involve the local area and suggestions were given branch out from Blacktown Hospital as well, so UWSMS’s involvement is in the whole western Sydney area and not just theMacarthur area

Annual Treasurer’s Report by UWSMS Treasurer - Indu Annabattula

  • Powerpoint by Indu
  • Surplus from 2007 : $1290
  • Sources of income discussed (including sponsorship, grants, membership fees)
  • The majority of our expenditure is spent on social functions, mainly medcamp and medball. All other events are almost entirely cost neutral
  • Red Party in 2008 was our most successful event financially, and all the profits were donated. The amount donates was $4,500
  • Currently we have $42,709.52 in the bank. The medcamp costs have not been included.
  • $25,000 was given to us from the medical education unit
  • We hope to keep around $15,000 in the account to pass onto the next year’s committee. We also hope to put some of that money in a high interest account.
  • There are new guidelines in place for reimbursement. Please refer to the website for the forms to apply for reimbursement

Question Time

  • Question from Chloe ; “is it possible to get money in advance for venue hiring and buying supplies, instead of applying for reimbursement?”
  • Indu : Absolutely, you can apply for an advance from the treasurer before the event
  • Discussion of creating more subcommittees for specific events. Recommendation to ensure that every event has an organiser from each year.

Member attendance list:

Zenith Lal, Victor Wei, Linda Banh, Manik M, Soondoos Raashed, Matthew Kim, Ishaan Pillay, Lara Pedlubry, Justin Surjadi, Erin Luu, Neelprada Pradhan, Elinor Fullerton, Carmen Macdonald, Samuel Rajadurai, Thuvaaraga Raja Segaram, Kulathevy Mageswaramoorthy, Thanusan Sivapalan, Neel Gobin, Stephanie Robinson, Jason Wu, Anumeha Verma, Jeremy Rajadurai, Rachel Debono, Nathalie Vo, Luke Lau, Nikita Naik, Nilusha Perera, Mercia Eminoglu, Jesse Hall, Tim Wills UWS SOM, Penny Lee UWS SOM, Julia New-Tolley, Zainib Cheema, Vasudha Sridharan, Katie Sells, Chloe Morgan, Chris Selvaraj, Jessica Sandy, Yasmeen Al-Hindawi, Gokul Tamilarasan, Paren Nadeswaran, Kyle Sheldrick, Marcus Handmer, Indu Annabattula, Arjun Chandra, Aarani Somaskanthan, Priyanka Sagar, Sean Williams, Chandra Annabattula, Tejas Deshmutah, Rishi Sud, Nithya Reddy, Yashneel Prasad, David Cosgriff, Samuel Hall, Angelina Di Re, Sanjana Kannan, Stuti Joshi