Unit 2 Iron and the Effects of Exercise

Unit 2 Iron and the Effects of Exercise

Unit 2 Iron and the Effects of Exercise

Period: The 1st and 2nd period of Unit 2

Content: Section A, Text

Teaching Objectives:

Learners will be able to master:

1.New words: moderate, evidence, journal, consume, supplement, respectively, restrict, liable, digest, typical, protein, calculate, sufficient, compound, physician, modify, select, device, striking, interfere, remedy

2. Expressions:bounce back, up to, take in, at risk, tip over the edge, throw up, go up, sum up

3. Structure: absolute structure

4. Word building: -ance/-ence can be added to some verb to form nouns; some nouns and adj.can be joined by a hyphen – to form adj.

5.Reading skill: Distinguishing between facts and opinions

Teaching procedures

  1. Pre-reading

1) Ask the students to read the title of the text, and try to guess what the text is about.

(Exercise may lead to more loss of iron in female which in turn produces serious effect on our health.)

2) Listen to a short passage twice and then answer the following questions ( P32).

  1. While –reading

1) Ask the students to read the text quickly and try to find out the relationship between iron deficiency and physical exercises.

Iron deficiency and physical exercises are closely related to each other and we need to take proper measures to correct iron deficiency.

2) The whole essay is written in a typical problem-analysis-solution-evaluation pattern.

Questions for Text Structure Analysis

Para.1-3 (problem)

(1)What’s the problem/general topic?

(2)What’s the evidence for the problem?

Developing device: Illustration, Quotation, contrast

Para.4-6 (analysis)

(3)What are the general causes for it?

(4)What are the specific causes for it?

Developing device: Cause & effect

Para7-9 (analysis)

(5)What are the general effects of iron deficiency?

(6)Why it’s important to check iron reserves?

Developing device: General-specific

Para10-12 (solution & evaluation)

(7) What is the author’s advice?

Developing device: Exemplification

Main idea: Exercise may lead to more loss of iron in female which in turn produces serious effect on our health. According to sports medicine experts, active women should pay more attention to iron deficiency in their bodies and take correct measures to remedy it before it really becomes a problem.

  1. Post-reading


Is exercise good or bad for our health? When doing exercises what should we pay attention to?

Word Study

1)moderate: of middle degree/power/rate; neither large/high nor small/low

The hotel is moderate in its charge.

When the accident happened, the car was traveling at moderate speed.

2) evidence: sth. such as a fact/sign that gives proof/ reasons to believe/agree with sth.

There is no evidence to support the theory.

Can you show me some evidence for your statement?

3) consume: eat /drink He could one kg of milk per day.

use, spend a student consumes much of his time in studying

4) liable: likely He is liable to shout when angry.

5) modify: change sth. slightly, esp to improve it

The terms of the contract can be modified.

describe or limit the meaning of another word

Adjectives modify nouns.

6) remedy: v. put or make right

remedy a loss/ a fault/ an injustice.

n. a way of curing (pain/disease)or setting right

The law provides no remedy for this injustice.


1)bounce back: return to the normal and healthy state of feeling or activity.

Small children often catch disease, but they soon bounce back.

He is young enough to bounce back from the failure.

2)up to: as far as, to and including

The room can hold up to 10 people.

Every one works, from the boy who sweeps the floor up to the president.

Every one works, from the president down to the boy who sweeps the floor.

3)take in: allow air/ drink/food to enter one’s body

The old man was so weak that he could hardly take in even liquid food.

4) at risk: in danger Up to 2,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs.

5) throw up: vomit, be sick The child has thrown up her dinner again.

Jane can not come; she’s been throwing up all morning.

6) sum up: give the main idea of sth, give a short account of sth.

You have only 100 words to sum up his speech.

Can you sum up the advantages of the sports in less than 20 words?

7) interfere with: get in the way of, prevent from doing sth.

Nothing can interfere with our plans for the weekend.

The noise interferes with my work.


1)Now a new study by a team of PurdueUniversity researches suggests that even moderate exercise may lead to reduced iron in the blood of women.

2)Some iron is lost in sweat, and, for unknownreasons, intense endurance exercise is sometimes associated with bleeding of the digestive system.

3)You’re in stage 3 until your iron reserves go to zero….

4)Instead, it’s importance to check levels of a different compound, which indicates the amount of storage of iron in the blood.

5)If iron levels are low, talk with a physician to see I the deficiency should be corrected by modifying your diet or by taking supplements.

Feedback on writing skills (cause & effect)

Ask some students to give the answer to Exercise No.13 on P 45


Do Exercise No. 3-7.

Composition The Effects of Exercises on Our Health




( 100-150 words)