Those Behind the Hong Kong Riots

Those Behind the Hong Kong Riots

Those behind the Hong Kong riots

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In recent days, the news of us interference in Hong Kong affairs has become a hot topic.

Roughly divided into two parts:

First, American politicians foment unrest in Hong Kong.

Second, the United States tried to eliminate the special treatment for Hong Kong, namely the independent customs territory;

These two factors, on the one hand, create the impression of civil unrest in Hong Kong, and on the other hand, create the impression that Hong Kong customs are implicated by the mainland, thus trying to provoke Hong Kong people to complain about the mainland.

If Hong Kong is compared to a "child", the United States shows two faces in the process:

The man behind the Hong Kong riots has been revealed!Central thunder to cut it down

The first is hypocrisy: for other children to impose "touched", "brave" and other praise, so as to encourage him to cross with his parents;

The second is threat: hold the child up high and threaten the parent that the child is likely to fall heavily.

The us is clearly intent on making Hong Kong a new lever of pressure on China.

However, what the United States thinks is a great move, the idea is more old.

Always think that the United States is still stuck in the late qing dynasty a hundred years ago, thinking that as long as a few guns on the gate, can scare China.

So there's a lot going on in the United States. It looks like bluffing, but it doesn't really hurt.