This Archive Collects Uncle Gismos Comments and Tools

This Archive Collects Uncle Gismos Comments and Tools

(rev. 9 sep 07)

This Archive collects Uncle Gismos comments and tools.






-2. Tools

Sanskrita Fonts - Sca Goudy: Upload them. Put them in the C:/windows/fonts directory. Then Windows can read Sanskrit. Carry them on your USB Stick Drive.

-1. - We hear it is a great portable machine for writers: $250, runs long time on 3 AAA cells. USB up to 100-pages to your computer. Its the CIDCO Mail Station without a modem.

1. “Gismo Traveler” Shorts.

No pockets, minimal seams, no waiste band, just holes in the nylon fabric for a thick cord and then ... they’ll dry fast so you can pack then in 20-minutes after you bathe! (Hanuman is aways dressed in shorts and the lightest of upper garments).

2. WEB PAGES for Wandering Miscreants.

Its simple. Even an animal could do it.

1. Open a new document in Word as a Web-Page.

Type in the stuff you want for your Home Page. Insert Word Art. Format the Background. Insert photos. Type the Names of the Links to other Pages, Files, highlight them and then go to Insert Hyperlink. You have to give it a Web Address. We’ll get to that.

2. Save the whole thing as a Web Page with the name “index”. That’s the BIG TRICK! Because when the Web Browser goes to your address eg. it looks first for a File named, Index.

3. Go to your server. We pay $166 for two years for, but you can also screw-around for free at until you are ready to pay for a full sized space. (We can get the globat service for you at ½-price)

4. Using the Server’s File Management tools upload the “index.htm” File and make a Sub-directory with exactly the same name as Word created when you Saved the index file to keep any images in.

O.K. Halelujah!

You have a Home page.

Now if you put other Files in the same root directory (or in other Subdirectorys you make at your Server) and you make them Hyperlinks in index.htm. when you click on them the Browser will take you there.

Lots of details. Ask us if you need a little help.

You can also Save your Word Files As Single Page Web Pages or Archive Web Pages, its the same thing. Then there is no messy Folder associated with all the Images. But 1) Geocities doesn’t seem to accept them. 2) Globat does but if you Open your New Document as a Blank Document rather than a Web page then when you Save it As an Archive Web Page Globat can’t recognize it. So be sure to Open it as a Web page and Save it as a Web page. If you haven’t done that there’s a Cheap Trick to get it straight. Just ask us.

The File names are case sensitive. Index. html is not the same as index.html.

O.K. Just say, “Jaya Rama!” and do it!!!


1. Campus Kitchen: All you need is a Crock-pot (Slow cooker) and a Blender. Liquify everything, old maha-prasadam and maha-water and e n j o y !

Lunch Offering:

Havasana - kitri from rice and split peas with only tumeric and salt, steamed vegetables and one chapati. After everything hot milk (7PM?).

Succatash - Corn, squash and beans. Grow them on Campus!

2. Dormitory

1. A 1930’s CD player with some music is nice. Otherwise gets real q u i e t at night! No bed is best, camping-pad and one wide sheet and one wide blanket.


Sanyasis and Brahmacaris are allowed short term contact with women for preaching purposes only. A sannyasi should never talk with women in a secluded places. A secluded place is any place where you could discuss illicit sex and noboby would know.