The State Convention Is Coming!

The State Convention Is Coming!

The State Convention is Coming!

Get ready for a weekend of excitement, exploration, and enlightenment! Help us celebrate service to country and service to the Federation.

  • Date: November 10-12.
  • Place: Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel, 903 Dulaney Valley Road, Towson, MD 21204
  • Come and meet our keynote speaker, Everette Bacon, a member of the National Board of Directors and President of the NFB of Utah.
  • Explore opportunities through special workshops for seniors, parents and teachers of blind children, students and blind merchants and entrepreneurs.
  • Examine new products at the exhibit hall on Friday. Should Aira, a new technology, be in your future?
  • Help us raise expectations for ourselves and for officials who manage services for the blind.

Can a blind person be an actress when the rest of the cast is sighted? Can a blind person own and operate his own computer company? Can a blind person be president of his homeowners’ Association? At last year’s convention, we met and heard from blind persons who accomplished these things and more. What interesting pursuits by blind people will we learn about at the 2017 Convention?

Can seniors who lost their vision later in life live a full and meaningful life? At the 2016 Convention we recognized a blind senior in his 80’s who, after regaining confidence and learning the skills of blindness, went back to living independently in his own apartment.

Can blind tweens become independent enough to compete with their sighted peers? At last year’s Convention, blind tweens told us about their summer experience that gave them the tools to be independent. We also recognized a blind teenager who overcame numerous challenges when she moved from China to the U.S. to meet her new adoptive parents. What accomplishments will seniors, tweens, and teens share with us at this Convention?

The banquet on Saturday evening is the highlight of every Convention. Our keynote speaker, Everette Bacon, has many inspirational and interesting stories. So far, he has had two careers – one as a manager of Blockbuster stores, and his current job as a rehabilitation professional. As an ardent advocate, Bacon explained, “One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from the NFB is the understanding that blending in to society is an important skill. Being able to relate to our sighted colleagues about movies, television, politics, and sports are excellent paths to opportunities that help change common misconceptions about blindness.”

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Come to the convention to find out how you can make sure that blindness does not hold you back. For the latest information go to

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