The MY DREAM International Art Contest

The MY DREAM International Art Contest

The MY DREAM international art contest

is designed for children and young people from 3 to 26 years old. The contest was started 21 years ago in honor of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud and the opening of Sigmund Freud National Birthplace. The contest is organized by the voluntary non-profit organization “Sigmund Freud Society” located in Příbor.

The main goal of the contest is to commemorate PŘÍBOR, the birthplace of the most distinguished native son of our region, Sigmund Freud, and also to remember his major work “The Interpretation of Dreams”. It is for this reason that the deadline for the contest is annually fixed for May 6 – the day of Freud’s birth.

The ceremonial results of the contest usually take place in early June, on Saturday afternoon as part of the FREUD FOLKLORE mini Festival, which was started 14 years ago mainly to provide a ceremonial backdrop for the presentation of certificates and awards / normally a T-shirt with the logo of the current year /. For this logo, our designer chose the theme of the works received and has used them with the author’s name and school. During this ceremonial announcement, an exhibition of the winning and most interesting works takes place, so that the authors, their friends, families and teachers will have a photographic documentary to take away from Příbor for their schools and family album. This year, in cooperation with members of the Příbor Photo Club, we are preparing photos of sights taken around Příbor along with costumed dancers for a projected calendar. You can also take part in this event.

The works of art entered in the contest need not comprise only dreams that come to us in our sleep, but can also capture our “daydreams”, i.e. our wishes and desires...

The theme of this contest is very attractive for children / based on their personal experiences / and for educators. Some approach this topic in an artistic way by creating projects, where the theme of dreams is linked by teaching to more subjects ... Some of the works are augmented with a short reflection on a dream, or even with the name of the dream. We welcome accompanying letters from teachers, how the theme worked for them, how the children reacted to it, any observations or comments from them...

I believe that this theme also offers very important space for self-knowledge -

* to reflect on life values

* to reflect on one’s path through life

Other places you can see on the occasion of a visit to Příbor:

* Hukvaldy - birthplace of Leoš Janáček, statue of the Cunning Little Vixen, Hukvaldy castle with its large preserve,

* Kopřivnice - Tatra Museum, Museum of Emil and Dana Zátopek,

* Štramberk - also called “Moravian Bethlehem”, Puppet Museum, the historic watchtower the “Štramberk Tube”, and the museum of prehistory painter Zdeněk Burian ...

Wishing you all nothing but sweet dreams,

Mgr. Marie Šupová

Author and organizer of the project

President of the Sigmund Freud Society in Příbor

Phone: 777 6 5 1856

P. S.

More detailed organizational instructions can be found on the posters. Any queries should be addressed to: ,

Příbor, March 13, 2017