The Dedication Label on the Back of the Center Fire Quilt Reads

The Dedication Label on the Back of the Center Fire Quilt Reads

“Raging Light”

The dedication label on the back of the center Fire quilt reads:

This quilt is dedicated



My Aunt Gerry

My Aunt Sue

My Friend Louise

and most especially to

My Mother Vivian

lost to breast cancer in 1990

Until a cure is found, may this banner serve as a

beacon of hope to breast cancer victims everywhere

during their valiant struggles against the darkness.


“Do not go gentle into that goodnight…,

Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.”

Dylan Thomas

Susan Gray - Walnut Creek, California - 1996

The dedication label on the back of the Wind quilt reads:

This quilt is dedicated

With Much Love

To the Memory of


Sweet Soul

Brave Heart

Lover of Life

My Friend Louise

Lost to us far too soon

October, 1998

The dedication label on the back of the Earth quilt reads:

This quilt is dedicated

With Much Love and Celebration


Monique McKee


Vicki Raihala

Blessings on you both, and on all survivors, for




And a long-long-long-term Remission

October, 1998

“Raging Light”

Earth, Wind & Fire – An Elemental Tribute to
All Those Touched by Breast Cancer

Inspired by the prayer flags taken on the Breast Cancer Fund’s 1995 expedition on Mt. Aconcagua, I decided in the Spring of 1996 to make a small quilted names banner to take along on breast cancer fund raising activities. One thing led to another, and eventually notices were sent out on the Internet to quilting and breast cancer support groups, inviting others to participate by sending in 3” name squares to be sewn into the banner. The response was overwhelming. Letters and fabric squares arrived from all over the United States for months.

In August, 1996, with a bundle of fiery fabrics for inspiration and a stack of name square swatches representing over 150 breast cancer victims and survivors in hand, I began constructing the banner - designing, machine piecing and machine quilting it as I went along. Still “under construction”, Raging Light was first displayed on September 20th, 1996, at the Breast Cancer Fund’s Climb Against the Odds on Mt. Tamalpais. After another frantic month of sewing, Raging Light was completed on October 20, 1996, the morning of the San Francisco Race for the Cure. As a friend and I carried the 9-foot tall quilt in the race, the pink ribbon fabric on the back became a canvas for more names. Since then, everywhere Raging Light has been displayed, viewers have been invited to sign their own names, or those of friends and family members who have struggled with breast cancer. There are now well over a thousand names on the quilt - about half-and-half survivors and those we have lost.

The next project was to add two more panels to the Raging Light Project, turning it into an Earth, Wind, and Fire triptych. The new Earth panel, in greens and browns, is in honor of Survivors and Caregivers. The new Wind panel, in blues and grays, is in honor of Those We’ve Lost and Those Left Behind.

The Raging Light Project will be displayed at a number of venues throughout 1998 and 1999, including quilt shows, university conferences, fund raisers, and art galleries, as well as several local hospitals, clinics and churches. All 3 quilts in the Raging Light Project will eventually be donated to The Breast Cancer Fund of San Francisco.

If you would like to add one or more names to one of quilts in the Raging Light Project please contact

Susan Gray: On the Internet at , or By Phone at (925) 943-7290, or By US Mail at Raging Light Project, P.O. Box 2883, San Ramon, CA 94583

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