Tender Form for Establishing a Contact Centre for the Bank

Tender Form for Establishing a Contact Centre for the Bank


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  1. Last date for issue of Tender Document:23.02.2015 Time: 2 PM
  2. Last date for submission of tender bids

at the issuing office: 23.02.2015 Time: 4 PM

  1. Date of opening of Technical Bids: 27.02.2015 Time: 11 AM
  2. Date of opening of Commercial bids: 27.02.2015 Time: 12.30 PM
  3. Discussion with shortlisted Bidders . 27.02.2015 Time: 2 PM
  4. Venue: Head Office, Idukki District Cooperative Bank Ltd., Idukki.


Notice Inviting tender for establishing an internal contact centre

Sealed tenders are invited from reputed firms or their Kerala based authorized Representatives/Distributors for establishing a contact centre. Parties competent as per above can obtain the tender documents with detailed particulars of the work and terms and conditions of tender from this office during the office working hours, other than Sunday or public holiday on payment of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) plus Service tax in DD fwrg The General Manager, The Idukki District Cooperative Bank, Idukki till 23.02.2015 (2 PM). The last date of submission of completed tender is 23.02.2015 (4 PM). The tender form can also be downloaded from the bank’s website, . The tenders would be opened at 11 AM on 27.02.2015 at the Head Office of the bank and bidders or their duly authorized representatives may be present.

General Manager,

The Idukki District Cooperative Bank Ltd.,

Idukki, Kerala State


The tender is for establishing a Contact Centre or Call Centre (herein after mentioned as Contact centre or Call Centre) at the Head Office of The Idukki District Cooperative Bank (herein after mentioned as Bank). The system is for the attending to regular in-bound and out bound calls, its reporting and other supervisory featutes at the bank’s Head Office.

The selected company must be capable of installing and operationalizing such call centre. The tenderer must furnish list of their clientele along with their bid.

After testing, verification and entries, the bills of the items will be paid by the Bank. As per the Terms and Conditions the firm will provide the after sales services and the warranty facilities accordingly.

The Scope of work includes- Supply and Installation of Hardware and software for such contact centre, testing the integrated system and commissioning as required by the bank- (SITC) -. The company must commit to warranty obligation. The scope of work can be summerised as -Delivering, Installing, and Commissioning all attributes of the proposed contact centre of specified configuration at the Head Office of the bank. Providing service and onsite support during warranty period and post-warranty period as per Bank’s requirement, without any extra cost to the Bank. Scope also includes, resolving faults in the system during warranty without any extra cost to the Bank, and during post warranty period as per AMC conditions. AMC Rate will be valid for Three years from the date of expiry of warranty period.

IV.Bill of Material

Item Description / Qty
  1. IP PBX/Switch with Software Suite having features for call centre requirements mentioned above-
Supported with following features:
_ Expandable up to 200 (TDM+IP) users
_ Integrated IP Gateway for IP extension and ITSP’s
_ Integrated UC on motherboard
_ 8 DSP Resources built in (TDM to IP and Vice versa)
_ 5 Party Adhoc Conference
_ DECT Compatible
_ Q-Sig Compatible
_ SIP Compatible
_ Remote maintenance
Must be Currently Equipped for :
1. 32 Analog Extensions
2. 04 Analog Trunks
3. 01 circuit ISDN PRI
Detailed spec given in spec section / 01
  1. PC based Operator Console
Supported with following Features:
_ Display of waiting calls with type, name, and telephone number
_ Call status display
_ Speedy switching of calls
_ Speed dialing via busy fields
_ Individual configuration of the busy fields with directory number or name
_ Color display of the busy status ; Call toggle, hold,park
_ Number redial (last 10 destinations)
_ Conference with up to 5 call participants
_ Choice of electronic telephone books: system telephone book, Outlook Contacts,
internal telephone book, LDAP access
Detailed spec given in spec section / 01
  1. Detailed call Reporting software
/ 01
  1. Call recording device for 4 Analog Extensions
/ 01
  1. IP/Digital Phone for supervisor-
Supported with following Features:
_ 2 line graphical display monochrome (not Tiltable)
_ Hands- Free (Full Duplex)
_ 8 fixed function keys
_ 8 freely programmable keys
_ Control keys +/-
_ 3 Navigation keys
_ USB port
_ Headset Jack
_ Wall Mountable / 01
  1. IP/Digital Phone for agents-
Supported with following Features:
_ 3 Programmable keys with LED
_ Speaker key with LED
_ Open Listening
_ Control Keys +/-
_ Wall mountable / 04
  1. Head Phones- good quality head phones suitable for the above 4 Digital phones
/ 04
  1. Charges for Installation and commissioning the above items
/ All items
  1. AMC charges for post warranty service-
/ All items


The bank wants to set up a not-so-complex Contact Centre or Call centre with four Agents and with ISDN PRI trunck lines. It must be a simple system whereby people can get in touch over speech. The intended two main parts of this Contact Centre are ACD like system by which Equal Incoming Call Distribution among Agents will take place and Four Ports IVR (Interactive Voice Response). The call distributor will attend to call routing with sufficient information to the Agents in the contact centre. IVR will gather information on the calls and callers. CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) and Digital Phones with headsets as Agents’ terminals must be the best integral part of the call center. It assists in efficient managment and use of data. It allows agents to regain appropriate data and foresee and respond to client applications without delays. Contact center software suite / solutions advance customer communication by including the elements, like call routing, IVR, multimedia and agent scripting. Such programs assist in boosting agent efficiency. Bank intends to have a software suite of integrated applications and utilities for contemporary first level call centers. The solution must have good Agents software (PC based & also Digital Phone / Headset based). Supervisor features in the software should include ability to monitor agents, broadcast messages to Agents, Statistics on Calls and Customisation of Reports.





  1. IPPBX

 The system should be a hybrid PBX supporting IP, Analog and Digital Extensions

 The System supports up to 350 users and extensions

 The system should support standards-based multi-site networking, using QSIG, H.323 trunks or advanced networking, to interoperate with other PABX's, allowing feature transparency

 The system should provide to network up to 32 sites to make virtually single system and all features like Presence, extension mobility, UC application portability should work.

 System should be able to provide centralized voicemail with the option of Distributed centralized voicemail in case of connectivity failure.

 The system should support BRI/ PRI/ T1/ E1/ E1R2/ Analog Trunks.

 The system should have in-bulit 2 port auto-sensing 10/100 Mbps LAN Switch (Layer 3)

 The system should support internal MOH (Music on Hold), which should be uploaded using the .Wav file and should have an audio input port for external MOH connectivity.

 System should support standards-based CTI integration with 3rd party applications

 Centralized Management

 Simplified Installation & Deployment

 Centralized Licensing

 Web Manager Enhancement supporting Upgrade, Back-up & restore

 Changeable RTP ports

 VoiceMail Pro Password length configuration

 Security Documentation

 The system should be 19” rack mountable.

Telephony Features

Besides the normal Telephony features, the system should support the following features.

Call Coverage

Call Forwarding

Call Hold

Call Intrude

Call Park

Call Pickup

Ring Back call

Suspend Call Waiting

Reclaim Call

Distinctive and Personalized Ringing

Toggle Calls

Outgoing call restriction Codes

Call Barring

Authorization codes

Shared Call Appearance

Group Paging

Group Listen

Switching User by Login code

Simultaneous Mobile ringing for external calls

Intrusion Warning Tone

Least Cost Routes

Alternate Route Selection

Flexible numbering Schemes

Time of Day and Date Routing of Calls

Call Recording

Telecommuter Mode

Maximum Call Length

PIN Restricted Calling

Time Profiles


Queue announcements

Call Detail Recording


Data Communication Features:

 INTERNET ACCESS: Firewall protected, leased line or dial-up connectivity via PRI, T1 or WAN port

 System should have in built-in DHCP Server, which should be able to given IP Addresses to the endpoints.

 System should have a Built-in Firewall functionality

 System should support built-in IPSEC based VPN connectivity

 System should support built-in Remote access server (RAS) functionality.

 System should have built-in LAN and WAN ports

 System should have a built-in Internet Access Router

 System should have Integral Static or Dynamic (RIP I/II) routing for both Internet and Branch-to-Branch solutions

 System should support Frame Relay WAN protocol

 System should support Diffserv for QoS ( Quality of service) for the voice packets traveling over data networks

 System should support ISDN backup feature in case the FR network is not available

 System should support NAT

 System should support LDAP (Local Directory Access Protocol)

 System should support the following protocols: PPP, ML-PPP, CHAP, PAP, ARP, BACP

Terminal Support:

System should support the following type of terminals

 Analog Phones

 Digital Phones

 IP Hardphones

 IP Softphones

 Wireless IP Phones

 3rd party SIP telephones

 DECT Phones

 ISDN Extensions

Extensions and Trunks:

 System should be able to support up-to 1000 extensions in any combination on multi site

 System should have built-in H.323 gateway and gatekeeper functionality without the need to put any additional hardware

 System should support SIP trunking to Internet Telephony Service Providers, allowing non-SIP phones to make SIP calls

 System should support following types of trunks

Analog Trunks



T1/ E1/ E1R2

Voicemail Features:

 System should support PC-BASED Voice mail system.

 System should support unified messaging with Microsoft Exchange or any IMAP compliant email application.

 VM should support text-to-Speech functionality

 VM should support Dial-by-Name functionality

 VM should support Auto Attendant

 IVR functionality should be available

 External Database Integration should be available during IVR call flows

Call Recording:

 System should have in-built capability to automatically as well as manually record and store calls into any voicemail box or a central database, for later retrieval, sorting, searching through a web-based browser interface

 Recordings should be able to be made on the basis of:

User ID

Outgoing access code

Hunt Group

Caller ID

Incoming call Landing

Time profiles

 System should support automatic deletion of oldest recordings, if needed

 System should provide optional archival of recordings by automatically writing them to a DVD +RW drive

 System should support G.726 16kbps ADPCM standard for compressing and storing recordings, providing the best compromise between CPU loading and storage space

Mobility Support:

 System should support Simultaneous mobile ringing, enabling an extension and an internal/ external number to operate together as a single telephone. It should be possible to set external mobile devices as twinning targets, even if the primary extension is logged out/ unplugged.

 System should be able to provide ‘work from home’ features like telecommuting and VPN hard phones.

 System should be able to support Mobile UC client for controlling the extension, visual voicemail, IM etc. For android & I-phones.

Phone management through PC:

 System should support an PC based application for every user providing easy access to CLI display, telephony features, call information and call control

 Application should allow integration with contact management applications

 Application should allow users to play, rewind, fast-forward, save or delete their voicemail messages.

 Application should allow users to open or close up-to 2 external relays to activate external systems like door-entry control, security camera etc.

 Application should provide to call history of up-to 100 incoming/ outgoing/ Missed calls each, to every user.

 Application should allow receiving and making calls and retrieving voicemails from an external phone number as if it was in office.

Computer Telephony Integration:

 CTI capability should be in-built in the platform

 System should support CTI using open standards over LAN

 System should be able to provide 1st party CTI as well as 3rd party CTI control to external applications.

SMDR (Station Message Detail Record):

 System should be able to store SMDR data.

 SMDR should be able to be sent over LAN to a specified IP address and port number.

Management utilities:

 System should be able to be configured and administered using a GUI based application

 System should support SNMP based network management

 In case SNMP management is not available, system should be capable of sending event notifications to up-to 3 email addresses, each with a different set of alarms

Rack/Wall Mountable Design

Modular Design for Telephony Cards Connection

Intel Micro processor based

Optional Pre-Loaded Open Source IPPBX System

Combination of analog, BRI, PRI, GSM or transcoding interfaces

Should have 4 Agents provision

IP-Phone for Agents

Head sets for IP-phones

Two Year Warranty

  1. CTI Suite:

- Inbound Screen Popup

- Feedback / Comment Insertion to database

- Customizable front end page

- Updating option to update information

- Function buttons on the screen

- ANTS CTI Suite software solution which provides convenient operation of a branch

- Telephone exchange (PBX); productivity support to operators, and other employees; and detailed reporting of call centre or call centre operation.

  1. DB Integration:

- SQL server (database) saves and processes data from the TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) Connect Server and CTI clients. Either the existing bank’s SQL server or a newly installed server with the CTI Client solution can be used. The SQL server can be installed on the same PC as the TAPI connect server

- Database integration with 3rd party database for collecting contact numbers

- Update the database with the caller’s details

- Update the database at scheduled time or on continuous basis.


  1. IP Phone:

- - Hard buttons for phone, messages, contacts, history, home, navigation cluster,

headset, Speaker, volume, mute, transfer

- - Eight (8) lines displayed simultaneously

- - Full duplex speakerphone

- - White display/ Monochrome display

- - Message waiting indicators

- - Incoming call alert

- - Support for multiple ringtones

- - PoE Class

- - H.323 protocol support

- - Ethernet (10/100) line interface

  1. Headphone

Good and standard headset like Jabra, Plantronics for suitable IP Phones.


  1. The prime requirement of the tenderer (herein after may be mentioned in this document as ‘bidder or company’) is that the tenderer must be capable of supply and installation of the items requested for in the tender for setting up a Contact Centre (herein after mentioned as contact centre or call centre).
  2. The item mentioned in the BoM must be of best quality & standards, manufactured and supplied by reputed companies. The bidder company must preferably be authorized Dealer/Channel partner/System integrator of the Manufacturer / Principal Company if Principal Company is not quoting directly.
  3. Original Authorization Certificate from the principal Company should have to be submitted with the bid.
  4. The Bidder Company should have minimum ISO 9000 certification for Installation, Integration and OEM should also be an ISO certified manufacturer.
  5. The Bidder Company should mention their turn-over during the last year and estimated turn over for the current year.
  6. The bidder company must have taken up and successfully completed similar work in banks or financial institutions.
  7. The Bidder Company should agree to support the bank for a period of 3 years (Three years) for upkeep of installations, till completion of warranty, after implementation.

8. The Bidder Company should have their focus on the Banking industry (Contact Centre solutions-supply, installation and maintenance).

9.Only companies those have purchased the tender document are eligible to submit the tender. The tender document is non-transferable.

10. The Bank reserves the right to reject in its discretion any or all tender(s) receivedwithout assigning any reason.

11.Bidders should submit Earnest money deposit of Rs.8000/- The EMD amount should be submitted alongwith the completed tender form as DD favouring the General Manager, The Idukki District Cooperative Bank, Idukki. Tender forms without EMD amount will be rejected.

12.Tenders would be opened in this office on 27/02/2015 and the bidders or their authorized representatives may be present at the time of opening of the tenders. The number of authorized representatives those may be present for any bidder is limited to a maximum of two. Tenders should be submitted in a sealed cover as indicated below:

a. Part I: Earnest Money Deposit

b. Part II: Techno-commercial bid

The sealed tender of the bidder company will be opened and verified for correctness of enclosures in the presence of the representative of the bidder company. The qualified tenders will be evaluated by the tender committee of the bank for its technical correctness and pursuance of other tender guidelines by participant bidders.

The shortlisted companies after the Technical evaluation will be called for detailed discussions and negotiations on the same day or as decided by the bank. The quotings of the bidder companies will not be made openly available till completion of evaluation, discussions and negotiations with the shortlisted companies.