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Table of Contents

Consolidated Minutes Of The Ninety-first Annual Meeting Of South
Dakota Academy Of Science, Dakota Wesleyan University, Held At
Cedar Shore Resort, Oacoma, SD, 7-8 April 2006 1

Report Of The Resolutions Committee 6

Resolution Of The South Dakota Academy Of Science 6

South Dakota Academy Of Science 2006-07 Executive Council 7

2006 Regional Science Fairs 8

South Dakota Academy Of Science Treasurer’s Report 14-Oct-06 8

Executive Summary-, Proceedings Editor 9

Presidential Address—The End Of Cheap Oil: Positive Or Negative
Effects For South Dakota? Presented By James Sorenson 11

Complete Senior Research Papers

Presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the

South Dakota Academy of Science

Eclipse Of The Inner Satellite Of Jupiter. Perry H. Rahn and
Jeffrey T. Rahn 21

Nitrate In Rapid City’s Water Supply. Perry H. Rahn 31

New Information On The Ree Heights Fossil Site, Hand County, South
Dakota. David C. Parris, Doreena M. Patrick and Jared Williams 43

Descriptive Analysis Of Aquatic Invertebrate Communities In Wadeable
And Non-wadeable Streams Of The Northern Great Plains Network.
Jill D. Rust and Nels H. Troelstrup, Jr. 49

A Cluster For Clusters: High Performance Computing For Molecular
Dynamics Of Large Rare-gas Atomic Clusters. David T. Huebner
and Brian G. Moore 63

Phosphorus Fertilization Impacts On Wheat Growth And Selenium
Bioavailability. Sang H. Lee and J. J. Doolittle 73

Vital Signs Monitoring In Our Parks: What To Measure?
Nels H. Troelstrup, Jr. and Jill D. Rust 83

N And Water Stress Impact On Hard Red Spring Wheat Yield And
Quality. R. Brunner, D. Clay and C. Reese 95

The Evaluation Of Operands And Its Problems In C++. Dan Day
and Steve Shum 107

Effects Of Grazing On Small Mammal Abundance In Eastern South
Dakota. Wesley W. Bouska and Jonathan A. Jenks 113

Detection Of Bison/Cattle Hybridization In Custer State Park Breeding
Bulls Using Microsatellite And Mitochondrial DNA Markers: Tools
For Conservation Management. Cynthia M. Anderson,
Traci L. Berger, Forrest Cain and Shane K. Sarver 119

Dietary Yeast Culture Supplementation During Initial Rearing Of Three
Salmonid Species. Michael E. Barnes, Brian Fletcher, Dan J. Durben
and Stuart G. Reeves 129

Computer Aided Statistical Analysis Of Satellite Sensor Data Cross-
Calibration. Stuart Ness and Daniel Swets 141

Rare And Declining Fishes Of South Dakota: A River Drainage Scale
Perspective. Christopher W. Hoagstrom, Cari-ann Hayer,
Jason G. Kral, Steven S. Wall and Charles R. Berry, Jr. 171

Perennial-warmwater Fish Communities Of The Cheyenne River
Drainage: A Seasonal Assessment. Christopher W. Hoagstrom,
Austin C. Dewitte, Nathan J.C. Gosch and Charles R. Berry, Jr. 213

Recent Range Extensions, Name Changes And Status Updates For
Selected South Dakota Fishes. Cari-Ann Hayer, Brandon C. Harland
and Charles R. Berry, Jr. 247

Economic Performance In Forestry-dominated Lincoln County,
Montana: 1969-2003. Russell L. Stubbles 267

Abstracts of Senior Research Papers

Presented at the 91st Annual Meeting of the

South Dakota Academy of Science

Bacterial Succession On The Leaves Of Ponderosa Pine, Pinus Ponderosa.
Crystal Hostetter and David Bergmann 275

Synthesis Of 8-aza-1, 4-Oxidobicyclo[4.3.0]non-2-ene On A Solid
Support. Nandeo Choony, Jeremiah J. Gums, Amanda Pekny
and Mark Ranek 276

Assessment Of Random Metal Binding Peptides As Models For Allowable
Mutations In Functionally Important Metal Binding Motifs.
Carrissa Pietz and Robert Webb 277

Fungi In The Diet Of Flying Squirrels (Glaucomys Sabrinus) Captured
From The Northern Black Hills, June To October 2005. A. Gabel,
C. Ackerman, M. Gabel, E. Krueger and S. Weins 278

Variations In Rare Earth Element (REE) Signatures And Unit Cell
Dimensions (UCD) For Purposes Of Stratigraphic Correlation In
The Pierre Shale, South Dakota. Doreena Patrick,
Paul N. Wegleitner and James E. Martin 279

The Effects Of Hypothyroidism On Spontaneously Hypertensive
Heart Failure Rat Models. Brenda Simon, Bassel Kisso,
and A. Martin Gerdes 280

Gene Expression In Ecologically Meaningful Contexts: Evolution Of
Plant Defenses In Competitive Environments. David H. Siemens,
Riston Haugen, Lexi Steffes and Richard Gayle 281

The First Unequivocal North American Occurrence Of The Mosasaur
Hainosaurus (Reptilia) From The Cretaceous Pierre Shale Of The
Missouri River Trench, Southern South Dakota. James E. Martin,
Wayne A. Thompson and David C. Parris 282

West Nile Virus Infection Rates And Culex Tarsalis Population
Dynamics At A Farm Site In The James River Valley Of East-Central
South Dakota. Ryan J. Beyer, Clayton J. Wulf, Jacob S. Schaeffer,
Mitchel M. McKenzie, Michael B. Hildreth, Anne N. Rounds.
Ragna A. Godtland, Rachel A. Hoffman and Christopher D. Carlson 283

Archaea Associated With The Porcine Ileum Of Weaned Pigs.
Clayton L. Scofield, V. Brözel, S. Lindblom, A. Rosa, S. Vilain,
S. George, R. Kaushik and D. Francis 284

Lectin Binding Profile On The Small Intestine Of 5-Week Old Pigs In
Response To Use Of Antibiotics As Growth Promotants.
Sajan George, Yejin Oh, Sebastien Vilain, Volker Brözel,
Stacy J. Lindblom, Artur J.M. Rosa, David Francis
and Radhey S. Kaushik 285

Pathology And Dissemination Of Encephalitozoon Intestinalis In
Gnotobiotic Piglets. Gopakumar Moorkanat, Aaron F. Harmon,
Yejin Oh, Larry Hollar, David Francis, Michael B. Hildreth
and Radhey S. Kaushik 286

Kinetics Of Quaternary Ammonium Methyl Carbonates With Differing
Chain Lengths. Eric M. Villa, Jessica L. Paumen, Gary W. Earl
and Duane E. Weisshaar 287

Diabetes Population Studies In The Pine Ridge Native American
Reservation. Patricia Hammond, Chance Weston, Deig Sandoval
and Durga Mittinti 288

Statistical Software For Time Series Analysis. Paul Marshall
and Daniel Swets 289

Polymerization And Copolymerization Of Linseed Oil With Styrene
And Divinylbenzene. Jay D. Heeren and Timothy R. Hightower 290

Isomeric Series Of Novel Cyanate Esters And Polycyanurate Resins.
Josiah Reams, Tsvetanka Filipova and David A. Boyles 291

Polyetherimides Incorporating High Aspect Ratio Bisphenolate:
Monomer Synthesis And Polymerization. Kalub Hahne,
Tsvetanka Filipova and David Boyles 292

Effect Of Buckthorn (Rhamnus Cathartica) On The Tree Community
Of An Eastern South Dakota Woodlot. Dale L. Droge
and Javeria Javed 293

Growth And Production Of Different Varieties Of Bitter Gort Millon.
Al Eastman, Brian Danner, Deig Sandoval and Durga Mittinti 294

Evidence For Enameloid In Xenacanthid Shark Teeth. Wendy Stiernagle
and Gary D. Johnson 295

An Inventory Of Amphibians And Reptiles Of The Black Hills Of South
Dakota. Laurelin Cottingham and Brian E. Smith 296

Genetic Variance In The Smooth Green Snake, Opheodrys Vernalis,
In South Dakota. Laurelin Cottingham, Brian E. Smith,
Cynthia Anderson and Shane Sarver 297

Eubacterial Diversity Of The Porcine Ileum Of Weaned Pigs.
L. Weyrich, C. Scofield, V. Brözel, S. Lindblom, A. Rosa, S. Vilain,
S. George, R. Kaushik and D. Francis 298

A Study Of The Prion Protein (PrP) Gene: The Evolutionary History
And Serial Transmission To Unrelated Species. Forrest Cain,
Cynthia Anderson and Shane Sarver 299

Cost And Benefits Of Compounds Functioning As A Defense Against
Herbivores In Boechera Stricta. Shane Ziegenbein, Lexi Steffes
and David Siemens 300

Characterization Of Para-Assymetric Bisphenol A Polycarbonate By Gel
Permeation Chromatography. Nathan Roark, Tsvetanka S. Filipova
and David A. Boyles 301

Comparison Of Capture Methods And Home Range Of White-Tailed
Jackrabbits In Selected Fields In Eastern South Dakota.
Dustin Schaible and Charles Dieter 302

Geometric Layered Triangulation Of Lens Spaces. Luc Patry 303

Phosphorylation Of eIF-4e Regulates p53 Protein Synthesis Following
DNA Damage. Ying Zhang and Da-Qing Yang 304

The Identification Of An Internal Ribosomal Entry Site In The
5’-Untranslated Region Of p53 mRNA Provides A Novel
Mechanism For The Regulation Of Its Translation Following DNA
Damage. Marie-Jo Halaby, Ying Zhang, and Da-Qing Yang 305

Big Foot Ride. Sandra Byrd, Brandon Ferguson and Sylvio Mannel 306

Lakota Land—Mapping Culture, History And Recreation.
Charles Comes Killing and Sylvio Mannel 307

Eagle Nest Butte. Elvin Returns and Sylvio Mannel 308

Adaptation Of Leaves In Cypripedium Candidum. Katie Krahn
and Carol Wake 309

Ovary Anatomy Of Cypripedium Candidum. Joann McNally
and Carol Wake 310