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Stowe Youth Hockey Association



December 7, 2015, 6:30 PM

@ Stowe Arena

  • President’s Report
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes (November 2, 2015) Nifer made a motion to approve the minutes and Joanna seconded it. Minutes were approved.
  • Nomination for Vacant Board position – according to our by-laws, we can recommend and vote on a new Board member.

Pat made a motion to approve Graham Mink to finish out Jeff Lively. Joanna seconded it. Graham Mink was approved by the Board to take Jeff’s Board

  • Try Hockey for Free Update from Pat – Girls had 12 come out and some joined the house program as well as 14 from the other hockey groups came out. Some pursued the Initiation/Learn to Skate Program through the Rec Center. TO DO Long Term: Give Parent’s more clarity of what are the options for younger skaters ie: Mites (House), Mites (Travel) and learn to skate and initiation program. (Need more communication with Park and Recreation.) Graham to work with Matt and Tony of Stowe Park and Recreation on what the next version of the Learn to Skate and Initiation program might look like.

Suggestion was made that for kids who live here to be able to walk up to rink after school and get on the ice for a while with high school kids tying skates and providing supervision while earning community service.

  • Boston Bruins/TD Bank Partnership to Assist Skaters & Shooters (P.A.S.S.) Clinic Recap
  • SYH Logo Wear/Kevin Smith’s Online Store Update. Ordered about $4,000 of gear and then Stowe Youth Hockey got a % of the proceeds which was about $580.
  • Squirt Jamboree Recognition & Recap – 6 teams for participated. Thanks for Karen T. for all the volunteer work. VSAHA paid for the ice and officiating. VSAHA is thinking about getting rid of the early season Jamborees so if we want it continue, we should provide feedback to Pat to pass on to them.
  • VSAHA State Play Down Weekends 2/12-2/14 & 2/19-2/21
  • Stowe Youth Hockey/Stowe Arena hosting
  • Levels TBD
  • We host 2017 State Championship
  • USAH New England District Tier II U12/U14 Regional 3/18-3/20
  • Co-hosts: Stowe Youth Hockey & Harwood Youth Hockey
  • 8 teams, 15 games per division to be played at Stowe Arena & the Ice Center
  • This is a great fundraiser for us. We need to man the clock and a few other host duties – can bring in about $4,000 to program.
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Budget update – registration numbers are down but midgets were in the green this year with 22 registered.
  • Question was raised about how well the Midgets program was advertised. Opportunity to do this better in the future?

Registrar’s Report

  • One member of Bantam’s dropped leaving us with 12 players.
  • House program is going well and Karen suggested that we keep it. This is a program, weeknights only, that enables kids who don’t want to travel on the weekends to keep up and continue to play hockey with their peers. Need to communicate to House players (14) that they will move from Monday to Friday at the beginning the second week of January.

Parent asked if there are opportunities for Mites House Players to join the Mites practice on a regular Mite practice day as the new practice schedule is going to conflict with Friday Program.

Talked about having them join other Mites practices and work with Mites Coaches to make that happen.

Next Year idea for House from a parent – House program might be too low and Mites program might be too high.

  • Youth Hockey Committee Report
  • Midget Program Recap & House Update
  • Initiation Volunteers Needed for Sessions beginning in January
  • Sundays 4:15p-5:15p from 1/10-3/6 (no ice on 2/14)
  • Wednesdays 4:00p-5:00p from 1/13 -3/2
  • To Do: Pat and Graham to figure out how to get remaining slots filled.
  • Mike mentioned that we need more senior hockey Refs.
  • Girls Coordinator Report – Discussed trying to get more U12 games for fun using our local ice. Joanna is talking about it with other Coaches.
  • State Representative Report – Pat attending State meeting tomorrow on Kelly’s behalf.
  • Tournament Committee Report
  • Stick Season Tournament Recap – Goal was to offer a tournament for every team even though we might not make any money on it. Request was to move the Stowe Youth Teams around between the Winter Carnival and Stick Season Tournament so it is not always the same teams for Stick Season and Winter Carnival.
  • Winter Carnival Tournament 1/8-1/10
  • Volunteers; raffle; SWCT banner – volunteer request list is going out this week. Kim Rice is willing to organize the raffle. She has representatives from every group.
  • Pat to ask John Clark to make a banner for Winter Carnival.
  • Association members questions
  • Cole Lehoullier re: Travis Roy Foundation – We agreed that Cole can set up a booth to do the silent auction.
  • Concerns about playing up and cross rostering: Did you feel like the decisions you made about play-up requests were sound?
  • Feedback is first and foremost have a no-play-up policy as it is divisive. Show extreme Caution in future.

Review of Play-up process: Maybe if we need two players to play-up, there should be an announcement that we need two players to play up and open that to everyone. Needs to be more transparent when those decisions are going to be made.

Make sure play-up is looked at on a programmatic level. Belief that we did not look at impact to Squirts on a program with the decision to move the Pee-Wee Players up – perceived benefit to Pee Wee, detriment to Squirt.

Define what: rare individual situations would look like.

Needed more Transparency from Board in communication of which decisions were made and why.

Let members know in advance what the agenda for the upcoming Board meetings.

Need to talk about ways to get each team to have more people actually playing and practicing goalie

Is there any way to save the Squirt Season as they are getting beaten in every game? Perhaps cancel some of the better teams and do more team games or practices.

Cross Rostering: Current Policy: Stowe Youth Hockey Coaches will consult with Coaching Committee before making a cross-rostering decisions.

We need to determine if that will remain the policy or if it will change.

Consider a list of Cross-Rostering eligible kids and make it transparent.

Joanna makes the motion to adjourn the meeting and Adam seconded it.

  • Next Meeting: January 4, 2015, 6:30pm, Stowe Arena Meeting Room


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