Steps to Make Correct Football Predictions

Steps to Make Correct Football Predictions

Steps to Make Correct Football Predictions – A Noob Guide

Football, unarguably the most popular sport in the world, isn’t as difficult to predict as people make it out to be. Carrying out some analysis into the game isn’t rocket science, and can be done easily by following few right steps.

Although football involves plenty of statistics, which play a very important role in making correct football predictions, all such information can be easily accessed on the internet, at reliable websites like FootyStats.

Once you find your way around the football statistics, you can use them to make accurate football predictions, and book handsome profits through football betting. Please know, though you don’t have to be a football connoisseur, you’d require ample knowledge of football leagues, important tournaments, important players etc.

Let’s take you over some useful steps to help you make correct football predictions.

Seek out the best upcoming football matches

You must start by finding a good football league, for instance, English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League etc. based on your knowledge of the game. Thereafter, shortlist the 5 best matches scheduled for the week. They would most likely involve the top 5 teams on the leaderboard. You can then extract the stats of each one of those football teams from Internet (using

Opt for the best team for betting purposes

Detailed statistics related to the upcoming football matches can be found by carrying out some research into the head-to-head figures of the involved teams.

If you do a Google search in this regard, you would come across a great multitude of football statistics related websites. You must pay attention to the most significant figures in this regard, which would be matches won at home, matches won away, average number of goals scored per match, average number of against goals per match and more.

Do your homework

Pay attention to every team’s statistics, and should know how to interpret them. Let’s understand it with an example:

  • You select Team A, which is going up against Team B, in a home game.
  • Team A has won the last 5 games played at home.
  • Their percentage of goals scored against Team B, at home, is 1.7%.
  • Team A has won 6 out of their 10 games played against Team B.
  • They are on the top of the league table, having scored 26 points, while team B is much lower at the 6th position with 10 points.

It is very clear from the above details that Team A has a huge edge over Team B going into this match.

Make your analysis count and go for the best betting odds

You must look at the odds offered by multiple online bookmakers, to find out the best ones for your needs. Please keep in mind that odds play a very critical role in football betting, and decide your overall betting profits. In the event that you feel that odds offered by the bookmakers (for the concerned match) are not high enough, you must start over again and carry out some research into a different football team.

Follow Profitable Betting Systems From FootyStats

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