Shelter/NFI Coordination Meeting Minutes IDP November 24Th, 2014

Shelter/NFI Coordination Meeting Minutes IDP November 24Th, 2014

Shelter/NFI coordination meeting minutes IDP November 24th, 2014

Attendees: REACH (Samantha Juliana, Rebaz Mohammad, Carolina Rodriguez); UNHCR (Kahin Ismail, Adnan Nasradeen, John Mwate, Tabeen Raoof); World Vision International (Dara Qadir, Rebaz Noori); YAO (Tafan Kamal); OCHA (Mohamed Osman); ICRC (Hoshyar Mustafa); KSC (Nawras Mahmood); Mercy Corps (Leonae Issele); Dennis Moroni (ACTED); Christian Aid (Ann Ward); Oxfam (Sabina Brimson);

Action points:
 UNHCR and shelter cluster to complete the IRP 2. And OCHA to provide more support and clearance on IRP2
 All actors in the shelter/NFI group to be more active and share their distributions and plans with UNHCR

IRP2 Targets:

  • Shelter and NFI cluster will have to establish consensus on IRP2 shelter and winterization targets (especially for winterization) for Sulaymaniyah as IDPs caseload for winterization was not earlier established
  • OCHA to provide more support and clearance on IRP2 Sulaymaniyah targets documents shared with the cluster as it is quite different from the format used for IRP1
  • A major challenge for IRP planning is for non – camp IDPs as they are scattered around various tinny locates and the majority renting houses and or hotels in towns and are constantly moving around within these areas
  • IOM/UNHCR to share the latest DTM IDPs data broken down into districts and sub – districts and figures analyzed for better defining IRP2 targets especially for shelter solutions/winterization for non – camp IDPs

NFIs and Winterization:

  • World Vision conducted a distribution to 75 families in Sulaimaniyah City and to 300 families in Dukan and surrounding areas for. WV also conducted an assessment for about 100 families in Chamchamal. This assessment will be done with ACTED. Overall WV has a capacity to distribute 500 kits in Sulaimaniyah. The NFI kit includes Hygiene kit, women kit, baby kit, blankets and mattresses. WV also plans to distribute cash assistance to 500 families.
  • UNHCR’s plan is to distribute 6,800 winterization kits in Sulaimaniyah Governorate. 5,100 of those have already been distributed. The remaining will be done in the next 2 – 3 weeks.
  • ICRS have shared its distributions with UNHCR. ICRC’s NFI kit includes 30 items including winterization. ICRC Plans to do a rapid assessment in Penjwen.
  • Kurdistan Save the Children aims to work in camps and unfinished buildings. KSC’s main target is children from 0 to 18 year olds. In the coming two months, KSC will distribute clothes. The clothes came from private donations. KSC have also shared its activities with UNHCR.
  • Oxfam has a capacity of 1,130 NFI (winterization) kits. 700 kits will be distributed in Qaratappa. Oxfam’s target is contested areas. We are targeting small numbers in the beginning. Asuda, implementing partner for Oxfam, conducted a needs assessment. Winterization kit includes; blankets, mattresses, heaters and fuel and cash for winterization clothes. Comment: As ICRC has done some winterization support there is need for Oxfam to coordinate with ICRC
  • Mercy Corps has a capacity of 3,000 winterization kits. This will be mainly for Kirkuk and Daquq. Mercy Corps can also consider a number of families in Sulaimaniyah. For that Mercy Corps is open to get information of in need families in Sulaimaniyah. The winterization kit includes carpet, plastic sheeting, blanket, and mattresses. The target is non-cam. Mercy Corps has a cash assistant program as well. The cash assistance is a one-time 210 USD per family for 4 months.
  • ACTED distributed winterization kits in Raparin, Arbat, Piramagrun, Salih Agha, Kalar and a number of other areas for a total of 205 kits covering more than 1000 individuals. ACTED also distributed Shelter kits for 44 families in the same areas.
  • REACH distributed NFIs to refugees in Sulaimaniyah. The distributions included 750 hygiene kits, 143 winterization kits. Additionally, REACH Initiative supported 62 women head of households and widows. Each received 400 USD.

 The time of the meetings has been rescheduled to Thursdays at 10:00 AM.

Next meeting will be held on Thursday December 4th, 2014.

End of meeting