Sheep at School Networking Day

Sheep at School Networking Day

Sheep at School Networking Day for Teachers

University House, Hackett Drive, Crawley

Friday 26 May 2006

Hello sheep person,

The networking/ sharing of ideas for the ‘sheep at school day’ is on Friday 26 May. Rise and shine, bright as a button for a 7.30am start. You can expect to be back at school between 11.15 and 11.30 for period 4.

A quality breakfast and freshly brewed coffee is supplied in the Private Dining Room. Teacher release has been organised. UWA parking vouchers will be supplied. Please make sure I give you one.

Attached is a schedule of events for the morning. Please note that guest speakers commence at 8.00am. It is important they complete their presentations on time as each has commitments after 8.45am.

On Tuesday20 June:

There are a number of activities planned for when the flock of sheep come to school.

These include: meet the farmers, a working sheep dog, bio-clipping (no shears, blood or stress for the sheep!), model lambs with Gary A., ultra-sound pregnancy testing, some lab work at UWA and a lamb BBQ, of course. Farmers from Narrogin and Lake Grace are bringing the sheep in.


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Program of Activities

Friday 26 May 2006

Attendees:Professor Alistar Robertson, Dean of Faculty, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, UWA

Peter Hutton, post graduate Doctoral student, UWA

Colin Hawke, Science in Primary Industry Liaison Officer, UWA

Peter Dowdall, White Suffolk Sheep Breeder, Narrogin

Pauline Coghlan, Principal, Shenton College

Mike Evans, Head of Middle School, Shenton College

Shane Yardley, Year 8 Community Coordinator, Shenton College

David Stanley, Learning Area Team Coordinator, Science, Shenton Colleg

Gary Adamson, Art Teacher, Shenton College

Gabby Barrett, English Teacher, Shenton College

Patrick Durack, SOSE Teacher, Shenton College

David McRae, Maths Teacher, Shenton College

Warwick Mathews, Science Teacher, Shenton College

Trevor Whittle, Science Teacher, Shenton College


Background PP: all about sheep- History in Aust: MacArthur

History White Suffolk

Other Aust Breeds Merino

Research:Bio-shearing- Wool quality

Meat quality




Markets: export , local

Meat, wool, other

Innovation: wool bats

Pastures from Space

Computer, GPS

Sheep in Literature

Pasture Watch: Kojonup farmer Bill Webb claims to have increased his gross sheep margin by $25.00 per ha using satellite technology.

7.35 WM Welcome and Introductions

Outline: proposed program for the day


8.00amIntroduction: Prof. Alistar Robertson

Guest speaker: Peter Hutton: Essential oils for sheep

Questions from the floor

8.30amGuest Speaker: Peter Dowdall, White Suffolk breeder, Narrogin.

Questions from the floor

8.45am PROGRAM PROFORMA for ‘Sheep at School’ day

9.00amDiscussion, input from the floor

9.30am Workshop: program/ curriculum ideas

10.00amWorking coffee and snacks

10.30amWhere to from here

Who does what

Sharing with those at school

Administration: next information sharing.

11.00amCoffee and return to school for 11.40 lesson

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