SECTION 2 - Objectives & Actions 1

SECTION 2 - Objectives & Actions 1


SECTION 1 - Name.....1

SECTION 2 - Objectives & Actions...... 1

SECTION 3 - Membership ...... 4

SECTION 4 - Dues...... 7

SECTION 5 - General Meetings...... 8

SECTION 6 - Proceedings at General Meetings ...... 9

SECTION 7 - Voting...... 10

SECTION 8 - Council ...... 11

SECTION 9 - Nominations and Election of Committee Members ...... 12

SECTION 10 - Nominations and Election of Council Members ...... 13

SECTION 11 - Awards...... 14

SECTION 12 - Provision for By-Laws...... 14

SECTION 13 - Notices...... 14

SECTION 14 - Accounts...... 15

SECTION 15 - Audk...... 16

SECTION 16 - Surplus Funds ...... 17

SECTION 17 - Alterations in Constitution...... 17

SECTION 18 - Winding Up...... 17

SECTION 19 - The Institute as a Corporate Body...... 18

SECTION 20 - By-Laws ...... 19

-Admission to Membership...... 19

-Rights and Privileges...... 19

-Resignation and/or Expulsion ...... 20

-Restoration of Membership ...... 20

-Appointment of Staff ...... 20

-Library and Publications ...... 21

-Branches ...... 21

-Objectives of the Branch...... 23

-Membership...... 23

-Subscriptions...... 23

-Rights and Privileges - Branches...... 24

-Annual General Meeting ...... 24

-Ordinary Meetings...... 24




The name of the Institute is



Clause 1 : The objectives of this Institute shall be the advancement of the sciences related to the manufacture and utilisation of metal castings through education, dissemination of technology and research.

Clause 2 : To enable all persons engaged in the founding and allied industries to meet, to correspond and to facilitate the exchange of ideas on the science and practice of Founding.

Clause 3 : To promote and organise research in all matters relating to the science and practice of Founding and for such purposes to undertake, sponsor, make and supervise experiments, tests and all kinds of research work, and to raise special funds for these purposes by means of annual voluntary contributions from Members and others or in any other way.

Clause 4 : To invite the exhibition of and to exhibit at meetings of the Institute or elsewhere any new, improved or other apparatus, drawings, models, machinery, plant and any demonstrations or experiments, calculated to promote the objectives of the Institute.

Clause 5 : To approach, negotiate, confer with and/or act in any advisory capacity with Government, Municipal and Local Authorities, Railway Shipping, Tramway and other Transport Authorities, Insurance Companies, Specification Authorities and suchlike with respect to the objectives covered by this Constitution.

Clause 6 : To invite and obtain the opinion, advice, co-operation and assistance of scientific people and others of high standing whose assistance may be of use or benefit to the Institute.

Clause 7 : To acquire, print, publish, issue and circulate or to assist in printing and publishing papers, periodicals, books, gazettes, circulars and other literary undertakings that may seem conducive to the objectives of this Institute.


Clause 8 : To draw up, print, publish and issue regulations and conditions for the guidance and information of the Foundry and allied industries.

Clause 9 : To amalgamate with, to affiliate, become a Member of, or become affiliated with, or to subscribe to and to communicate and co operate with any other Scientific Societies not formed for purposes of "surplus funds* and concert and promote measures for the furtherance of mutual objectives and promote any Company or Association for the purpose of acquiring all or any of the property, rights, liabilities of this Institute or any other purpose, which may be directly or indirectly calculated to benefit this Institute or to carry out its objectives or any one of them.

Clause 10 : To establish, maintain, control and manage branches of this Institute in South Africa, and any other countries as may seem expedient and to determine the constitution, rights, privileges, obligations and duties of such branches and when thought fit to modify or dissolve the same.

Clause 11: To acquire, establish and maintain by gift, loan, purchase or otherwise, a Library or Libraries of Books, Plans and Drawings and any other literature or Publications relating to Founding and its allied industries.

Clause 12 : To establish, maintain, control and otherwise deal with Schools for the teaching and training of Founding in all its branches and make and issue such rules and regulations regarding same as may seem desirable and to provide for testing the work of Foundry Technicians, Moulders and Patternmakers and issuing Certificates in respect of such work.

Clause 13 : To provide at the Offices of the Institute, rooms to be used for Meetings of Members of the Institute or for joint meetings of Members of the Institute with Members of any other Scientific or Technical Society or for any other purpose calculated to promote any of the objectives of the Institute.

Clause 14 : To enter into arrangements for providing Members of the Institute and others interested in Founding with advice and assistance on all matters connected with the objectives covered by this Constitution.

Clause 15 : To borrow any monies required by the Institute for the carrying out of any of its objectives upon such security or securities as may be determined and to pledge or mortgage any asset and to make such borrowings.

Clause 16 : To undertake and to execute any trust which may seem to the Institute conducive to any of its objectives.

Clause 17 : To invest and deal with the monies of the Institute not immediately required upon such security or securities and in such manner as may from time to time be determined and to make loans either with or without security.

Clause 18 : To acquire by purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire land and buildings and any other property real or personal, patents or any rights and privileges which the Institute for the purposes thereof may from time to time think proper to acquire and which may be lawfully held by them. To construct, alter and maintain any buildings required for the purpose of the Institute.

Clause 19 : To admit any persons to be Honorary Members of the Institute on such terms and to confer on them such rights and privileges as may seem expedient.

Clause 20 : To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease and mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Institute as may be deemed expedient with a view to the promotion of its objectives.

Clause 21 : To establish and support or aid in the establishing and support of institutions, associations, funds, trusts and conveniences calculated to benefit employees and ex-employees of the Institute or the dependants or connections of such persons and to grant pensions and allowances to, and to make payments towards, insurance of such persons and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable objectives or for any exhibition or for any public, general or useful object and to make donations and guarantee the obligations of any person, fund, association company or institution.

Clause 22 : To promote, organise, take part in or assist in promoting or organising exhibitions calculated to promote any of the objectives of the Institute.

Clause 23 : To procure the registration and/or recognition of the Institute in any foreign country or place.

Clause 24 : To make such Rules, Regulations and By-Laws as may from time to time be deemed necessary for carrying out the above objectives or otherwise.

Clause 25 : To arrange for the Institute to be represented at any international conference concerning Founding or its Allied industries, as deemed appropriate.

Clause 26 : To examine, test and report on any plant, apparatus, tools, materials or other requisites for the purposes of technical and scientific research and to issue recommendations in respect of the same.

Clause 27 : To carry out all or any of the above objectives in any place in South Africa or abroad, provided that the institute shall not support with its funds any object or endeavor to impose on or procure the observance by its Members or others of any Regulations or restrictions which if an object of the Institute, would make it a Trade Union or an employers' organisation.

Clause 28 : To do all such other lawful things as may be conducive or incidental to the attaining of the above objectives or any of them, including the right to participate as a partner in the production of a technical foundry journal.

Clause 29 : To ensure that Minutes are taken of all Meetings and approved / amended at the following Meeting that they are a true record of the Meeting.


Clause 1

Clause 2

Every person or corporation shall be deemed to have become a Member of the Institute who or which, having an interest in the Foundry Industry, or in some other industry allied thereto, or connected with the Foundry Industry, shall have applied on the prescribed form for Membership and shall have been elected to Membership by the Council of the Institute.

Members' liability shall not exceed one year's subscription. If any Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Member, Member and Student Member shall leave their annual subscription unpaid for a period of one year after it becomes due, their name shall be struck off the Register by the Council and they shall thereupon cease to be a Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Member, Member or Student Member but they shall remain liable for their annual subscription due at the time their name is struck off the Register. Any Member removed from the rolls of the Institute for nonpayment may be reinstated, without loss of Membership privileges, on full payment of dues within 30 days of the date of removal.

Clause 3 : The Membership of the Institute shall consist of Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Members, Members, Student Members, Honorary Members and Life Members. Qualifications for admission as Members shall be as follows :

Clause 3a: Research Patron Member : Any individual, firm or organisation who, because of exceptional interest particularly in the field of basic research, desires to make substantial contributions to further the research programme.

Clause 3b : Sustaining Member : Any individual, firm or organisation interested in participating in the stated activities of the Institute and who, because of exceptional interest in the work of the Institute, desires to make substantial contribution. Sustaining Members shall enjoy all privileges of Company Member.

Clause 3c : Company Member : Any individual, firm or organisation interested in participating in the stated activities of the Institute and benefiting from the privileges of Company Membership. Such privileges shall apply only to the plant or office where such Membership is held.

Clause 3d : Member : Any individual interested in participating in and benefiting from the stated activities of the Institute.

Clause 3e: Student Member : Any individual interested in participating in and benefiting from the stated activities of the Institute who

(i) is an enrolled full schedule Student in an accredited educational institution or

(ii) is employed in the Castings Industry as a Trainee and has not yet reached the 23rd birthday.

Clause 3f : Honorary Member : Any individual whose services in connection with the stated activities of the Institute make them pre-eminent among their fellows. Election to Honorary Membership shall be by three-fourths vote of the Council acting upon recommendation of the Board of Awards. (Section 11 Clause 2).

Clause 3g : Life Member : A Member who has paid 30 annual subscriptions as a Member shall be entitled to retain their Membership for life without paying further subscriptions. At the discretion of the Council, a Member of 20 years standing in any class, on retiring from business, may enjoy for life the privileges of Membership. Any fully paid up Member who enrolled during the period 1937 to 1964 with the Institute of British Foundrymen is entitled to have these years included in their service with the S.A Institute of Foundrymen.

Clause 3h : Retired Member : Any Member (Individual Member) who does not qualify as in Clause 3g may, on full retirement from employment, apply for Retired Membership status.

Clause 3i: Country Member : (Ref Clause 3d above) Any individual who resides outside a 200km radius from the Institute offices.

Clause 3j: Company Country Member : (Ref Clause 3c above) Any company that is situated outside a 200km radius from the Institute offices.

Clause 3k : Overseas Member : Any individual who qualifies as a Member as in Clause 3d, but who is resident permanently overseas, may apply for Overseas Membership status.

Clause 4 : Application for Membership : Any individual, firm or organisation may make application for a class of Membership in accordance with the qualifications stated in Section 3 Clause 3. Application shall be made in writing on the Application Form and accompanied by payment covering one year's dues or the Council may deem such period as acceptable. When application is approved in such manner as the Council may determine, the applicant shall be enrolled in the proper classification.

Clause 5: Certificates : Council shall issue hereafter to every Member on election, a certificate showing the grade of Membership to which they are elected. Every such certificate shall remain the property of and shall, on demand or on cessation of Membership, be returned to the Institute.

Clause 6: Entrance Fees, Transfer Fees and Annual Subscriptions : All

Members shall pay such Entrance Fees, Transfer Fees, Annual Subscriptions or compositions thereof as are prescribed below. Annual Subscriptions shall be payable in advance.

Clause 7 : Resignation and Expulsion : A Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Member, Member, Student Member, Honorary Member and Life Member shall cease to be a Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Member, Member, Student Member, Honorary Member and Life Member upon sending in their resignation in writing to the Secretary but they shall remain liable for thier annual subscription due at the time they cease to be a Research Patron Member, Sustaining Member, Company Member, Member and Student Member.

Clause 8 : If it shall appear to the Council that a Member has acted willfully in contravention of the Constitution and the By-Laws or has been guilty of conduct which has rendered or may render them unfit to continue to be a Member of the Institute, the matter shall be considered by the Council at the earliest opportunity, provided that any such person shall have received at least fourteen days notice in writing of the intention of the Council.

The Council shall give the Member every facility to state their case in writing or personal appearance before the Council and expulsion of the Member shall take place should a three-fourths majority of those present so decide.


Clause 1: The Council shall from time to time determine the schedule of dues for Members of the Institute.

Clause 2 : All Members (other than Honorary Members and Life Members) shall pay annual subscriptions, which are due and payable on election and thereafter on the 1st day of January in each year.

Clause 3 : Invoice for renewal of a Member's dues shall be mailed in advance of renewal date. A Member shall be declared "Delinquent" if dues have not been paid within 120 days of renewal date and "Final Notice" shall then be mailed. Any Member, whose dues shall remain unpaid for 120 days after "Final Notice" date, shall cease to be a Member of the Institute subject to final decision by Council.


Clause 1:

Clause 2 :

Clause 3 :

General Meetings shall consist of Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings and Ordinary General Meetings and shall be held on such days and at such times and places as the Council may determine.

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Institute to take place between 15th May and 30th June at a place to be determined by the Council. Not less than fourteen days notice of such meeting shall be mailed to every Member. Ten Members shall constitute a quorum.

At the Annual General Meeting, the following matters shall form part of the Agenda :

(a)The President's Annual Report.

(b)Audited copy of the Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheet for
the Financial Year ended 31 December.

(c)The present Auditors of the Institute shall be deemed to be re
appointed for the ensuing year, unless a proposal signed by any
two Members in good standing to appoint another Auditor is
received by the Institute's Secretary at least seven days before the
Annual General Meeting.

(d)To receive notification of the election of the Honorary Officers and
Members of the Council.

(e)Any other matter required by the Constitution to be dealt with at
the Annual General Meeting.

(f)Induction of Incoming President, as applicable.

(g)Copies of the Annual Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts
shall be available for inspection by Members at the offices of the
Institute at any time during a period of 14 days prior to the Annual
General Meeting.

Clause 4 : The Council may convene An Extraordinary General Meeting at any time. The Council shall also convene an Extraordinary Meeting within twenty-one days after a requisition signed by ten of the Members specifying the object of the meeting is left at the offices of the Institute. Should the Council fail to convene a meeting within twenty-one days after such requisition has been left at the Offices of the Institute, the requisitions or any twenty-five Members may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with this requisition.

Clause 5 : Seven days notice of every Ordinary General Meeting specifying the place, day and hour of meeting and the general nature of the business to be transacted shall be served on every Member but the accidental omission to serve such notice on any Member or the non-receipt of such notice by any Member shall not invalidate the proceedings of such meetings.

Clause 6 : At a General Meeting, voting shall be taken by a show of hands unless a ballot is -demanded by at least ten Members of good standing personally present. The Chairman shall be entitled to a casting vote.


Clause 1: No business shall be transacted at any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting unless a quorum of Members is present at the time when the Meeting proceeds to business.

Ten Members shall constitute a quorum. No Member who is more than three months in arrears with the payment of their annual subscription shall be entitled to be present at any Meeting or be reckoned in a quorum.