RHT086-003: Introduction to College Reading II

RHT086-003: Introduction to College Reading II


RHT086-003: Introduction to College Reading II

Spring, 2006

Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-6:45 PM

Instructor: Ms Patricia Cone

E-Mail Address:

Phone Number: (708) 456-0300 (EXT -TBA)

This syllabus gives you an overview of the schedule of reading and writing assignments and quizzes this semester in the course, RHT 086-003: Introduction to College Reading II. Please read this syllabus carefully so that you understand the requirements of this course.

General Course Description:

This course covers the development of reading and study skills necessary for comprehending college textbooks. Strategies emphasized are those needed for success in content courses.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course a student should be able to:

  • demonstrate critical reading skills
  • apply critical reading and comprehension skills in college-level materials.
  • engage in active reading and studying in content fields
  • utilize textbook study strategies (for example, annotating, mapping, or summarizing).
  • apply vocabulary acquisition strategies to broaden both general and academic vocabulary.
  • recognize the relationship between reading and writing.
  • engage in classroom discussions about the readings.

Three Required Textbooks:

(2005) Bridging the Gap: College Reading. (Eighth Edition). Brenda D. Smith.

New York, Longman.

(1986)Fences. A play by August Wilson. New York,

(2003) ShadowBaby. Alison McGhee. New York,

Required Materials:

Spiral Notebook (for in-class note taking)

Assignment Book

Journal notebook (unless you intend to use a section of your spiral notebook for journal writing)

Procedures and Policies:

  1. Class Attendance is required in order to successfully pass this course. Please note that points are awarded for attendance. Credit will be given for all in-class reading/writing assignments and in-class activities. There are no make-ups for absences from class regardless of the reason for the absence. Students who are absent more than two times during the semester are subject to a failing grade for the semester. Students whose repeat absences make it impossible to meet course requirements will be notified on a TritonCollegeNotice of Termination form.
  1. It is essential that students arrive on time for class. Students arriving after attendance is taken are subject to loss of attendance points/credit. Late arriving students may not, without prior permission from instructor, make up quizzes or tests taken when they are not present.

3. Students are responsible for the content of all classes. When absent, students are

responsible for securing the class notes of a reliable colleague and for coming to class prepared following an absence.

  1. All assignments must be submitted on time, on the date due. There are no extensions on due dates unless the students has communicated directly with Dr. Davis and received an extension prior to the due date of an assignment. No late work will be accepted. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS ALLOWED FOR QUIZZES AND/OR TESTS WHEN STUDENTS ARE ABSENT FROM CLASS UNLESS STUDENTS CONTACT INSTRUCTOR BY E-MAIL OR PHONE IN A TIMELY MANNER (WITHIN 24 HOURS OF MISSED CLASS).
  2. Students are required to spend two to three hours weekly outside of class preparing for every hour in class. Thus, students should plan to study 6-9 hours weekly for RHT086. Time allotted for out-of-class work can include completion of work on campus in the library or computer labs.
  1. In-Class Assignments must be written in conventional black or dark blue ink. Writing assignments completed outside of class must be typed or word-processed. Homework completed in textbook must be legible and done in conventional black or dark blue ink or pencil.
  1. All formal assignments (those assigned for completion outside of class) must be presented to Ms Cone in word-processed format. Assignments must be printed on white paper (8 ½ X 11), and be printed in legible, letter quality print, 12 point font size, and in Times New Roman Font. Papers must be printed in black ink and be doubled spaced with text on one side only. Assignments must be spell-checked and edited prior to submission. Formal assignments not adhering to these guidelines will be returned to the student and will receive no credit.

Classroom Protocol

Please be courteous to your fellow students and to your instructor. Turn off your cell phones, pagers, computers, and disc players before class begins. If these devices go off during class, students are to exit the classroom. Similarly, no audio devices are to be worn during class. No text messaging and/or viewing of photographs allowed during class.

Talking while the instructor or another student is talking is disruptive and wastes everyone’s time. Rudeness to the instructor or another student will not be tolerated.

In accordance with TritonCollege policy, students who demonstrate behavior that is not appropriate to the college environment or disruptive to the learning process are subject to counseling referral or immediate, short-term suspension from the class.

TritonCollege policy prohibits eating or drinking in classrooms.


Plagiarism, the undocumented use of the words or ideas of another (including friends, classmates, internet websites, relatives, etc) is prohibited by law and by TritonCollege policy. Plagiarism is cheating. Don’t do it. The minimum penalty for plagiarism is a 0 on the assignment. Repeated instances of plagiarism will result in failure of the course.

Please go to Google.com and type in: OWL, PurdueUniversity’s OnlineWritingCenter for more information on plagiarism.

Other Helpful Information:

Students requiring assistance with reading or writing assignments outside of class are encouraged to visit the AcademicSupportCenter, R-100.

Students with special needs must provide Ms Cone with documentation from the Center for Students with Disabilities regarding appropriate accommodations.

Students experiencing problems not specifically related to academic work may seek assistance through the CounselingCenter located in the CollegeCenter, Room C-111, X3588, or through the Student Assistance Program.

Required Work and Grading Policy

Student performance will be evaluated based upon the following criteria. Attendance alone should not be included as a percentage of the grade, but participation is an acceptable grade requirement.

Classroom Attendance and Participation………………..20%

Quizzes……………………………………………………. 30%

Reading and Writing Assignments……………………...30%

Reading-response Journal ……………………………….20%

Tentative Course Outline:

(Subject to Instructor Modification)

Please note that only major assignments and/or quiz dates are noted below. Daily in-class and homework assignments will be announced in class. Students will need to write down and complete the assignments on time.


January 23Syllabus/IntroductionsBTG CH1, Exercises

Lecture/Handout on Ways to pp. 1-52

Avoid and Combat Plagiarism

January 30 Bridging the Gap CH 1BTG CH2, Exercises Discussion and Quiz pp. 53-88

February 6Bridging the Gap CH 2BTG CH3, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 89-134 pp. 1-58

Journal/Vocab #1

(To Be Assigned)

February 13Bridging the Gap CH 3BTG CH4, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 135-215

Journal #2/Vocab


February 20Bridging the Gap CH 4BTG CH5, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 217-278

Journal/Vocab #3

Fences, 29-58.

February 27Bridging the Gap CH 5BTG CH6, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 279-330

Journal #4

Fences. Act II.

Rough Draft:

Writing Assignment I.

March 6Bridging the Gap CH 6BTG CH7, Exercises

Discussion and Quiz pp. 331-398

(Chapters 1-6 Cumulative)Journal/Vocab #5 (To Be Assigned)


Final Copy Writing Assign. I


NO CLASSESJournal #6/Vocab

March 20Conferences In-class Assign.

Schedule to be assigned(To Be Assigned)


March 27Bridging the Gap CH 7BTG CH8, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 399-440

Journal #7/Vocab SB pp. TBA

April 3BTG CH 8BTG CH9, Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 441-488

Journal/Vocab #8

(To Be Assigned)

SB pp. TBA

April 10BTG CH 9 BTG CH10 Exercises

Discussion and Quizpp. 489-524

Presentations: Journal #9/Vocab Description and teams. SB pp. TBA

April 17BTG CH 10Journal #10/Vocab Discussion and Quiz (To Be Assigned)

BTG CH 12 Exercise (TBA)

SB pp. TBA

April 24JOURNALS DUEHomework

BTG CH 12(To Be Assigned)

Discussion and QuizRough Draft:

Writing Assignment II

May 1Final Discussion: NovelHomework Presentation Outlines due (To Be Assigned)

May 8Presentations dueHomework

(To Be Assigned)

Final Copy:

Writing Assignment II

May 15ConferencesFinal papers due.