RESUME OF: Turisco, Frances J

Frances J. Turisco

Director, Emerging Practices

Summary of Qualifications

Fran has twenty three years experience in health information technology, including significant experience in planning, designing and implementing clinical, financial and administrative applications running on large enterprise networks. She specializes in enterprise architectures, mobile computing, emerging technologies, and IT Value Management, with extensive knowledge of the interrelationships among processes, applications, data and other technologies.

Academic Background

B.A. Mathematical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University

M.B.A. Healthcare Administration and Finance, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Professional Affiliations

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA)

Health Level 7 (HL7)

Mobile Healthcare Alliance (MoHCA)

Synopsis of Experience

Emerging Practices Research and Publications

¡  Technical lead and co-authored report for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative on Advanced Technologies that Lower Healthcare Costs and Improve Quality.

¡  Authored white paper for the Patient Safety Institute on the Economic Value of a Community Clinical Information Sharing Network.

¡  Authored internal publication on Next Generation Healthcare: Technology Cornerstones

¡  Co-authored external research report on the use of information and medical equipment technologies to support rural care delivery.

¡  Researched and published both internal on Wireless Technologies and Mobile Computing. Presented educational sessions.

¡  Co-authored internal publication on Clinical Decision Support: Finding the Right Path.

¡  Published and presented IT Value Management primer, service offering, case studies, tools and sample documents. Led collaborative study for Scottsdale Institute collaborative study on IT Value and Cost Management.

Resume of: Frances J. Turisco (Continued)

¡  Researched and compiled information and reviewed major enterprise system vendors (SMS, McKesson, Eclipsys, etc.) to clarify current approaches to integration and clinical support.

¡  Co-authored external primer on Computer-based Physician Order Entry (CPOE).

¡  Co-authored external primer on Wireless Technologies and Mobile Computing.

¡  Published comprehensive study on the approaches and techniques for selecting and implementing Enterprise-wide Master Patient Index (EMPI) systems in large integrated delivery systems. Research focused on technical, operational, and organizational considerations as well as a review of leading vendor products. Presented internal, client, and conference workshops on EMPI strategies and approaches.

¡  Published and presented introductory Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Web to Legacy integration research papers and educational sessions for internal development and external workshops.

¡  Coordinate all internal research projects related to advance technology, technology trends, integration, IT Value and benchmarking.

Strategic Planning

¡  Led a product and market planning analysis for a leading medical device vendor.

¡  Technical lead on a strategic market and product analysis for one of the largest medical device, medical supplies and information technology vendor.

¡  Led an analysis of the organizational models and services for integrating clinical research and clinical care delivery information.

¡  Participated in multiple strategic systems plans for integrated delivery systems and community hospitals.

¡  Led multiple IS strategic plans for hospitals with ambulatory centers.

¡  Participated in a strategic business plan that led to the creation of a clinical software company.

Advanced Technology/Information Architecture/Integration

¡  Completed value and benefits study for leading edge VoIP solution used by inpatient caregivers.

¡  Wrote data, logic and reporting specifications for implementing outpatient quality measures for diabetes, heart failure, CAD, hypertension, osteoarthritis, preventive care and major depressive disorder, sponsored by CMS and AMA.

¡  Managed the selection of an object oriented programming tool set for the advanced technologies program at a large academic medical center.

¡  Led the integration strategy for a nation wide enrollment system.

Resume of: Frances J. Turisco (Continued)

¡  Served as Integration Director for a large metropolitan IDN.

¡  Served as project manager for the implementation of an Integration Engine at a large IDN.

Clinical System/CPOE

¡  Participated in a number of different projects related to Computer-Based Physician Order Entry (CPOE), Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and medication management as it relates to CPOE and patient safety. In April 2001, FCG was funded by the California Healthcare Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop a new framework for clinical decision support in CPOE and evaluated the readiness of the vendor marketplace to provide software with the necessary features.

¡  Served as the delivery services executive on a project for the Child Health Corporation of America to define the pediatric-specific requirements for closed loop medication management and evaluated 17 vendor products. The results were presented at the CHCA Patient Safety Summit.

¡  Led effort to analyze different electronic medical records (EMR) models and progress of hospitals towards attaining their EMR goals. Results were presented to CHCA members at a CIO conference.

System Selection

¡  Served as technical lead for the selection of an enterprise wide master patient index application at a large metropolitan academic IDN.

¡  Served as overall project lead for the selection of a comprehensive clinical information system for a rural IDN.

¡  Supervised the selection of numerous clinical, financial and administrative applications for large and medium size medical centers.

System Implementation

¡  Served as project manager for the implementation of an ambulatory medical record system at a rural IDN.

¡  Served as technical lead for the implementation of an EMPI at a large IDN.

¡  Served as project manager for the implementation of a care management system at an academic medical center.

¡  Served as program manager for multiple custom developed clinical and financial systems for IDNs and academic medical centers.

¡  Coordinated the implementation of several telemedicine applications.

Resume of: Frances J. Turisco (Continued)

Applications: / CPOE, CIS, integration engines, financial applications, clinical departmental applications, decision support, ambulatory clinical systems


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Resume of: Frances J. Turisco (Continued)


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