RACGP Letterhead (National)

RACGP Letterhead (National)

New QI&CPD Self-directed FOAMed Learning activity

Do you keep up to date with your professional development through medical online education forums?

Did you know that GP’s who engage in self-motivated peer to peer learning using the FOAMed concept can now submit a self-directed Active Learning Module for 40 Category 1 points based on self-reflection of your online learning experience and the its impact on your general practice and learning outcomes.

What is FOAMed?

FOAMed is Free Open Access Medical education for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Peer to peer learning conducted via social media. It includes blogs, podcasts, twitter, Google hangouts, online videos, text documents, photographs, Facebook groups, and a whole lot more.

It is a globally accessible crowd-sourced educational adjunct providing inline (contextual) and offline (asynchronous) content to augment traditional educational principles.

FOAMed concept began in Dublin in 2012 at a critical care conference and has been embraced by those Australian GPs with a keen interest in the online learning platform.

QI&CPD working with GPs

Dr Karen Price’s testimonial:

“The reflective learning format of the new online self-directed FOAM QI&CPD activity is a great initiative by the College. There is much available on the web already by way of Primers by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg who developed these resources:


I have been delighted to assist the RACGP along with my colleagues to bring together a way of recording this rich peer led learning as part of continuing professional development. I congratulate the College on being open, responsive and listening to a small group of us over breakfast at GP14 in Adelaide.

On the non-affiliated GP’s down under (GPDU) site we now have over 1000 GPs from around Australia and the learning and knowledge sharing is fun, innovative,

rich in depth and peer reviewed. Importantly the spirit is one of collaboration and collegiality with a flattened hierarchy that develops and encourages learners to be teachers and vice versa.

Come and talk to any of us on the GPDU website about how to filter the overwhelming amount of knowledge using peer curation and critical appraisal and enjoy the discussions with your peers on everything relevant to Australian General Practice. The new FOAM self-directed learning activity will now allow all GPs to record their Twitter based learning, webinars, podcasts, vimeos, blogs and web forums relevant to General Practice as a Category 1 Activity. It allows for the recognition that creating content is also a learning activity and respects the vast amount of altruistic work that many in the digital learning spaces provide for other GPs. A great millennial step forward.”

How to access this activity?

  1. log onto the RACGP website
  2. Go to “My CPD”
  3. Click “Submit a self-directed activity”
  4. Select and download “FOAM Online Learning”
  5. Retrospectively reflect on your learning process and the outcomes. Provide details for the 6 hours of online activity.
  6. Fax or email your form to your state faculty QI&CPD team.