Promotions Management System

Promotions Management System

Promotions Management System

Portal Administrator Guide

The Promotions Portal will be accessed via iPro. A link will be available on the current login page, which once selected will bring you to the Promotions Portal system.

For the best experience in the new Promotions Portal we recommend the use of Mozilla Firefox browser.

  • For IPRO access only, use Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox
  • For Portal access only, use Mozilla Firefox

Process for Assigning Area of Responsibility (AOR)

 The Portal Administrator must assign Portal access to their business users, otherwise they will not be able to access their products. However, for a new user, you must request email to set them up with a user name and password first.

 The Portal Administrator will have “Settings” tab appear on their screen, this tab will allow the Portal Administrator to assign the AOR.

  • The Portal Administrator gets full AOR by default.
  • No other users get AOR by default.

Before the Portal Administrator can assign AOR, from within your Fire-fox settings, the “Pop-up Blocker” must be turned off. If this is not completed “Pop-up” views will not display and the AOR cannot be assigned.

  1. Enter your User ID and Password in the PEL Vendor Login page

  • For IPRO access only, use Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox
  • For Portal access only, use Mozilla Firefox
  1. Click on the “Promotions Portal” icon

  1. Promotions Portal will be displayed. Only the Admin User will have the “Settings” tab.
  • Select the Settings Tab to define an AOR for each of your users –

You will need to turn off “Pop-up Blocker”

  1. Click on “Options” to display pop-up box

  1. Select “Edit Popup Blocker Options..”

  1. Click on “Allow”
  1. Select “Close”
  1. Setting up the AOR for the User

By Default all the articles that are assigned to your “remit to vendor number” will be assigned to the Portal Administrator.

To assign hierarchy nodes, you need to go to the persons name for the correct Sales Org, and select Countdown Supers,( bottom of page) click on “[+]” button against the user and assign the same. You can assign multiple AOR to multiple users.

Note: Where your user supplies the same products for multiple Sales Organisations, an identical AOR will need to be set for each Sales Organisation they supply.

At least one AOR record per user is required – i.e. you cannot have a blank AOR for a user (current system restriction – unable to delete users).

  • DO NOT USE THE DELETE BUTTON (you will lose your settings function)
  • To ADD or CHANGE AOR for users, you must click on the “[+]” button

If assigning multiple AOR for users at the same time, you will need to log out of the Promotions Portal to refresh settings and log back in to assign the next users AOR

Once the AOR nodes have been selected and saved, you will need to scroll down and press save again on this page.

9. The following screen will appear and you can select either:

  1. Scroll to bottom of home screen and click “Save”
  1. End of process

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