Production of Student Version Process

Production of Student Version Process

IBM SPSS Academic Authors Program Enrollment Form

Hello and welcome to the IBM SPSS Academic Authors Program. If you are currently working on a textbook or plan to begin work on a textbook within the next 45 days, you are eligible for a 12-month license of IBM SPSS Software as selected below.

Please complete this document and return it by e-mail to .


DateJuly 24, 2015

Name:Alan Agresti

Physical address (no PO Box): 1632 NW 24 Street, Gainesville, Florida 32605

E-mail address:

Phone number:352-372-3836 Fax number:Click here to enter text.

Publisher: Pearson

If this is a first edition, please have publisher send an e-mail confirming the project with this enrollment form.

If you are not currently working with a publisher, please provide evidence of intent to publish.

Authors must request permission to use IBM SPSS output images, screen shots, or the like; the copyright permission process begins with the form

Book title (or proposed title): Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences

ISBN (if available):ISBN-10: 0130272957 Edition:5th Expected book release date:January 2017

Book discipline (e.g., psychology, sociology, marketing):Statistics and all social sciences

Author/book Web site:

Target audience (e.g., basic statistics class, advanced statistics class, etc.):Statistics courses for students majoring in the social sciences

School affiliation:University of Florida (I am a distinguished emeritus professor)

Are you currently teaching with an edition of this book? No, I am retired

Or is your textbook being used elsewhere? Yes, many places, including the U. of Florida

If so, please provide the University, course name and a brief description of the course:It has been used every year for 35 years at the University of Florida for STA 6126-6127, a course on statistical methods for graduate students in social science disciplines.

Are you interested in future options of SPSS software bundling, when available?Yes No

Are you interested in beta testing for the next version of SPSS software selected below?Yes No

Please indicate which product you are including in your text, please select only one:

IBM SPSS Statistics family

IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Data Entry

Please provide a brief description of the book:It is designed for a two-semester sequence on statistical methods for undergraduate and graduate students in the social sciences, at a low mathematical level. The book begins with the basics of statistical description and inference, and the second half concentrates on regression methods, including multiple regression, ANOVA and repeated measures ANOVA, analysis of covariance, logistic regression, and generalized linear models.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree and consent to SPSS making reference(s) to and about you and your publication, and hereby consent to the disclosure of relevant information in SPSS marketing and other materials, whether printed or electronic.

Finally, please send a copy of the printed edition of your book to:


Monica Young

200 W. Madison Street

Chicago, IL 60606