Prior to the Start of the Academic Year

Prior to the Start of the Academic Year

Guidelines for working with Middlesex University International Campuses (Academic Programmes) / Guidance 13 (i)

Guidance 13(i)Guidelines for working with Middlesex University International Campuses (Academic Programmes)

Note: there might be agreed variations to these guidelines, negotiated according to the maturity of the campus and local needs.

1 Communications between the MULondon and MU Branch Campuses

1.1 Centre for Academic Partnerships (AP)is the central administrative contact for the day to day running of the programmes at MU Branch Campuses.

1.2 Communications for programme delivery

  • London Module Leader (ML) toBranch CampusModule Co-ordinatorfor module related issues
  • London Directors of Programmes (DoP) and Programme LeaderstoBranch CampusProgramme Co-ordinators for programme related issues.
  • London CCSS and Educational Technology Support Team toBranch Campustechnical teams: for all technical and programme/module/myUniHub/MyLearning related issues

2 Academic Calendar

  • Campus Director or nomineewill updatethe MU calendar to reflect the local needs, religious holidays, graduation ceremony dates etc. and submit for approval by MU Assurance Committee in Autumn Term each year. MU calendar will generally prevail, particularly in relation to all assessment points.

3 Programmes/Modules running and staff contact details

  • Programmes to be offered at Branch Campuses will have been approved by relevant MU committees and processes as outlined the LQE Handbook, Section 3.6.
  • Branch Campus will propose a list of optional modules to be offered during the forthcoming academic year for the relevant Deputy Deans (DDs) to confirm and feedback to Campus Director.
  • HoDs to confirm to AP, MLs who will be responsible for each Branch Campus module run and apply the respective work programme allowances for this work.
  • AP will compile a central list of MLs and respective Module Co-ordinators, with contact details and circulate to Campus Directors and all relevant staff
  • AP, in liaison with Academic Registry,will ensure that all necessary programme and module runs set up in MISIS and bulk module registration set up.

4 Programme Handbooks

Branch Campus Programme Handbooks will be localised versions of each London Programme Handbook. Localisation will be completed at the Branch Campus.

5 Module Handbooks

  • ML provides the complete module handbook to the Module Co-ordinator by an agreed deadline in mid-September each year – to be updated to reflect campus specific details where applicable.
  • Neither ML nor Module Co-ordinator may change the validated conditions of the module (for example, the assessment scheme, without going through the University Quality enhancement procedures).

6 Campus Student University Guides

  • Each campus will produce a guide using the University template.

7 My Learning

  • ML to providecurrent learning materials to Module Co-ordinator, via My Learning or other agreed means.

8 Library and Student Support, reading lists and specialist software requirements

  • Branch Campuses library and IT resources and support should be provided to ensure an appropriate and comparable student experience.
  • MLs and Module Co-ordinators will ensure that specialist software requirements are in place.
  • Branch Campuses are solely responsible for ensuring that all licensing requirements are fulfilled.
  • Bookliststo be updated by MLs by the end of July each yearto enabletimely purchase of new texts byBranch Campuses. See LQE Handbook guidance 3(xxiii)

9 Student Admissions and Programme administration

  • Admissions and pre-accreditation decisions are to be made within the terms of the validated admissions protocols.
  • Admissions datawill be entered to MISIS by theBranch Campus Admissions Team.
  • Module registration for programmes will be entered byBranch Campus Student Office staff – bulk module registration to be used where possible.

10 Programme Progress Reviews/Programme Planning and Confirmation weeks

  • Students’ programme reality check and programme progress reviews will take place as indicated in the Branch Campus Academic Calendar.

11 Quality Assurance and Enhancement processes

11.1 Student Feedback and Boards of Study

  • To be conducted in line with MU Procedures in the Learning and Quality Enhancement Handbook).

11.2 Campus Fora

  • Campus Fora will take place in the Autumn and Winter Terms.

11.3 Quality Monitoring Reportsprocess for Branch Campuses

  • CLTE guidelines and templates for the QMR can be found in the Learning and Quality Enhancement Handbook

11.4 Peer observations

  • Peer Observations will take place as one of several means of enhancing Teaching and Learning at the Branch Campus.
  • The policy can be found at

11.5Structures/Processes for supporting and enhancing the development of LTA of Educational Development

  • Established Branch Campuses will each have a Learning and Teaching Coordinator who will liaise with the Schools’ LTSLs.

11.6 University Progression and Achievement strategy

  • MU has a strategy for Progression and Achievement. The Achievement Committee will include consideration of Branch Campuses within its processes.

11.7 Staff Development

  • The Campus Director is responsible for all staff development at Branch Campuses, with guidance from AP and MU Services, as appropriate.

12 Assessment

12.1 Setting assessments – coursework and examinations

  • All coursework assessments are set by the MLs, externally moderated where necessary and published in myUniHub.
  • Examination papers will normally be written by the ML.
  • AP will send examination papers to Branch Campus Student Office Manager,as encrypted/password protected files.

12.2 Examination Timetable

  • All examinations at Branch Campuses will be run in line with the examinations timetable as published on UniHub and within myUniHub.

12.3 Conduct of examinations

  • All exams at the Branch Campus will be conducted in line with the Middlesex University Regulations.

12.4 Marking and Moderation (local variations may apply, dependant on subject area)

  • Coursework marking will be completed by the Module Coordinators in line with marking schema which will have been provided by the ML and by an agreed deadline.
  • Arrangements for the marking of dissertations will vary between schools and must be clarified with the appropriate London ML.
  • Module Co-ordinatorsto provide coursework feedback to students following marking.
  • Following marking, coursework to be sent to ML for moderation as e-version or by courier via AP, for hard copy submissions. Moderation will also be completed by External Examiners.
  • Marks to be communicated to ML by agreed method.
  • Following examinations, the examination scripts will be sent to London by courier, via AP, for marking by London MLs.
  • MLs will provide final grades for Branch Campus students, for London assessment boards.
  • Following Assessment Boards, MLs will provide feedback to Module Coordinators at Branch Campuses, as necessary

12.5 Handling of academic misconduct cases

  • To be conducted in line with the procedure forBranch Campuses – to be confirmed by Academic Registry.

12.6 Assessment comments/Extenuating circumstances and deferrals

  • Extenuating circumstances and deferral requests will be enteredto MISIS by Branch Campus Student Office. If training has not been provided, AP will liaise with the relevant Assessment Officers re specific data entry.

12.7 Assessment Boards

  • Assessment and Progression Boards will take place in London with input from Branch Campuses as outlined in MU Regulations, Section D.

12.8 After the Assessment Boards – return of exam scripts to Branch Campus:

  • When all marking and moderation has been completed, marked examination scripts to be returned to AP for despatch/return to Branch Campus.
  • In addition, Branch Campuseswill organise examination script viewing in line with guidance from London.

12.9 Complaints and appeals process for students

  • The process for handling the above is set out in the MU Regulations.

13 Graduation Ceremonies

  • Branch Campuses will organise their own Graduation Ceremonies but their students will also be invited to attend the MU Graduation ceremony in London in July.

14 MU Committees

  • AQS will provide a web link to University committee papers for Branch Campus staff information.
  • MU committee secretaries to include the Branch Campus Directors and Quality Manager (for DBI Campus) in their email communications regarding any agenda and documentation for meetings, to give them the opportunity to have an input prior to the meeting and to propose further relevant agenda items for discussion.