Parent Policy Handbook and FAQ 2017

Parent Policy Handbook and FAQ 2017

Parent Policy Handbook and FAQ 2017

Every parent must read this document before the start of the Pre-School year so that the general running of the Pre-School is understood by all.

We undertake to provide the very best care and love for your child and will cherish your child as an individual.

We are sure your child will enjoy his / her stay.

Please read the Pre-School regulations carefully.

School hours: Monday to Friday 06h30 – 12h30 plus optional aftercare until 17h30

  • The school will be closed on public holidays.
  • Gauteng Government school holidays are observed and a holiday programme is run for the benefit of working parents.

OUR LITTLE BEARS are SNORING between 12h30 and 14h30.


RATHER PLEASE call 082-928-4411 OR 011-486-4779

Our Mission Statement

Our job is to develop these little people into confident learners, with good values, independent thinkers that have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. We can do this together with the help of our colleagues and parents. This is an extremely challenging job if you are not helping us.

We are committed to ensuring each child’s learning is powerful and purposeful. We design learning activities for the children to broaden knowledge, build understanding, improve learning processes and skills and explore new interests in a culture of curiosity.

The teachers and staff of Teddy Bears Montessori


  • Monthly Fee Options:

R2150 x 12 Months until 12h30

R2500 x 12 Months until 15h00

R2750 x 12 Months until 17h30

Payable by NO later than the first day of each month including Pre-School holidays.

  • Termly Fee Options:

We follow the Public school terms per year.

Half day fees per term x 4 (until 12h30) / 3 Quarter Day fees x 4
( until 15h00) / Full day fees x 4
( until 17h30)
R6450 per term / R7500 per term / R8250 per term
Half day fees per annum / ¾ Day fees per annum / Full Day fees per annum
R25 800 / R30 000 / R33 000
R24250 annual fee incl 6% discount / R28 200 annual fee incl 6% discount / R31 000 annual fee incl 6% discount

First payment is due on the first day of term.

Payable by 28 February 2017, 6 % discount applicable only if this fee is received by 28 February 2017.

Late Pick up Fees is R90.00 per 30mins.

  • Please Note:

School fees are inclusive of breakfast, Arts & Crafts, Music programme & Toilet Training

(Toddler Class 18 mths to 30 months/ 2.5 Years of age); thereafter an additional fee of R400 per month will be charged for children over the age of 30 Months who are NOT FULLY TOILET TRAINED or wearing pull ups to or at school.

  • Additional School Lunch:

If you would like the school to provide your child with lunch everyday this is R450 additional cost each month. Please see page 20 for detail/school menu.

Juice is provided in Summer and Rooibos Tea in the colder Seasons

  • Banking Details :

Bank: First National Bank

Branch Code: 256 505 Melville

Name: Teddy Bears Montessori Pre-School Education CC

Acc No: 621 -33-470- 427

(Proof of deposits must be submitted to the Pre-School

Please use your child’s name as a reference.)

Via email to:

  • Please note:
  • We reserve the right to deny admittance to any child whose tuition is not paid by the due date.
  • Interest will be charged on all overdue fees.
  • Refer to drawer cheques returned will incur an additional fee of R120.00 per item.
  • A non-refundable registration fee equivalent to R1850 is required.
  • Pupils will not be accepted into the Pre-School unless this has been paid.
  • Fees are payable as usual during a child's absence owing to illness, holiday arrangements and when the Pre-School closes for Pre-School holidays.
  • Discount is given for siblings attending school at the same time ( discount is less 10% of the 2nd child’s monthly school)
  • A TERM’S written notice (3 month’s) or one FULL TERM’S FEES in lieu of notice, is required if you wish to withdraw your child from the Pre-School.
  • Parents are required to complete and sign the Enrolment Form, if this form is not received before your child’s date of admission, your child will be denied admittance into the Pre-School. Kindly note NO notice will be accepted in Nov, Dec & Jan.


  • 06h30 – 12h30 Optional After care( see above for details)
  • A late arrival is disturbing to the teachers and will cause your child to miss part of their morning group and art activity, please be at school not later than 08h00 daily.
  • Please note: Please inform the Pre-School via email or sms if your child will be collected by someone other than yourself.


  • Please telephone the Pre-School 011 486 4779 or sms on 082 928 4411 if your child is unable to attend the Pre-School that day.
  • A sick child or a child showing signs of illness including coughs, runny noses, temperatures during the night and so on, may not be brought to Pre-School until he/she has fully recovered. Please consider the needs of the child, teachers and other children in this regard. Should your child be on any medication such as antibiotics etc., please keep him/her at home. Should your child be absent due to a contagious or infectious illness, please notify the Pre-School immediately.
  • The Pre-School reserves the right to request a medical certificate before a child may return to Pre-School after a reported contagious illness.
  • The children are taught to wash their hands after using the bathroom or wiping their noses and also before eating and whenever they are coughed or sneezed upon. Healthy is happy so let’s try our best to keep our Pre-School that way
  • Also, staff and children’s hands and surfaces are sprayed daily with a natural Anti-bacterial/virus solution.


  • All children must bring their own healthy snacks to School provides fresh fruit which are prepared by Teachers)
  • Children are encouraged to pack a dairy snack for the morning (yogurt/cheese) as well as a snack for the afternoon this may include fruit, sarmie (Bread and jam etc.), popcorn or biscuits.


  • First and Third Term- Parent’s Meetings
  • (one on one by appointment via
  • Second & Fourth Term – detailed written report on your child’s progress
  • If you would like to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have, please schedule a meeting at a time suitable to all concerned via


  • Children should be dressed in clothing that they can put on and remove easily therefore we have a school uniform. This encourages independence, self-confidence and minimises toilet accidents. We ask that parents please do not send your children in any new, expensive, or special clothing. We cannot ensure that your child will go home looking as clean as when they arrived at Pre-School. Pre-School is a place where they use paint, glue etc. that may occasionally spill on your children’s clothes. It is unfair to the children and teachers when parents get visibly upset when their children’s clothes are dirty from paint, food or sand. We do our best to ensure that your child wears an apron, does not wipe his/her hands all over their clothes and washes well. Children also love to play outside and their clothes will get dirty.
  • The Pre-School will not be held liable for clothes that become soiled, torn, or misplaced.
  • Children are not allowed to come to Pre-School dressed in ‘superhero’ outfits.
  • Please mark all clothing and shoes clearly.
  • A spare set of clothing for emergencies must be kept in your child's bag.
  • If your child is not toilet trained, please ensure that you bring a labelled set of nappies and baby wipes. If your child is not yet toilet trained the teachers will work with you to facilitate successful toilet training.
  • Please ensure that your child has a labelled sunhat (This will be kept at Pre-School) and sun block in his/her bag.
  • School Uniform 2017

Turquoise & navy

  • Golf-Shirts R 160 each/ long sleeve shirts T, R180 each
  • Tracksuits (navy with turquoise) R400 per track suit
  • Beanies R 80 /Sun hats R100

All these can be worn with denims or leggings and comfortable shoes


Parents are encouraged to share their toilet training plan with their teacher to ensure a successful training experience between Pre-School and home.

  • Frequent communication on a child’s progress is necessary to make this experience comfortable for your child. When your child is ready to be potty trained we will take your child regularly to the bathroom. Some indications that your child is ready to be toilet trained are:

- Begins to dislike wearing a nappy, perhaps trying to pull it off when it’s wet or soiled.

- Is able to follow simple instructions e.g. ‘Please give Daddy the ball’

  • Please remember to let your child learn at his own pace. It will also help if you have an established daily routine with your child so toilet training can be slotted into your normal routine.


  • The Pre-School is linked to CAP Security and our staff carries panic buttons.
  • Once the children enter the Pre-School they are secure within their enclosed play areas. Use the access code that YOU have provided the school with. It is very important that this code is NOT shared with anyone.
  • When entering and exiting the Pre-School please ensure that you close the security gates.
  • Please ensure that you accompany your child when leaving or arriving at the Pre-School.


Are marked daily by staff. All 3rd parties that are authorised by parents to pick their child/children up from school must provide a letter; ID, drivers licence or passport and teachers must be informed via sms, email or phone call by the child’s parent.


  • These are celebration days and we would love to make it extra special for your child. You are most welcome to attend the birthday ring.
  • Please liaise with your child’s teacher to book a suitable date for your child’s birthday ring/ party.
  • Please could you bring the following: Photographs of your child from each year of his/her life? And/OR
  • Please will you fill out the Celebration of life form ( paragraph 38) so that we can read this out to your child on the day in order to celebrate her/his uniqueness? If you are available to attend the birthday circle then you can read this out to your child. Please ask class teacher or email the principal for this letter/form. A copy is provided on page
  • Please ask us for a class list. We will gladly place your child’s birthday invitations in the children’s pockets for you or you are welcome to email them, should you be having a party elsewhere other than at school.
  • Please provide CAKE/ CUPCAKE/ MUFFINS for a dozen children, 2-3 big packets of chips/ popcorn and 2 ltr juice/ milk shake for his/her class. 10-15 children for 3-6 year old groups and 6-8 children for the toddler groups.
  • Party packs are optional and should include 1 packet chips and 1 juice with max 2 sweets OR dry fruit sticks, or yogurt or cheese cubes ( no toys as the smalls might choke on them)


  • No toys, sweets, trinkets, money etc. (unless it is money for Tuck shop or toys for Show & Tell) may be brought to the Pre-School. Please ensure that your child leaves these at home. These inevitably cause strife amongst the children. And it is not a pleasant feeling if my friend breaks or takes my toy.


  • As soon as there is a change in your contact details, please inform the school so that the correct cell number, email address or update it on D6 Communicator etc. should there be a need to contact you in an emergency.

13. Fun Weekly Activities.

13.1 Mondays : Bakers Day for Children 3yrs and Older -

We have Bakers Day every Monday. Each child has a turn to be the ‘Baker man’ and is asked to bring eats for his group (8 to 10 children). Please bring something savoury and healthy- you may ask us for any suggestions. Your child will wear a Bakers hat and sell his/her goodies in exchange for coins. This is a wonderful time for a parent and child to work together in the kitchen and make something special for the class (goodies can be bought from your local grocery store or bakery). You will be invoiced R15 monthly so that the classmates can buy from the baker, if not your child may not take part in this activity. You will be notified when your child has been chosen to be the “Baker man”.

13.2 Tuesdays : Show & Tell

Children are allowed to bring a toy to school to show to their peers and speak a bit about. This fun activity builds self-confidence, vocabulary for future public speaking skills. This is the only day that children may bring toys from home to play with. No child may take another child’s toy home with them.

13.3 Wednesdays :Tuck-shop for the 3 – 6 yr olds

R15 will be invoice monthly for your child to spend on popcorn/chips/muffins or 1 or 2 sweets. The non perishable items are sent home to be enjoyed.

13.4 Thursdays: Hotdog

Hotdogs cost R30 per child. Please send in R30 every Thursday for lunch and juice.

13.5 Fridays: Fun

Every Friday all children take part in outdoor organised games. This Includes ball games such as soccer, board games, water games, obstacle courses and action rhymes.


  • Please help us with any of the following waste materials for our art activities: Paper, cardboard, wine sleeves, bubble wrap, buttons, ribbon, material, lace, wool, pipe cleaners, foam chips, ice-cream containers, yoghurt cups, felt, doilies, crepe paper, and confetti.


  • Fridays = Buzzi Bodies school PE lesson all at additional cost, depending on numbers as well, are offered at the Pre-School. R100 per child per month
  • Mondays= Yoga calming, soothing, relaxing techniques for 4 – 6 year olds at additional cost
  • Glen & Antje – Music for Minors aka Upbeat 082 307 8834 R200 per child per month
  • Brain Gym done daily incl in school fees
  • Mind moves done daily included in school fees
  • These activities are done when it is outside time for the children. You will be invoice with school invoice for these activities and fees. If you are interested in enrolling your child in any of these activities, please ask us for an enrolment form.

Extra Mural Contact Details:

Buzzi Bodies 071 484 0756

Yoga Kiddies Marion 076 535 2973

Music for Minors aka Upbeat 082 307 8834


For the 12 to 36 Months.

  • A 4 Notebook ( Communication Book) daily
  • 3-6 Labelled Nappies -daily
  • 1 Packet Wet Wipes - daily
  • Barrier Cream - daily
  • Hand Towel ( Labelled)
  • 4 Boxes Facial Tissues ( 200’s)
  • Wet wipes
  • 24 x Toilet Rolls ( 1 ply only)
  • 4x Dettol Bar Soaps
  • A daily bag packed with the following: A spare set or 2 of clothing, a lunch box with a healthy snack and lunch/ juice or water UNLESS your child will be eating school

Lunch. One whole fruit should be packed as a snack daily too.

  • Copy of deposit or registration fee
  • Proof of payment of school fees
  • Teddy Bears Montessori Rules return slip

For the 3 to 6 Year Olds.

  • Hand Towel ( Labelled)
  • 4 Boxes Facial Tissues ( 200’s)
  • 1 x Wet wipes
  • 24 x Toilet Rolls ( 1 ply only)
  • 4x Dettol Bar Soaps
  • A daily bag packed with the following: A spare set of clothing, a lunch box with a healthy snack and lunch/ juice or water UNLESS your child will be eating school
  • Lunch. A Whole fruit to share.
  • Proof of payment for deposit/ registration fee
  • Proof of payment for school fees
  • Teddy Bears Montessori rules return slip

For Aftercare Children.

  • 1x Stackable mattress – can order from school at the cost of R400, 00 each (incl waterproofing & sheet).
  • 1x Cot size Duvet/Blanket


  • A Communication book is available for parents to write a note for the teacher’s attention – please write as we forget verbal messages.
  • The 12 – 36 month olds will have daily feedback/ communication ONLY in an A4 book ( please cover and label and bring to school daily)
  • Newsletters, invoices, term events, Baker’s day/Sharing basket notices will be sent to you via email/ hard copies & White notice board when necessary. Receipts and birthday invitations will be placed in your child’s lockers. Children’s artwork will be placed in your child’s locker. Please ensure that you check and clear your child’s locker on a daily basis.