Ontario District Association of Chapters Of




- Toronto Room A & B –

Sunday, April 13, 2014 - 9:00 A.M.


1. Call to Order: President Bill Vermue called to meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

2. The OLD SONGS: Pat Hannon led the singing of the Old Songs.

3. Roll Call: Secretary Barry Lajeunesse called the roll and established that a quorum is present.

Delegates present were: Huntsville - Ken Koehler , Newmarket - Gary Miner, Oshawa - Lorne Morton, Peterborough - Roger Wilson, Quinte Regional - Michael Hall, Grimsby - Scott Durward, Hamilton - Sandy Bell, St Catharines – Rob Tripe, Simcoe - Ross Gowan, London - Ken Dodge, Middlesex Centre - Dan Locke, Seaforth - Hank Winters, Strathroy – Bob Fennell, East York - Greg Shields, Greater Toronto - Robert Siddall, Toronto - Tom Sziklasi, Kingston - Len Matiowsky, Guelph - Ian Smith, Kitchener-Waterloo – Richard Hubick,

(19 out of 31)

District Board: President Bill Vermue, IPP Barry Towner, Exec VP Frank Knoll, Secretary Barry Lajeunesse, Treasurer Bruce Herdman

Management Team:

VPs: CSLT - Chris Scappatura, CDD – Pat Hannon, C & J – Barry Towner, Events - Ted Devonshire, Finance – Bruce Herdman, Music & Performance - Ken Fisher, YIH – Robert Ross.

Division Coordinators: Heartland – Ian Smith, Oakridge – Roger Wilson, Peninsula – Scott Durward, Western – Bruce Green (11 out of 16)

Committee Chairmen: Leadership Academy - Chris Scappatura, Harmonize For Speech - George Shields, Onta Fame - Lyle Southam, Convention - Fred Prins, Sing Canada Harmony - Digger MacDougall, O YA Chorus - Barry Towner.

Past Presidents: Barry Towner, Bill Vermue, Ted Devonshire, George Shields

Society Board: Gerry Borden

Regrets: Barrie - Bill Hillock, North Bay - Chuck Buttigieg, Sarnia - Douglas Doull, Ottawa - Jeff Holt, Mount Forest - Al Widbur, VP Membership – Joey Snyders, DC Central – Gerry Selkirk, DC Northern – Rick Allen, History & Archives - Waldo Redekop

Absent: Niagara Falls - Timothy Healey, Oakville - Allan Holden, Etobicoke Mississauga - Stephen Taft, Scarborough - Ian Wilson, Cornwall - Stewart Gardiner, Nepean - Peter Hall, Owen Sound - Keith Greig, VP Marketing & PR – Denis Laflamme, DC Eastern – Dan Sunderland

4. President's Welcome:

·  President Bill welcomed delegates to the 2014 Spring HOD meeting. Delegates were thanked for representing their chapters and divisions.

·  President Bill welcomed Society Board Member – Gerry Borden.

·  Thank you to the Hamilton chapter for hosting the convention.

·  Thanks to Fred Prins and Convention Team for a successful convention.

·  Feedback in invited regarding the use of delta Toronto east and Global Kingdom Ministries

·  Congratulations to all contest participants.

·  Congratulations to contest winners (Simcoe Gentlemen of Harmony, Test Drive, Supertonic, Yonge Guns, ‘Shoptimus Prime, Acapella Unplugged, Replacement Parts).

A moment of silence was observed in memory of Ontario District members who have passed on since the Fall HOD. [Gilles Lacelle, Ted Schwenker, Peter Hughes, Ernie McEwen, Bill Wilson]

4.1 – President’s report report filed

Ø  President Bill provided an update regarding an incident that happened on Friday night at Global Kingdom Ministries involving the public consumption of alcohol. A formal letter of apology will be sent to Global Kingdom Ministries and identified members will be sent an ethics letter.

5. Approval of Agenda:

MOTION HOD 14 01 04 13 moved and seconded that the agenda be adopted as presented. Carried

6. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: October 20, 2013

MOTION HOD 14 02 04 13 moved and seconded that the minutes of the October 20, 2013 House of Delegates meeting be accepted as an accurate record of the meeting. Carried

7. Society Reports:

7.1 – Society HOD Bulletin report filed

7.2 - Society Board Representative report filed

Ø  Expressed thanks to Ontario District for their hospitality

Ø  Outlined initiatives being undertaken by the society, areas of growth and opportunities for future development.

Ø  The Society wants to hear from members about what they want/need to improve their barbershop experience.

8. Reports – Ontario District Vice Presidents:

8.1 - Chapter Support & Leadership: Chris Scappatura report filed

8.2 - Chorus Director Development: Pat Hannon report filed

Ø  Eastern Division School – in Cornwall June 21, 2014

Ø  Contact Pat Hannon if you are interested in Harmony University

8.3 - Contest & Judging: Barry Towner report filed

Ø  Important for competitors (quartets and choruses) to return the evaluation feedback

Ø  All chapters are encouraged to take advantage of the ability to perform for evaluation-only, if they are not interested in competing.

8.4 - Events: Ted Devonshire report filed

Ø  Investigating the possibility of using a venue in London for Spring convention 2015. Additional information will be provided once available.

8.5 - Finance: Bruce Herdman report filed

Ø  Chapter delegates are reminded that

o  (1) the chapter must complete a financial review by May 15 and record it on their chapter e-Biz page – the review should be sent to Ashley Torroll at BHS and

o  (2) all chapters must file their T2 Short, Form 1178 and Form 546 with the CRA by June 30 and record the date of the filing on their chapter e-Biz page.

Ø  Society Treasurers manual has been corrected so that it is accurate for Canadian chapters

Ø  Question: is O YA incorporated – concern about Ontario District being liable for operations of O YA Chorus. Bruce Herdman asked to have comments and suggestions sent to him or Barry Towner for follow up.

8.6 - Marketing & Public Relations: Denis Laflamme report filed

Ø  Question: Is website being redeveloped to move away from Groupanizer?

Ø  Lyle Southam would be interested in helping update the website

Ø  Discussion regarding society efforts to market the BHS product.

8.7 - Membership Development: Joey Snyders report filed

8.8 - Music & Performance: Ken Fisher report filed

Ø  Reviewed key points from submitted report

8.9 - Youth In Harmony: Robert Ross report filed

Ø  20 to 25 youth have now signed up for the harmony explosion camp

MOTION HOD 14 03 04 13 moved and seconded that Vice Presidents’ reports be accepted. Carried

9. Reports - Division Coordinators

9.1 - Central: Gerry Selkirk report filed

9.2 - Eastern: Dan Sunderland

9.3 - Heartland: Ian Smith report filed

9.4 - Northern: Rick Allen report filed

9.5 - Oakridge: Roger Wilson verbal report

Ø  Exploring the possibility of starting a new chapter in the Port Hope/Cobourg area

9.6 - Peninsula: Scott Durward report filed

9.7 - Western: Bruce Green report filed

Ø  Sarnia and London celebrating 70th anniversaries in 2015.

MOTION HOD 14 04 04 13 moved and seconded that the Division Coordinator’s reports be accepted. Carried

10. Reports – Committees

10.1 - Awards: Gerry Selkirk report filed

Ø  Barry Towner advised that the Nighthawks Trophy has received significant damage.

MOTION HOD 14 05 04 13 that Gerry Selkirk be authorized have the Nighthawks Trophy

repaired. Carried

10.2 – Leadership Academy: - Chris Scappatura

Ø  To be held the weekend of November 22, 2014 – likely at Delta Toronto East

Ø  Additional information will be forthcoming

Ø  Chapters need to complete the election of officers by October 15th.

10.3 - Standing “O”: vacant

10.4 - Convention: Fred Prins

Ø  Fred thanked all of the volunteers and participants for making the convention so successful.

Ø  Total attendance was 626

Ø  Fred thanked the Hamilton chapter for hosting the convention

10.5 - Ethics: vacant

Ø  Members interested in filling the role of Ethics Chair should contact Bill Vermue

Ø  Also seeking someone to serve as occasional legal counsel to the Ontario District

10.6 - History & Archives: Waldo Redekop nothing to report

10.7 – Onta-Fame: Lyle Southam verbal report

Ø  Lyle will provide information/links to new onta fame website

10.8 – O YA Chorus: Barry Towner report filed

Ø  Reviewed key developments regarding the O YA chorus

MOTION HOD 14 06 04 13 moved and seconded that the Committee Reports be received as information. Carried

11. Reports – Other

11.1 – Harmonize 4 Speech: George Shields report filed

Ø  Michael Black is working on digitizing material stored at Harmony Hall

Ø  George wants to encourage “We Sing That They Shall Speak” at District functions

o  Discussion regarding songs that were omitted during the convention

o  This will be brought forward to the Ontario District Board.

11.2 - Sing Canada Harmony: Digger MacDougall report filed

Ø  Reviewed key points from submitted report

Ø  Encourage everyone to sing on Music Monday.

MOTION HOD 14 07 04 13 moved and seconded that the above reports be received as information. Carried

12. Unfinished Business:

12.1 - Bylaws, Operations and Policies:

Ø  Bylaws and job descriptions now posted on district website

Ø  District policies will soon be posted as well

12.2 – Convention Attendance Task Force verbal report

Ø  Progress is still contingent upon personal contact with chapters

Ø  Looking for feedback regarding the revised start time of the chorus competition – send comments to Ted Devonshire and Bill Vermue.

12.3 – District Archives and Equipment Storage Task Force report filed

12.4 – Follow up to Agora Group Proposal

Ø  Nothing further to report

Ø  Will be reviewed by the Board and brought forward to the Fall HOD – either the item will be terminated or there will be action arising.

12.5 – Riser Truck Purchase from Scarborough report filed

Ø  A full report will be provided at the Fall HOD

Ø  Discussion regarding the use of truck vs trailer and storage of same.

13. New Business:

13.1 Question: regarding the ability to have the Society collect Canadian chapter dues directly in Canadian dollars. Recommendation: Ontario District Chapters are encouraged to collect their own chapter dues while the Society collects the Society and District dues.

13.2 Greg Shields invited members to respond back to him regarding the SING! festival once they receive his communications.

14. Date of next meeting: October 19, 2014 - Belleville, Ontario

15. Closing Songs: We Sing That They Shall Speak and Keep the Whole World Singing – Lead by George Shields

16. Adjournment:

MOTION HOD 14 08 04 13 moved and seconded that this meeting be adjourned at 12:07 p.m. Carried

Barry Lajeunesse, Ontario District Secretary

Send out notice of found items